How to Play Indoor Soccer : Indoor Vs. Outdoor Soccer
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How to Play Indoor Soccer : Indoor Vs. Outdoor Soccer

In this clip we are going to show you the
difference between indoor and outdoor soccer. Basically the game is still played with the
same soccer ball with most of the same rules with just a couple of slight variations. First
off is it quit obvious there is a wall encasing the field here. Now the wall is totally legit
to kick the ball off of and pass it to you and the ball never really goes out of bounds
from the ground. From beyond the wall is the net. The net is like the out of bounds line
in soccer, in outdoor soccer. Now when the ball touches that it’s like out so the game
comes to a stop and the referee decides who the ball touched last and then the free kick
is awarded. Beyond that, there is definitely a lot less people on the field. There is only
five field players and goal tender as opposed to 10 field players and a goal tender to outdoor.
The reason why we have indoor soccer in many places is because there is the cold winter
weather that we have to deal with where we can’t play soccer outside. So what they have
done is they have taken probably a lot of old hockey rinks when it first started and
turned them into indoor soccer fields. And along with some of those hockey rinks came
some of the rules with hockey. One of them is a Three Line Rule where you are not allowed
to pass the ball form one line all the way across three other lines. There’s a line at
midfield, there is a line about eighteen yards out on one side of the field, and eighteen
yards on the other side of the field kind of like how they used to not have three line
passes in hockey. We’ll also be going over these more in depth.


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