If Football Coaches Were Honest…
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If Football Coaches Were Honest…

Hey coach. There anything you want to
change? I mean I mean I don’t know what you want me to tell. Everybody’s
like football’s a team game. Okay it’s not a team game okay, I did my part, all
right. I put in a great game plan, I mean these players, they’re horrible. My
players are no good I mean everyone’s like no excuses. I got, you know, I got 22
excuses: 11 on my offense and 11 on my defense. Our offensive coordinator is
terrible. He gets half of his plays off of Madden…Rookie mode. I mean the guy is
no good. You know our offensive line it’s like Obama’s immigration policy, let
everybody through. Do we have a chance next week? No we don’t. We’re 0-8.
We’re not good at football. I got three white receivers. A red zone defense is
like Oprah, like you get a touchdown, you get a touchdown, you get a touchdown.
Our quarterback, look at the playbook, we put in place for Peyton Manning, he plays
like Cooper Manning, I mean the guys are just not good at football. No credit to
the other team, okay. The other team is awful. We tried to recruit bigger, better players to come play for us, but they went to
good schools. Yeah I put in the game plan, these kids can’t execute. Third down, terrible. I know we need better players. I get it, we can’t win with the product we
got in the field here. Like I’m down to Rick Pitino some guys if I need to, but
not at this level. I’m not going to jail for these kids. I mean they’re all
talking in the locker room like we’re a team, we’re in this together. No matter
what happens, we’re together. Like not me dude, I’m out of here. This team’s


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