LEARN FIVE MESSI FOOTBALL SKILLS part 2 | How to play like Lionel Messi

today we’re gonna teach you five more wicked football skills that are usually done on the pitch by Lionel Messi so you can get even more cool moves in your locker if you want to float across the pitch like the gold himself now as you know this isn’t about a million flashes stepovers but instead uses his speed and his agility and the ability to read the game to go past opponents and keep it real and if you master these five news you yourself might become deadly like Messi trick number five is the master body feint which is great is just stuck on the sidelines with an opponent right in front of you and you’re running at low pace or standing still and what you do here is that you actually use your entire body and your foot to really perform a body feint but instead of actually touching the ball you put your leg behind it and then the moment it hits the ground you use it to really push off and go back in the direction you came from and all that’s left is to really take the ball with the inside of your foot don’t pass your opponent and really smile all the way home and if you can do this at speed you my friend are the master [Music] number four is what I call the turn now this move is very simple and very effective and Messi uses it all the time if you find yourself running into a dead end what you want to do is stop the ball with the sole of your foot and then start shielding it with your body what you then do is turn your back completely towards your opponent and then you tap the ball to either side of you and once you’ve done that you basically turn 90 degrees to wheel away from your opponent leaving him to spin himself busy while you’re smiling all the way [Music] number three is the scoop Hana which is great if you’re running at high speed going across the pitch and here you wait until you actually want to cut inside and less a defender in the way and just like when you do a normal scoop you keep your body facing the direction you want to go and then as to defend the lunges to stop you you basically scoop the ball between his legs to take it home silky as Leo himself [Music] number two then is what I call the oops turn croqueta which is one of the more unorthodox moves that Messi has ever done it was an on purpose you who actually cares now with the back against the defender you use your strong foot to quickly drag the ball inside to your weak foot completely stopping it and ask the defender then runs past you and thoughts coming at you you go past them with a smooth croqueta know Messi does this and really high speed so difficult to see what is actually doing or if he even intended to do it but you can of course go a lot slower as long as you go past your opponent [Music] and finally number one at the sole role Panna which is a filthy move that will end careers and break hearts basically once again going across the pitch with a bit of space around you and the defender rushing towards you at speed coming very close you wait until he’s very close his legs are spread apart and you then basically rollable through his legs with the inside of your soul to use his momentum against him and absolutely free nation but use it with caution because feelings will get her [Music] so there you go my friends five more skill moves that I usually done on the pitch by Lionel Messi and hopefully you learned a thing or two from the dog himself but who should we do next as always you should let us know in the comment section right down below and also don’t forget that you can go get ready for the World Cup with Messi’s World Cup day t-shirts and of course his boots you can get those if you click the link and go to unisport or come right over there now also you can go learn some cool World Cup skills if you click the link right down here finally don’t forget to join the Union sport life family click the subscribe button with the notifications on to see all our latest work of videos the moment they drop and with that said guys enjoy the World Cup I’ll see you later signing off cheerio

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