How to Beat a Goalkeeper on a Breakaway
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How to Beat a Goalkeeper on a Breakaway

Hey guys, it’s Massimo from best soccer
tricks dot com. In this video, I’ll be showing you how to beat a
goalkeeper on a breakaway. Alright guys, so a couple things when you’re going up
on a breakaway against the goalkeeper obviously the pressure is on, the
defenders are running back, you have the goalie rushing towards you. So there’s
not much time to act, you really have a split second, you have to act fast you’re
gonna decide are you going to shoot, are you going to deek the goalie? Really, you have
to look for that opening and you got to act fast because if you hesitate, if you
even take a moment to hesitate, the goalie will be there, the defender will
come back and get the ball so you really have to act fast
as the player on the breakaway. So, it also depends the angle that you’re
running at if you’re running down the middle you’ll have both sides if you’re
running down from the left maybe you’ll see that the right is a bit open that
the left is a short side you don’t want to go short side. So there’s a lot of
factors that you have to take in to play once you’re going on once you’re going
on the attack. So I’ll show you a bit now I have a goalie in net, in front of the net
and I’m just going to attack him and basically I’m going to see what openings
there are and what my best option is on the breakaway. So here we go. [Soccer player practicing a breakaway.] So there I saw that the right side was
opened, I saw that he gave me that right side so basically I decide to just curl
it around him, wrap my foot around and make sure that ball got straight around.
So we’ll go again. [Soccer player practicing a breakaway.] There I decided not to shoot right away
but instead I saw that the goalie was coming out, so I had to step on him push
it to the side, got me in the open net and sort of put it away. Also, another thing that you can think
about if you see that the goalie is really coming out aggressively and you
see is coming out very early, what you can do is you can try that chip shot if
you’re able if you’re comfortable with obviously you see you have the time, he’s
coming out early, a little chip shot get it right over the goalie and he won’t
have a chance of saving it. [Soccer player doing a breakaway practice.] See the goalie came out early there I
saw it, I recognized it, went for the chip hit the post, but you got the idea. [Soccer player doing a breakaway practice.] It’s all about composure, when you’re
heading towards the net. If you don’t have your composure, your shot is going to be
wild, you won’t have really much control about where the ball is going to go, you’re
just going to swing at it and hope for the best. You don’t want that obviously. Yes,
the pressure’s on, the breakaway isn’t something that happens all the time but
when it does happen, keeping your composure is the most important thing
it’s like a penalty you have to be in control, know where you want to bring the
ball, shoot it where you want to shoot it and just be mindful. [Soccer breakaway practice.] Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed that
video on how to beat a keeper one-on-one off a breakaway. Remember, it’s
all about composure, staying calm even though there’s a lot of pressure in that
one moment. Make sure you keep your composure, make sure you control the ball,
make sure you get enough power on that ball and you shoot it to where you want
to shoot it. Look for the weaknesses and take advantage of it. For more videos,
please go to Thanks for watching. [Best Soccer Tricks]


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