How to Make a Soccer Resume/ Football CV
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How to Make a Soccer Resume/ Football CV

What’s up guys and welcome back to another episode of footballers advice in today’s video I wanted to go over how to make a professional soccer resume Having a soccer resume is something a player must have if they want to become a professional soccer player More than likely whenever you contact an agent a coach a scout or anyone else they will ask for this information along with any video highlights that you may have a resume gives the person reading it all the Information that they need to know about you as a player this includes all of your contact information And then also what club teams you’ve played for in the past by having a professional looking soccer resume prepared It could be the difference between a professional coach or scout giving you an opportunity having a resume also Serves as a great Marketing tool because when you send it out to individuals around the world you never know who it’s going to reach by providing your information Anyone around the world who is interested in you can contact you about any Opportunities that they may have now there are many different ways and templates in which you can create a professional-looking soccer resume however in this video I outline how I’ve created mine the reason why I would recommend Following my template is because after sending it out to a bunch of clubs and then also other Individuals around the world I received a lot of positive feedback from it this includes teams here in the United States Whether it be USL teams US agents, and then also Scouts overseas in Europe So how do you create a Professional-looking soccer resume well to start I break up how to create a soccer resume in five different Sections and the order in which I list these sections is something you should follow, so let’s go ahead and get right into it Alright guys, so here is my resume that I’ve created And the template that I think that you guys should use when you want to send it out to professional teams coaches agents and Scouts What I’m gonna do first is actually scroll through the whole resume And if you want to pause the video at any time that way you can see a little bit more detailed information on things Definitely go ahead and do that but just gonna first like I said scroll through that way you guys can see everything and Then dive a little bit deeper and kind of discuss in More detail how I think you guys should structure it why I think you guys should Put certain information and things like that But the first thing that I want you guys to notice is that my resume is a PDF file Now when you first start and you want to create your resume you actually want to do this on a Word document Like I have here so once you create everything and you have all the information that you want Here on your Word document what you then should do or what I would recommend doing is Actually export it into a PDF file and the reason is is because if we look for instance Right here at season on the PDF file If I wanted to go ahead and try to edit and change you know this word or any other information Here like I’m going to go ahead and try to delete I’m gonna try to type extra information I can’t do that and as you can see here with the word document again with season I can definitely go ahead and change any information on the document But when you send it out you want to send your resume out in a PDF file that way no information can be changed I Wouldn’t send it out your resume out in a Word document for that reason because anyone can change the information It could be altered at any time with a PDF file that doesn’t allow it to happen So what you would do when you have created your resume within the word document And you want to make it into a PDF file you want to go up here to the upper left hand corner You want to click file And then you want to go all the way down to export once you click on export You’ll see create PDF document, and then you want to click on this button right here and what will happen is when you click this button all this Information on your Word document will then go to your PDF document and all the information will be this be the same It will still be Structured in the same way that you created your Word document like I said the only difference is that you can’t edit it So if you guys want to do that that’s something I would recommend by no means do you have to do it? But like I said, it’s something that I’ve done. Just to make sure that all the information There is correct and like I said no one can edit it, so as I discussed earlier guys. I break down creating a resume in five sections So let me go ahead and break down every section go through it with you list all the details and then just kind of go From there so the first section that we have is right here And this is your contact information section what you want to do is provide your full name that way if clubs want to Do any research on you through the internet they can do that they could find any information that they want and then with that Underneath your full name you want to provide if you have it your own website what I will also do is create another video on how to Actually make your own website for free I found it to be a great marketing tool as well What I usually do is in the body of my email when I’m sending it out to teams or agents or even Scouts I’ll provide a link to my website, which as you guys can see over here it contains a File of my resume that way they can view it there as well and my resume will also Be attached in the email so either way if the attachment Doesn’t work they can always go to the link and find my resume that way and then you can also Provide a link to on your website that links to YouTube where they can see all of your highlight videos So this is why I find you know having a website is actually really beneficial That way yeah, like I said they can find all your information in one place And then also what I would do guys is in your contact information section provide your email And the email that you provide guys should be professional. It should be your first and last name at whatever a Hotmail Gmail Or whatever other email that you guys use now in another video that I’ll make I’ll say I’ll show you guys Why I think you guys should have a gmail account There’s certain things that you can do with Gmail that I found to be really beneficial That saves you a lot of time and energy when you’re writing emails so like I said, it’s totally up to you guys But make sure at Liat the very least that This email is professional. It shouldn’t be any crazy name again guys remember You’re sending this out to professional coaches Scouts and agents, so you need to take it seriously And you need to be professional about it, so like I said I’d have my first and last name at whatever .com that’s how you should structure your email Also as well if you guys want to email me at footballers advice feel free to do so And then what I would do is also provide your phone number where you also have your international calling code I found this to be Beneficial as well because here in the US it’s plus one and if you want to You know connect with someone through whatsapp or even through your iPhone? And they’re overseas you want to add the international calling code that way when you’re texting them And they’re outside of the country that you live in I found it to be easier for the iPhone to recognize the number So that way when you’re texting back and forth Whatsapp and the iPhone can actually understand who they’re actually contacting overseas So like I said, that’s why I would provide your phone number as well that way they anyone can get in contact with you So that wraps up section one for your resume, and then we’re gonna move on here to section two where it’s your personal information you should One provide a really nice-looking picture of yourself What I usually do is wear a jersey of A team that I’ve played for in the past or the current team that I’m playing for Make sure guys that this picture is crisp. It’s clear I took this on my iPhone which is Which is just fine Just make sure that the resolution and the picture quality is nice that way they can see who you are And like I said you want to make sure that you know make sure in the background to you don’t have any any crazy stuff Going on it should be a professional looking photo and then underneath that this is where you provide your personal information This is where you want to provide your date of birth your height weight position and passport now Let’s go ahead and start here with date of birth you want to list your date of birth in this Format where I have it as month day in year You don’t want to put you know at over here age and the put 23 years old Because here’s the thing guys if I were to send this out to teams a year from now two years from now I’m no longer 23 years old. I’m actually 24 or 25 So when you put your birthday in this format no matter when the coach looks at your resume They can always figure out how old you are At that moment so you want to put it like this like I said that way they can figure out how old you are And that way it’s not like oh I received this a year ago from him is he actually 23 now or was he 23 back then when you sent it this leaves out all of the confusion So then moving on to your height and weight You see that. I’ve listed things here in feet and inches and then also in centimeters, and then also weight here I have it in pounds in kilograms the reason why I do This is because in the USA They use feet and inches to measure your height, and then they also use pounds to measure How much you weigh now in Europe and the rest of the world they actually use Kilograms and centimeters centimeters to measure your height in kilograms to measure your weight so if you’re sending this to people around the world whether it be in Europe or other parts or even teams here in the USA I Would provide the information and I would do the calculation or the conversion When you start building your resume that way it’s easy for the club or the coach or the scout or agent whoever it may be to look at it and understand in their Metric system, how like like I said how tall you are or how much you weigh, it’s just that your resume is supposed to be It’s supposed to be easy enough for people just to read and understand and get better information of who you are as a player So that’s why I would I would actually provide both Both things here so then moving on to your position I’m a midfielder, and I also listed where I can play as a midfielder Which is Center mid right mid and left mid now if you’re for instance a defender in your center back Then you can put here defender, and then also see B If you do play a right back or a left back position you can list that however if you’re just a centre-back just put CB so that pretty much wraps up that position as well, but you also want to The reason why you want to list your position is that way teams can understand how you’re gonna fit within their team In terms of what position you play? And if they need a player in your position so that’s why I would recommend listing that as well now the last thing in terms of your personal section for section two I List my the passports that you hold and I recommend that you guys do this as well I think this is one of if not the most important part of your resume because when you list the passports that you hold teams can find out if you will be a domestic or foreign player and If you guys don’t know being a domestic player is very beneficial one of the things And that is beneficial about being a domestic player is the fact that one the team that wants you or wants to sign you it doesn’t have to fill out a bunch of paperwork and Make sure that they get a work permit or a work visa for you and deal with all that legal information that they have to deal with they also don’t have to deal with in some countries like in Sweden if you’re a Foreign player then you have to make three times as much in salary as a domestic player so if you’re a domestic player you also don’t have to Legally be required to be paid as much as a foreign player And sometimes guys as I’ve noticed We’re talking with other people and then also when I was over in Europe sometimes the difference between You getting picked up and signed with the team and you not Being a domestic or foreign player because some teams just don’t have the money or the resources to pay a foreign player So guys if you do have any passports if you’re a dual passport holder put down both if you just have one Passport put that Passport, but either way, I think it’s really beneficial to list that and that way teams can say okay We can see that this guy is a domestic player so that kind of wraps up Section 2 of the resume and we’re gonna move on to section 3 section 3 is right here And this is where you want to list your club history What you want to do is list the prior clubs that you’ve played for in the past And then you also want to list what years you played with them so for instance this one Minister I K I was playing with them in 2017 and then I FK letting go I was playing with them in 2016 and then what I’ll also do here scroll down a little bit more that way you guys can see this and You know also in this section. I’ve put trial opportunities with teams That’s something you guys can list section 3 and section 4 of the resume. I’ve noticed a lot of players This is where they get creative This is where you kind of have a little bit more flexibility to put what you want to make your Information or you as a player stand out so as you guys can tell here, too I’ve also listed my college team in the years that I played with them, so Really, I mean with this you just want to list any information That’s relevant to the club For instance here like I’ll put you know people that I’ve played with where they’ve played so maybe teams can get a better understanding of what the level was like at that team and Kind of maybe who I am as a player when you’ve played with other individuals that have played at a high level You know even for here. I have Kate letting go I put you know we earned promotion from division 3 to division 2 That’s something you want to list as well Really like I said this kind of differs from Player to Player Who what they want to put in this section – you can also put games played game started any Goals that you had assists. I would list that information here as well if you want to but totally up to you as a player And like I said – sometimes, you know it makes sense to put trial opportunities I know some players that incorporate this into their resume some players don’t For me when I was sending this out to teams in Sweden this was something I decided to put in it that way they could Understand okay, who is he trialed with in the past You know what level were they at that kind of gives teams a better Understanding of who I am as a player and what level I can play at in terms of what teams were interested in me So section 3 guys like I said, it’s kind of to you on how you want to structure it But you just kind of want to make it stand out with any information that you have that’s relevant to the team like maybe who you’ve played with Your any of your stats is a really good thing to put on here as well like I said games played Goals scored assists things like that And then maybe you know any other teams that you’ve played against while you’ve played for that team That’s also you know something that you could put down as well, so That actually wraps up section three now guys and we’re gonna move on to section four Now like I said earlier section three in section four is where you can kind of get creative in terms of what you want to do You can see some overlap here in section four where I have put and I’ve listed again. You know that in 2016 with IFK letting go we earned promotion to Division two you can list it twice you could only list it in one section But the fourth section is where you want to list more so your achievements achievements Either individually or with the team so if you’ve won any Player of the Year awards any Man of the Match Awards If you if your team was promoted from one division to the next division list that Like I said this is more so personal in team Achievements that you’ve reached and then section three up here can be a little bit more information about the team kind of what the level Is like and things like that But for section four like I said you want to list your achievements here This is where you stand out from players and you can say hey look You know I was able to win this award during this year Or I was able to help my team win a championship or get promoted Whatever it may be you guys this is where you want to list it in your achievements section in section four So that kind of wraps it up there as well And then we want to move on to the last section section five which is your references now as you can see here You know it’s good to put a head coach However, if you want to list an assistant coach or anyone else that will pretty much Just give a recommendation to a club if they want more information about you Maybe they want to call Someone who has seen you play in the past you want to list anyone down here that will just give a positive recommendation about you But what I would mention though guys too is Before you put someone down as your reference make sure that you contact them beforehand and ask if you can put them down That way they just have the heads up, and and they’ll understand why teams are contacting them and asking them about you I think that’s beneficial to do that That way like I said, they’re not caught off guard and they know that you know They are a reference for you, but like I said head coach assistant coach Any sort of mentor Like I said any person that is going to give you a positive reference As you guys can also tell I don’t list their contact information here You don’t need to because if a club is interested And they want to contact other people that you have listened here in your references section For section five they should go ahead and send you an email that requests that information so that way then in the follow-up email you can send them you know any Information that they want on a head coaching or an assistant head coach that you have listed So that kind of wraps it up guys That’s section five your references And that kind of wraps up your resume as you guys can also tell – I want to point out one other thing My resume is one page long. This is how long your resume should be as well It should be no more than one page so if it’s anything more make sure that you Condense everything you have to then you know just maybe have to rewrite information that way it fits all on one page but like I said one page in one page only and One other thing that I’d like to mention as well guys is The last team that I have here is from 2013 when I when I played for my college team and that was five years ago The most you want to have is going back five years from now so Four to five years is a good time frame to list any past club teams that you’ve played for any colleges that you’ve played for Really anything more than that I think is unnecessary rather than you know going back all the way and listing all the clubs that you’ve played for since you were you nine a Coach really isn’t interested in that They’re they just want a snapshot of your background and where you’ve played in the last couple of years To go back any farther than that when you think about it guys think about the player you were four or five years ago From now I mean you’re a much different player, so you know to go back more than four to five years I think is too much Plus you have to make sure that you also have enough information to fill up this section But you don’t want so much information that you can’t fit your achievements and references in one page as well So just keep that into consideration But so that wraps up today’s video guys on how to make a soccer resume and soccer CV This is the template that I would recommend you guys use and also sorry one last thing As you guys can tell I maximize the amount of space that I have on one page For a resume I know a lot of other players. They have a lot of white space within their resume It is up to you if you want to have a lot of white space But I like like I said I like to maximize the amount of information that I can give people To just make myself stand out, I think the more information you have it can be the better However you do want to make sure that it is still professional-looking, and it’s not you know just There’s just information everywhere you want to have structure to it, so yeah, that’s why I say you should follow this template I think it looks professional, and I’ve gotten a lot of great responses from teams About my resume in terms of how it looks so so yeah guys so that wraps up today’s video on how to make a resume and Kind of go from there So as you guys can tell having a professional soccer resume is critical in order for teams to take you seriously Just like applying for a job having a resume is standard and the same is true with in the soccer industry by clearly Providing what teams you’ve played for in the past and then also your contact information Hopes are more willing to bring you in and give you an opportunity Than a random player who just shows up and asked for a trial and like I said earlier guys Having a resume is a great marketing tool because it gives clubs all the information They need to know about you and you can tailor your information to make you stand out from other players Having the soccer resume also saves you a lot of time and explanation when you’re writing emails to coaches Scouts or agents a lot of times you can keep your message short and concise with Referring them to see your resume That’s attached in the email and with that being said that wraps up today’s video guys on how to make a professional soccer resume Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button That way you can check out more great videos like this one here in the future And I will see you guys in the next video. 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