Jo Weston: How the netball star brings business thinking to the court #WomenAreTheBusiness
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Jo Weston: How the netball star brings business thinking to the court #WomenAreTheBusiness

– Hi, my name’s Jo Weston I play netball with the Melbourne Vixens and I’m also a member of the Australian netball
team, the Diamonds. I went straight into uni
after finishing school. I graduated the end of 2015. Shortly after that, I
started work with Deloitte. I guess, between sport and business, there’s so many parallels and
there’s definitely a lot of crossover between the two. I mean, the leadership space
is a really obvious one where I think that sport holds
you in a really good stead. We wanna be able to make as
much difference as we can, we always talk about leaving
our sport in a better space than when we stepped into it. We’re only ever custodians of that and only for a limited time. For me, I think it’s about people who are really good listeners, and that’s a skill I’m
still working on myself, to be a good listener and
the ability to connect. I guess with sport, success
is typically defined as gold medals or premierships
for us at club-based level. And yeah, both of those would
be really nice to achieve and it’s probably something I would put as to what my goals are
with my netball career, but outside of that, I think success is, you know, setting a few targets and trying your best to achieve them. (upbeat music)

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