How To Ride And Look Like A Belgian Professional Cyclist
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How To Ride And Look Like A Belgian Professional Cyclist

– Belgians, or to be more
specific, Flandrians, are legends of the sport of cycling. Not only do they win
copious amounts of races, they also have a certain
style and attitude which means you can spot them a mile off. – Yeah, now the good
news is you don’t have to be from Flanders in
order to be a Flandrian. So here are our top tips. – Now that is a bike. – A true Flandrian bike. What have you brought? (upbeat guitar music) – [Narrator] Before we even set out, you need to make sure that you look right. Always wear long white socks,
and if you must wear tights, your socks need to be
over the top of them. And if it’s really cold,
just stick another pair of white socks over the top of your shoes. And likewise gloves. Expose your hands to cold weather enough, and you won’t ever need gloves. Gloves are for soft people
and Southern Europeans. If your hands get cold, just stop thinking about them and pedal harder. (upbeat guitar music) – This simply isn’t an
option for a Belgian pro. Doggedness and blind determination
would drive a Flandrian on to the point his body will
give up long before the mind, and if there’s a chance
they could turn just one more single pedal revolution, then they will, regardless
of the circumstance. (upbeat guitar music) – Shifting onto the small ring on a climb is essentially admitting defeat, which we know a Flandrian would never do. In fact, the only acceptable climb to put on the small ring
for is the Koppenberg, which we’re on now. – In our big rings. Yes! It’s quite steep, this, isn’t it mate? – It’s quite steep. It’s still on the big ring. (upbeat guitar music) – [Narrator] Belgian toothpaste. Never heard of this? Well, most Belgian pros eschew
more conventional methods of dental hygiene in
favour of going natural, the mud coated roads of Flanders providing enough organic matter to
keep the pearly whites of the best riders in good condition. – So, what do you think it
takes to be a true Flandrian? Have we missed anything out? You know what to do. Leave your comments down below. – You know what a true Flandrian
would do, Matt, as well? – What? – They’d subscribe to GCN. To do that, just click on
the globe, Flandrian or not. – Now for some more,
blimey, cobbled content, how ’bout clicking just down here where you got homies that’ll teach you how to ride cobbled climbs? – The most Flandrian of all Flandrians, or for the most Flandrian climb, how about a bit of insight
into the iconic Koppenberg?


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