How to Turn to Get Away from a Defender – Soccer Drill
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How to Turn to Get Away from a Defender – Soccer Drill

Okay guys now we’re with Camilo. We’re going to show this drill how to turn the proper way, and to go away from the defender. So, here we are with Camilo, he’s going to be the defender this side. I’m controlling the ball as much as possible, okay? Turn, okay? Turn. Turn. Turn. Okay? To add more difficulty now, he’s going to try at the beginning to just use his arms okay? It’s important that you place your arms well, okay. Protecting the ball, here [SOCCER DRILL] And then to add difficulty, he’s going to try to take away the ball now. Really go for the ball, I’m going to try to stay away from him. I’ll go away the other side, okay? Go. [SOCCER DRILL] Guys, that’s it. You have to go away. The more angle you make, to make the turn, you go away from the defender. So last time, going away from the defender… so, make sure you use your whole body to turn. He’s coming here… Then I go all the way. Make sure you go all the way. You come in that way and you have to go this way, all the way. Guys I hope you like it. Make sure you click the link below and keep improving, keep practicing that’s the most important part of soccer. Thank you guys. []


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