Learn cool simple football skills from a pass
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Learn cool simple football skills from a pass

Hey, we’re gonna teach you five cool skills that you can do gonna pass to go That’s your defender like that and as you can see I bought an egg quickly, so let’s get you on the road Let’s jump right in to number five the outside turn With the opponent behind you run towards the ball and fake on to the left and now gently tap the ball with the outside of your foot and sprint away Remember to use the pause momentum to do the sharp turn Number four the 180 degree chop this move is great to create some space approach the ball and do a simple chop while turning 180 degrees I do this with my strong foot so I can easily turn to either escape or Fire off a deadly strike you can also do a small body feint to confuse the defender even more Number three the birth camp turn you probably all know this move from the legendary Dennis Bergkamp Tap the bowl with the inside of your foot while going around the defendant Tried to lift the ball while giving it some spin as this will make it much easier to catch again and if you pull this off in a match legend Number two this step of it Running towards your opponent step over the ball Then do a small jump and tap the ball gently with your other foot if you see a small gap between the defenders legs You should have course called for the Panna Hannibal on Amero what? And finally number one the lift this move is a bit more tricky, but actually very effective Lift the ball with your weak foot and lean back and tap it with your strong foot to go over your opponent It’s all about the timing here But if you succeed we’ll be forever remembered as a true king at least for a couple of hours anyway So they go my friends five cool football skills that you can do receiving a pass to go around your opponent Which skills should we teaching next you so let us know in the comment section alright down below We’ve also made a video teaching you some pretty cool Antoine Griezmann skills you can watch that by clicking right down here now don’t forget You can also cause gap in the latest work of gear grab it all by clicking the link right over here finally don’t forget to do yourself that big favor go subscribe to our channel with the Notifications on by clicking the green bubble over my head, and that’s it guys. I’m gonna sign off cheerio


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