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Learn 3 Panna’s to Humiliate Opponents | Street Soccer International

yo guys Kieran from street soccer
international and up today we are gonna take a look at 3 simple panna’s that
you can use on the field of play very effective little panna’s that you can
use in games the first panna l is this so a very effective old-school panna
that’s basically incorporating a sole roll commonly used by Neymar are you can
see name I use it so very effective move and basically what you want to be
looking for in all three of these panna’s is how the player is set up if
they’re set up side on they’re not going to be as effective you can use them as
skill beats but if they’re set up on the sort of flat foot way like Silas is now
and they’re facing you leave the way that moves are going to be more
effective so step one I’m just going to basically roll and drag him with me and then just push through step series
just a little push fruit you actually keep contact with the ball
in this sole role you don’t need to release the ball because that gives them an
opportunity then to win the ball back because he seen you’ve let go of it
sometimes that can work better for a panna’s but in this instance is you just
want him to follow this step and then go through because on approaching opponent you sole roll
drag and through. so number two is the Zaid Panna now the reason this is called
as eye opener is it was made common by made famous by a Dutch Street player
named Zaid it has now a to transfer across the
field and onto futsal courts as well and he’s being commonly used right step one
with this movement is you want to be hard to play out again we’ve got him
facing us we are guarding the ball we’ve got our weaker leg sort of come to you
but you roll back so step one is to rolling back guarding in step two is
just to push the push fruit as I roll I’ve gotten guarded here I’m
shielding the ball here so he’s had with his sight a little hop and a little push so panna number three a move R9 and Neymar use, so here’s the move Cheeky, he was even ready all right so simple
move again if we got the defender we protecting the ball again we can
actually use our strong foot to drag you can use it there’s two ways that I like
to use it with my strong foot onto my weak foot but I’ll basically just drag
the ball back and slightly step back again opening the player tap him through on
step 2 with the outside of my weaker foot so
here are dragging back outside of my weaker foot through I said you can also
do it just with the weak foot all in general or whichever foot you want if
he’s in there just gonna quickly roll back and tap through the reason I prefer
to use two feet is I can disguise the movement a little bit more and actually
Silas uses this very effectively he’s got got me a few times in training with
this one so roll the ball back make sure the player is moving and where he’s
positioned back and through so guys I was three simple panna’s that
you can take and use in your game don’t forget to Like comment share subscribe
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