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Learn 3 Luka Modric Skills | Street Soccer International

hi guys this is Kieran and I’ve got
Silas here so this week’s video we’re going to teach you three skills that
Luka Modric uses in game to add to your game so the first skill is a very simple
variation to the scissor fake and take that gets used and is one of the basic
skills and one of the most effective you can use and basically what Modric does
in game here is took a variation on that it does a scissor you drop some fakes
kind of like he’s gonna do the normal movement and then fakes again with the
weak foot before taking the ball with the strong foot out. He uses it really
effectively while he’s dribbling it players
it’s just that double hesitation to get away so if Silas wants to show us you
show us yeah I’ll be your defender yeah you see how he does it’s just that
little step and that second fake that creates the hesitation in the defender
to make him react to the ball because he’s used to seeing the defenders used
to seeing the scissor the scissor and fake before he takes it away that
second hesitation as we’ve mentioned in other videos previously is that second
little just fake creates the hesitation for Luka Modric to create the space to
dribble into the next skill that I’ve seen Luka
Modric use is he thought it’s like a receive of the ball and he did this in
game in the opponent’s box with two players around him and he just sort of
touched the ball as a pass came in he sort of touched it and just gently
just tapped it around the back of his leg like he for you receiving on your
weak foot unto your strong foot and you started receiving and touching like that
but it’s not came in an angle and he just saw it touched it around and that
small little touch keeping the ball close to his body allowed the ball in
close and just left the defenders flat-footed so if we have a look at it
of the defender the pass came at an angle and Luka Modric so just touched it
in nicely kept it close it’s kind of like the church comes in off their heel
here so as so as it comes in he like scoops it with the foot the inside of
the foot so as the pass comes in just takes a touch scoops it around and then
exits guys the third one is it’s kind of a another cutting move so another
simple move another fake cut to take the ball out we’ve didn’t recently in the
recent video with the shimmy as well but instead of taking a leap and a jump to
the side like in the shimmy Luka Modric so it dribbles forward and it as if he’s
gonna kick the ball and he’ll cut out outside with the outside of the foot so
keeps it really close and really tight into his body comes up
taps a ball out so the first part is obviously he’s dribbling forward he
comes over the ball with his foot and then it comes out and cuts outside so let’s have Silas show us so what
brings the defender in is usually it’s a step first and the cut out that draws
the defender in but it’s making him miss the ball that looks like he’s that it’s
again creating that hesitation that look of him missing the ball allows the
player to step in steps and it allows a Luka Modric the time to exit out with
the outside of his foot so guys thank you for watching this week’s video with
three Luka Modric skills if you want to see more videos let us know what you’d
like to see in future videos and don’t forget to hit the like comment share
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