HIIT – 25 Minute Cycling Workout – Hill Training

– Okay, welcome to GCN’s short climbs indoor training session. It’s short. It’s gonna be sweet. It’s gonna be a little bit painful. But again, it’s gonna be some
fantastic miles in the bank. All about working on your ability to ride the short shot climbs. The kind of climbs we see, perhaps, in the Tour de France over in Tuscany, or even in the Ardennes,
or wherever you may be. These will help you get more efficient and far more effective out on the road. And as ever, we’re gonna start the session with a nice three minute warmup. I’ll use that opportunity to
introduce a few new faces, a couple of old faces first. If you don’t mind me
saying so, Sai Richardson, Lastie at the back,
perpetually smiling, as ever. We’ve got Lindsay at the front there. Juliet just to the back
on the green track, and just poking behind
there, we have Charlotte. All of them, hopefully, ready to roll. So the first part of the warmup, nice and steady, about 90 rpm. Build yourself up. Get the blood flowing. Get yourself nice and warm. Opportunity to take a few sips,
from your beat on, as well. Now a little bit about the session itself. After the three minute initial warmup, we’re gonna move into the
advanced warmup phase, just to get ourselves ready, from a cardiovascular prospective, for the efforts that lie in wait. There’s gonna be five
intervals on the climbs, so in order to get
ourselves ready for those, we’re gonna do two 15 minute high cadence efforts at around a perceived
effort level of eight. And we start the first one of those in just over a minutes time. So gradually throughout
this initial three minutes, gradually pick up the pace but don’t press on too hard just yet. Again, about an effort level of four now. Well under a minute. So prepare yourself for this first little high intensity flourish. You don’t want to go too deep. Eight out of 10. Just above your functional
threshold power. The amount of power you
can sustain for an hour. But keep the cadence really high. 30 seconds to go. Nothing too stressful just yet. Just to warm us up nicely. For the five climbs of varying length, which I’ll explain in a moment, that lie in wait. So 15 seconds. The amount of exercise
you get in now 10 seconds. Remember, perceived effort
level of around eight. 120 RPM for 15 seconds. Two, one, and go! Just spin those legs. Try not to rock too much on the bike. Think about your form. Should be uncomfortable but not too much. Okay, and relax a little bit. Drop it down again to perceived effort level of five. You should have felt that a little bit. We’re gonna do one more of those. Before we hit the sessions. I’ll explain them now. So we’re gonna do five climbs, the first of which,
one and a half minutes. And I need you to ride
that as hard as you can. So it will be above your FTP. About 110%, 115% of your FTP. Two minutes off, and two minutes on. So it’s hard to count the two minutes, and two minutes off again. We’re actually riding in
two and a half minutes. And two minutes off, and
back down to two minutes, with a two minute rest, and the final climb,
one and a half minutes as hard as you can. And then, thankfully, the
finish line will be in sight. Okay, in five seconds,
another high cadence interval. Here we go. Bring it up to 120. Spin the legs. But keep fully in control. And straight off the back
of this, your first climb. In you go, here we go. So one and a half minutes. It should be pretty painful. Think about yourself out on the road, picture a climb that you know that takes about a minute and
a half, two minutes to climb, and basically, ride it as hard as you can. So in terms of effort
level, it should be 10, which means the maximum
power you can sustain for a minute and a half. You wanna gear up a little bit. Try to replicate the sort of cadence that you use on a climb. Again, we’re all different, but quite often, cadence
is reduced slightly. As best we can, we wanna
replicate the effort we put out on a climb. Keep it going, 39 seconds. And then you will be pleased
to know, two minutes rest. So keep it going, think about
keeping as still as you can. Nice and smooth, no wasted energy. 10 seconds. All the way to the
crest of the first hill. And one, okay. Work it back down. Spin your legs. Effort level of three. So basically, virtually to turn the pedals
with the weight of your legs. You got a two minute rest. And the next one is two minutes. So 30 seconds up from the previous effort. I think it very important that you do take the opportunity to really rest up between these efforts, but they are brutally hard. Again, as you’re pedalling on
with your various trainers, we got at least three of those here. Got CycleOps Hammers too. Think about being in an open space. You could even close your eyes
without fear of falling off. Well I wouldn’t do that. Would not afford the risk. Picture yourself on a climb, even over the Dolomites as well. Two minute hard session on the climb, ease off, then go again. Surprisingly, doing these sessions, if they’re above your FTP, will actually help improve
your FTP over all as well. So basically, we’re riding under
and over in these sessions. But think about the
next two minute effort. It’s gonna be slightly
different to the one before. Not just by 30 seconds. You might not be able to
put the same power out for that amount of time. So let’s kind of flat out. There’s a degree of pacing in there too. And make sure you’re drinking as well throughout your 25 minute session. You need all the fluids you can. Keep yourselves hydrated. Okay, so climb number two. So flat out for two minutes, okay? Two, and one, go! Pick up the pace til it really bites. If you can, slightly lower
cadence around 80 is good. But you know yourselves more than me. Actually try and replicate
the position on a bike. I know it’s hard indoors, but maybe ride on the
tops, or on the hoods, rather than the drops, ’cause as we know, you do ride in a different
position on the climbs. Just focus on your body form. Put in the power through the bike as efficiently as possible. And riding indoors is a great opportunity, without any hazards, to practise efficient pedalling styles. For those of you riding to FTP, this should be about
110 to 115% of your FTP. I think I’m spot on there. Around 50 seconds, keep it going. This is great. I feel fantastic. Just think of how this will benefit you on the climbs near where you live, anywhere you wanna travel to. Okay, 20 seconds, you can see the top. All the way, don’t waiver. Ten. Okay, knock it down, straight away. But keep pedalling, yeah? Two minutes rest. Knock it down to about 70 RPM if you want. Three percent, I’m sorry, three out of ten, on your
perceived effort score here. So use this as time to mop the brow. Okay, remember the next one,
this is a progressive session. So the next one is the longest climb. Climb number three,
two and a half minutes. So two and a half minutes. Don’t worry, you still got a minute to go before you hit the climb, so stay focused. Think about what’s coming up next. Think about how you’re gonna ride that two and a half minutes. Again, a completely different
beast from the first session. A minute and a half. You can sustain probably
100, 120% of your FTP. A bit difficult to do that
over two and a half minutes. So pace your ride. And these sorts of sessions are wonderful for learning about yourself and the power you can sustain
for set periods of time. So knowing when you get fitter, you understand yourself far more than what you can put yourself through, and what you can put your
body through, as well. So, let’s get it back on the big one. We’ll slightly lower the cadence. We’re gonna go from 80 RPM. It should be actually
there on your elements. Yeah, so coming up to
the third session, okay? Two and a half minutes,
as hard as you can. Two, one, and go! Just build into it. Don’t sprint into it, build
into it til you feel it bite, and you know that’s where
you’re gonna try to sustain. Lastie’s looking good, nice and smooth. And we all climb differently. Just try to think about how
you climb out on the road and replicate it here. Around the tops and on the hoods. You alright, Sai? Good lad. Lindsay? Look at Lastie’s face,
you’re gonna love it. Okay, minute 50. Again, as hard as you can. Don’t cheat yourself, just press on, but don’t go into the red. Okay. Minute 20 still to go. This is where it’s really
gonna start to hurt. This is where a lot of
people get the pacing wrong. Just power through it. After this, you’ll be well over halfway. This will really help you on those climbs. In fact, short or long, although specifically, this
will get you over the top on those short punchy climbs. 50 seconds, keep it going. Think about how you’re riding. Smooth pedal strokes. Try not to rock. Into last 30 seconds. This is fantastic work guys. You alright Charlotte, in the back? Good stuff. 15, keep it going, you
can see the top now. You can see the crowd,
you can see the KOM flag. Two, and one. Nice. Okay, working the back of this session. Still some hard work to go. Use this two minutes really carefully. Knock it down onto small ring. Spin the legs. Okay, back to the session. Might be a new idea, I’m
gonna show you how to do it. Minute 15 left. Knock it up, key the power down. Relax on the back a little bit. You don’t have to do it,
it’s just a little tip. You’re recruiting different
muscles without a saddle, thus giving your glutes a bit of a rest. Also your calves as well, depending of course on the way we climb, and we all climb remarkably differently. But also we’re thinking about saving energy in different ways. You’re gently lifting
yourself out the saddle, easing your back and your
back side and your legs is a nice way of doing it. Just for 20 seconds or so,
and back into the rhythm. Nice and easy, you still
got yourself 30 seconds. Remember this time, back
down to two minutes, okay so this is hill number
four, two minutes long. So you should be able to ride it just a little bit harder
than the previous one. If you can’t, think about
your pacing strategy. Don’t sprint off from the start. Build it up until it bites and hold it. Think about yourself in a local sport team out with your mates on
the road up the climb, and the confidence you’ll gain
doing this sort of training. Three, two, and one, okay. Two minutes. Just get into that rhythm and
lock yourself in it, okay? Every pedal rev is getting nearer the top. Chippin’ away at the cold face of pain. Think about the way you’re riding, okay? And your upper body
rocking is wasted energy so try to lock yourself in. You don’t need to pick
up the pace too hard. This is hard, come on guys. You alright, Juliet? Lastie’s got top pain face on there. Okay, minute to go. It’s the penultimate climb
to really make it count guys. Come on. You’re riding about 110% of
your functional threshold power. If you’re riding to power, remember that, the power you can sustain for an hour. So this isn’t the power you
can sustain for an hour. Oh no. If you tried, you’d explode. Must admit, starting to tyre now. 20 seconds, come on. Fantastic riding. Think of the benefits. Think of the investment. Think how dedicated you are
as well, doing this yourself. Five, three, and one, knock it back. Okay. One more to go. One minute 45 of spinning those legs. Take a sip. It’s only a short session
but as I said before, make sure you’re hydrated. Absolutely vital. During your session, and of course before, and it goes without
saying, afterwards as well. Otherwise, your performance
will diminish rather rapidly. And the training session
will be a semi waste of time. So hydration is key,
pacing strategy is key. Making sure you keep the
environment as cool as possible, and if you are inside like
us under these lights, it’s pretty warm, and you might notice a fair degree of float on your heart rate between five and 10
beats, is often the case. It is artificially elevated. To factor that in, because it
may be a bit of a discrepancy in between what you’re used to putting, power you might be used to putting out, so I can put a heart rate,
so factor in about 10 beats when it’s particularly warm. So we’re coming up to our final hill. And you’ll be glad to know,
it’s only a minute and a half. But because it’s a minute and a half, I want to see you go harder. I want to see 120% of
your FTP, or there abouts. And actually, this isn’t just supreme, this is the finish of the
queen stage of a grand tour, so put yourself in there. You got 800 metres to go, and you really have a shot at winning. So just think about
crossing the line first. Forget about the pain, you push through. So 10 seconds, let’s just lift it. Get your gear dialled in. Five seconds. Remember a minute and a half. As hard as you can. Don’t sprint off. Let it bite, here we go. Final one! Build the pace up, go through the gears. Feel it bite and hold. Great work. Keep it going. Nice, smooth, even, but difficult pace. 120% of your FTP, roughly
or just about holding that. Less than a minute now. We’ve come around the final hairpin on the 1,000 razor climb in the Dolomites. First time to race,
let’s finish on the top. And there’s daylight in between yourself and the rest,
but they’re closing. This is it. You can win, if you believe. Come on. Don’t let up now. Press on. Select another gear and force it through. Come on, all the way. They’re closing. I can see ’em. Oh my God, they’re drawing level. Come on! All the way, you’re holding them off. You’re there. Just give me a moment. Absolutely superb guys. The win was cinematic then, but sometimes, it might sound cheesy, but visualising is the key to just getting that
extra few percent out. ‘Cause that’s what you
need to do on the climbs. There’s no hiding place. You can’t sit in the bunch
and wait for the sprint. You gotta go deep. So sterling work. Hopefully, that’ll help
you guys at home as well. About two minutes now. Just knock it back. You wanna treat yourself to a lower ring. Just let the weight of your
legs just turn the pedals. Another great session. If you’re very very time poor, might be an idea to maybe
get five or 10 minutes in for a kind of warmup before
you start the session, otherwise it should be fine. There’s no harm in warming up a bit more and warming down for a little
longer if you feel the need. There’s so many of us haven’t
got enough hours in the day. You’re working, you’re
studying, you got family. But be strict, manage your time. A couple sessions a week indoors. This is summer and winter. Compliment it with a good
couple rides a week on the road, and you’re really gonna
start going places. It may be a shortcut in relation to time, but if it turns the pain,
it’s no shortcut at all. And that goes without saying, it doesn’t matter what ability you are, whether you’re just
starting out in this sport, you wanna ride your first 10
or 15 miles, or you’re a pro, these are the sorts of
sessions which help everybody. If you wish to develop,
get stronger on the climbs. 50 seconds. We directed that guys, thumbs up. Or thumbs down. Nice one. Again, Dan Lord wrote this one. And again, he’s not here. But there we go. I’ll have a chat with him about that. Okay, just knock it down a bit now guys. Should be well under 100. 30 seconds to go. A really great session, especially if you’re going out to the marathon and the Dolomites. You wanna look at breaking
those climbs down into sections. A session like this will
really help on the Gran Fondos. If that session hasn’t
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