İpteki Adam – Tırmanış Metodları Bölümü

Rock Climbing/Mountaineering Climbing Areas Climbing Techniques Equipment Analysis Training Techniques Local/Foreign Climbers Man On The Rope Climbing methods Hello, in this episode we will talk about leader and top rope climbing that is belaying a climber from the top of a route. We are in Dershane Sector to do this. Olympos, Dershane Sector. This is a very good place especially for beginners. We have Antalya Rock Climbing Guide prepared by Öztürk Kayıkçı. According to this guide, … … we will try the route named Sisifos, 5+, … … in other words 5b according to other grading system. To do this, I will climb first as leader. Elif will belay me. We always climb as a climber and a belayer couple for leader climbing. After I prepare the anchor system at the top, … … we will make it ready for a top rope climb. Kübra, our friend, 27 years old. She is working as a bank officer. Kübra is a person who has never climbed through life and he is very curious about climbing. We will show her how to do leader climbing, … … and how to set the route for top rope climbing. She will try to climb for the first time in life after we show them. After I put on all the necessary climbing equipments, … that is firstly harness, one dynamic climbing rope, … … quick draws. I will make the leader climbing with the help of belaying device and the belayer. Usually we do leader climbing as follows: Safety points on the rock, which are called “bolt”, … … these are prepared by the route equippers earlier. We will ascend till the anchor by clipping our quick draws to this safety points Anchor is the top of the route normally. And usually there are two bolts at the anchor. We will set this place as an anchor by … … using these two bolts and our climbing equipments. We will pass the rope and by the help of the belayer … .. we will start to descend. We are finished leader climbing after we landed. This way we are climbing up different routes during the day. Leader climbing is generally like as follows for us: First we start climbing an easy route to warm up. After that we continue warming up on a little bit harder routes. After this if you have a harder route that you are trying, Usually this is called as ‘project.’ When we try the route, we say “This route is my project.” After several tries on these routes, … … climbing all day, having a good time in the nature, … … drinking coffee with our friends, we end up a beautiful climbing day. We usually do top rope that is belaying a climber from the top of a route, climbing as follows: Firstly the climbers that have more experience, and climbs at a higher degree, … … makes the leader climbing and sets the route for top rope … … by setting the anchor point and other necessary points. After route is set for top rope, people who have never climber before, … … or climbed for a time but did not have education for leader climbing … … can climb the route as top rope … … thanks to the experienced climbers preparing the route ready for top rope. Soon we will show you how to climb as top rope. Only thing you should do is this: Only by holding the cracks and holds on the rock, … … without lifting your steps too high … … not pulling yourself up with your arms … … in small steps, supporting with your legs a little … … pulling yourself up with your arms a little … … Just like ascending on a vertical ladder … … we rise carefully and slowly. We pay attention not to traverse left or right a lot. We try to ascend on the rope line. When we arrive the anchor, … … climbing ends for the climber. Again with the help of the belayer, … … with little steps, with our feet perpendicular to the rock, … … without breaking our knees and completely pushing the floor We are pushing ourselves to sit back a little bit. We generally make our body in a ‘L’ shape like sitting on a chair, … … descend with little steps. We end up with top rope climbing after we landed. In this way, we can spend our climbing day with climbing another route, and another route. OK, take please!. I’m safe. I’m in belay with the rope of the belayer. I have a safety perlon. I make a loop with one of them, … … if possible by using an auto lock carabiner, … My lanyard is slack, that means everything is OK. Take please! Lower me slowly please. Pass the rope through lower and upper rings of the harness. We do our last checks. Carabiner is locked, harness is proper. Harness is OK, knot is OK, helmet is OK. Excellent. We are ready for climbing. Hey, hi! I am so excited and happy that I can not describe! Everyone should experience this! I tremble and I am very happy. Elif you are taking pictures, don’t you! How was the climbing? It was wonderful. I can explain like this: Every time, I said to myself, “The road is over here, I can not go further” “I am trambling, I am afraid.” but, … … On each step, I see that the road continues … … as if the road will never end. How did you feel while ascending? I’m so afraid to look back. But when I look down from the top … … I feel that it worths all the climbing. How was the view at the top? Absolutely I understood how valuable feature the birds have. My friend, I do all the work. I climb both, and I enter the camcorder. What is your job?

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