Inside Saudi Arabia’s gilded prison at Riyadh Ritz-Carlton – BBC News
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Inside Saudi Arabia’s gilded prison at Riyadh Ritz-Carlton – BBC News


  • Online News Network

    Furious? The #isis handlers and funders? So what did they do? They said to Trump and Erik Prince, we can still strike, and strike they did, in vegas.

  • 4KGamer

    This is probably where they also keep terrorists in their soo called crackdown of "extremism". American tax payer dollar well spent. Saudi Arabia has America by the balls. A shame no American politician has any guts to stand up against Saudi Arabia for their sponsor of continuous terrorism like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

  • David Kavalcenti

    It is all just a show to make it look like they are tackling corruption when in reality they are all in it together laughing at us while they make billions or they would be put in real prison with everyone ese, jokes on us people……

  • Jessup03

    I believe that Saudi Arabia need a french revolution an couple dozen guillotines, to get rid of that fuckin' family.

  • David Chandler

    if i was a billionaire, i wouldnt keep most of my fortune in the country i reside, then i could flee..i am surprised they were able to get all these rich guys without fleeing or voilence

  • David Chandler

    so i guess this is the money needed to pay for USA for all that shit weapons they dont need are being forced to buy..i think the saudia arabia did some serious shit wrong and are buying off america for it

  • Icynibba

    Man, I remember going to that same hotel with my family when I was 9. I still remember the kid’s area, and, I even dined with the adults, once.

    Amazing hotel

  • Rony Chaili

    This is all lies wtf their is no human rights there . You actually think their gonna throw you in a building like this where a doing have human rights haha you guys are fools

  • Derek Buxton

    Wow! More jails need to be located in a fancy hotel. You wouldn't have to arrest me, I'll just voluntarily go. Life must be tough being stuck in paradise.

  • Lisa Rosenkoetter

    Well, I guess they thought they needed to get money from somewhere since they are losing billions daily and want to plunder Yemen for it's resources. So they steal from family and get other countries notorious for plundering and raping the land.

  • Speedy Singh

    The presenter,and her cameraman…..seemed to be petrified!!!,This much footage they could have got from the Hotels website/ virtual walkthroughs!!

  • richard wilmot Ph.D

    Yes it is Friday and so those long lines of young men robes up around their waists, on their knees, pants down around their ankles, mouths open and wearing the Kings bejeweled knee pads spill out of the narrow streets and alleys of old Riyadh, blocking traffic… .
    As described here:
    The Kingdom in the Closet
    Sodomy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, but gay life flourishes there. Why it is “easier to be gay than straight” in a society where everyone, homosexual and otherwise, lives in the closet

  • bibi bibi

    Now show us which UK Lawfirms have conveniently stolen all the assets of the missing princes, +who has now taken over all the assets of these missing, in Saudi arabia? like all other governments, there are corrupt criminal network within, and they're just stealing billions, because it's cheap to pay foreign criminal to kidnap a Saudi who's assets are billions, than just take over their companies/properties/oil/gold bullion assets just as the UK Criminals stole gaddafi's family empire, legally ofcourse

  • Sandra Rickard

    Since Scott Disick seems to be in Saudi posting pictures right now and since MBS is known to enjoy kidnapping people… maybe there's a room going spare in this gilded cage?

  • lenny108

    with at least 146 executions in 2017 Saudi Arabia might actually not require a prison, people just refrain from committing crimes. Why someone would commit a crime? There no income taxes in Saudi Arabia and other Arab States, so all citizens never think of becoming a criminal.

  • Jawed Hussain

    Why don’t the world understand that the whole Saudi Arabia people wants Political and life asylum from the rulers of Wahabis Saudi Arabia, the supporter of Terrorism ,ISIS. The American people is also and the world at large responsible for what’s happening in Saudi Arabia. Muslim from throughout the world should boycott UMRA and HAJ in protestor of Saudi Arabia policies in their country, especially their attitude and behaviour with respect to Journalist Jamal Khashoggi recent murder. Sequence of incidences HAPPENING TO ALA SAUD Government in the last few months due to their behaviour in the name of Islam. Their crime Starting from demolishing JANNAT UL BAQUE AND demolishing the Shrine grave of FATIMA BINT E MUHAMMED PBUH and the rest of Al- A-Muhammed and Prophet Sahabas . Continuous killing of the Saudi SHIA COMMUNITY IN KHATIF AREA AND harassment of Shia in Saudi Arabia in general. Killing of Shia Allim INNOCENT SHEIKH NIMR AL NIMR , RELATION WITH ISRAEL AND PREFERENCE ISRAEL OVER MUSLIM UMMAH.SPREADING WAHABISM AND SUPORTING TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS ARROUND THE WORLD. Sending Saudis forces to kill Baharanis Shia community in Bahrain. The recent killing of Saudi Journalist in Istanbul. Allah has shown and brought his wrath around MAKKAH area and many people died due stampede in which MUHAMMED BIN SALMAN WAS INVOLVED, then the crane fall, THE RAIN AND THE WIND BLASTED. THE RECENT COCKROACHES appeared all over the place in MAKKAH. Things will continue to happen in coming months and years, because of their HATRED TOWARDS MUHAMMED AND AL-E- MUHAMMED ( Family of Prophet Muhammed PBUH ). This Saudi Monarch is coming to the end sooner then this world ever think. And the true religion of ALLAH ISLAM WILL BENEFIT THE MUSLIMS AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. Justice with love, kindness, human and animals right and peace and only peace will prevail.

  • be positive

    This BBC News reporter thinks if she wispier and the same time walking without hijab inside Saudi Arabia's gilded prison can fool people or what?

  • Ufaq Reyaz

    even the saudi criminals are enjoying a life of luxury, but innocent kids in Yemen are dying everyday!! As Ironic as it may sound

  • João Manuel

    Clarification for the less informed about the criminal regime of Saudi Arabia

    The disgusting and criminal Saudi regime took advantage to hitch a lift in the confusion of the recent attacks in Ceylon, to justify indecently the recent 37 executions, which were nothing more than murders, insinuating that the executioners were terrorists, but the truth is that they were political opponents of this bloody regime carried out by two murderous criminals and parasites of the Saudi people, father and son whose names are respectively Salman bin Abdulaziz and Mohammed bin Salman. Everything is valid to keep this regime of criminals standing.
    Sooner or later, the West World will must to break up diplomatic relations with these murderers that hould be caught and judged by International Court to crimes against Humanity.


  • Soma Yazzi

    I Always go to Saudi Arabia every year and when I always go to my grandparents house I always go past the prison! And my dad told me it used to be a Hotel !

  • it's a crazy crazy vid it's a crazy crazy crazy

    I dont know how is that a prison I was there I am a kid and there was even kids there

  • Anders K. Andersson

    Late gay king still dancing in hell with 72 virgins; 72 young and strong black guys with huge virgin dicks…. Allah Fuckkabba !!!! Allah Fuckkabba !!!! Allah Fuckkabba !!!!

  • john smith

    hey heres an idea , when e get hit with geography changing asterios every so offten , do the ones in charge always find the top ,, their offspring or everyonce inawhile flip,, power upset,, illiminate stuuf f is that the real secret they know about asteriod strikes and shit hench the pyramids to protect them the rocks graze off like tank armour ..


    I was arrested and sentenced to 1 month of Ritz-Carlton hotel for Visa violation. It was much nicer than the actual hotel I was staying at during work. I came back to the US refreshed from the time off and no workload etc.. Maybe if our prisons are like this people will come out of it in a better mind set and no longer commit crimes.

  • Arthur Khan

    why the west is obsessed with depicting everything different in a bad way? how can be the best hotel in the world be a "prison" why cant these people be serious sometimes?

  • adnan asif

    People who does biggest mistakes goes to luxurious prison and who does small mistakes goes to cage !! (reality of world)

  • Aleem Pervez

    Laws all over the world are made & applied only to the weaker segments of the society. It may be US, India, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan etc etc.
    In America Jeffrey Epstein a millionaire was involved in sex trafficking & supplying/providing under age girls to American Elite. He was a very good friend of President Trump & former US President bill Clinton. He provided under age girls to British Prince Andrew. Epstein was dubiously killed in jail because he was dangerous for the America big-wigs.
    In India Amit Shah the sitting India Interior/Home Minister was involved in a murder case. He offered the Trial Judge one billion rupees bribery for his acquitted the Honorable judge rejected the offer. On Amit Shah's order the Judge was murdered & Amit Shah was acquitted by another judge & he became Indian Interior Minister.
    It is well settled y now that Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated on the orders of MbS. The lesser characters in the assassination process are/were penalized. The Saudi judgment is denounced the world over even UnO denounced it.
    In Pakistan former PM Nawaz Sharif was sentenced on the charges of corruption. He was granted bail on the medical grounds. Under the law grant of bail was not possible but he being a highly influential person got bail. He is enjoying a healthy life in luxurious home at London with his two Proclaimed Offender sons & brother. He will never comeback Pakistan till the change of Government. There are thousands of people confined in Pakistani prisons who deserve treatment outside jail but they are/were not allowed bail (DISCRIMINATION)

  • Michael John Dennis

    There is something very creepy about this – if he is taking on people that he considers to be his political enemies and if western governments are turning a blind eye to this, there must be something else going on that no one else knows about


    My DNA results showing I have direct Royal Blood In Me from Saudi Arabia. The proof's in this video:

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