Gunhoo playing soccer with dad [The Return of Superman/2020.02.02]
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Gunhoo playing soccer with dad [The Return of Superman/2020.02.02]

(Cool tomato, come on out.) Who is this person wearing a cool tomato shirt? It’s Gunhoo. – Good morning. / – Uncle. (Good morning, Uncle.) (Have another good day today.) (Next up is Dad.) His pronunciation is so cute. (I’ll try calling Dad.) What is that? (I got a call just in time.) It’s a phone. (Do you want me to come?) (Bye-bye.) (All calls should be short and sweet.) His call is short and sweet. (Shall I go over to Dad now?) (Wait a minute.) What is it? – What? / – What is he doing? (Mom walks around like this these days.) His mom must support her back as she’s almost due. (He’s very observant.) Shall we introduce Naeun’s room? (Naeun’s room changed.) What happened? (Welcome. I was waiting in here already.) Naeun is bigger now, so she got a new bed and even a vanity. Who bought these for you? Dad and Mom. – That’s right. / – Dad and Mom? How? You used a computer then pressed a button. That’s how you bought it. “That’s how”. You know everything. – She can explain exactly. / – Why did you choose a white bed? Because this is not new. Did you already have that duvet before? – You’re still happy, right? / – Yes. – How sweet. / – This is… What is this? – This? / – Yes. – You put on makeup here. / – She says it’s for makeup. – She’s at the age to be interested. / – That’s right. (She’s putting a pin on her hair by herself.) How pretty. (She’s good at brushing her hair too.) (When Gunhoo visits Naeun’s room,) (she dresses him up nicely too.) Is she dressing him up too? Gunhoo, you look pretty. How cute. (Pretty, pretty) “Pretty, pretty”. (I need to complete my pretty look.) (Lipstick?) I think Gunhoo is more excited. (Smacking) Gunhoo, that’s not lipstick. – It’s a pin. / – How cute. (It doesn’t matter as long as it’s sparkly.) (She finished her transformation.) – She’s so pretty. / – Yes, she is. I did it for Gunhoo too. – Where is Gunhoo’s? / – Over here. (Is it hard for you to see?) (He has a princess hairstyle.) (Don’t they look good on him?) Gunhoo gets to enjoy his sister’s new room. (Wait. Did you notice something strange?) What? What’s strange? (Wait. Did you notice something strange?) Gunhoo’s tent is his signature. (Why isn’t it here?) They made so many memories with the tent. (Ever since he was a baby, this tent of his own) (had been with him.) (Singing) – Nice. / – All done. (It was a space of his own where he could relax.) (Guys!) He’s so cute! (Mimicking the steaming sound) (He brewed a cup of baby-chino.) – It was Gunhoo’s favorite item. / – I know. (He ate raw food in there too.) Yes. He ate a bell pepper by himself there. (He had a fun and happy time in the tent.) He also played with animal friends there. – He even fell asleep there. / – He’s adorable. Let’s go! Let’s go. (Is it my turn? Everyone, follow me!) (Welcome, this is Gunhoo’s room.) Gunhoo got Naeun’s bed. How did Gunhoo’s room change? (He’d been using this baby crib since he was a baby.) He had the baby crib and the cushiony floor mats. He’s graduated from those baby items. (I graduated from them.) Goodness. (Now he has a footrest to protect his radish ankles.) Right. As a child grows up, many changes will happen in their rooms. (And this is his cozy and safe bed.) I bet he’s so excited. I used to have this, – but I changed it. / – That’s right. Why did we put this up around the bed for Gunhoo? So Gunhoo won’t fall. – So he won’t fall? / – That’s it. She’s so smart. (Bingo!) How does it feel to get Naeun’s bed? (Well, let me tell you how I feel.) (I’ll be good just like her.) He’s loving it. I prepared something for you guys today. There’s a soccer net! His dribbling skill was pretty good that day. Gunhoo’s soccer skills are improving every day. I know. That’s called a rolling shot. (His rolling shot worked!) That’s his soccer training. (Steal the ball from Dad.) Come on, he’s a professional soccer player. (Gunhoo is getting annoyed.) Shoot. – It went in. / – You scored! Shoot. – You scored! / – I can’t believe him. Come on, Jooho. You’re playing against a four-year-old. (Okay. You can play on your own.) (I can do a good job too!) You don’t want me to do that? – Go ahead. / – Here he goes. – Give it your best and shoot. / – Shoot. (Let’s do this.) (With a determined look,) (he shoots.) (Missing the ball) – What was that? / – His leg was a bit short. You have to beat me. Great. He was faking it, right? Shoot. (He keeps missing the ball.) (This isn’t working out.) You should try it here. Shoot. (Come on. Give me some time.) – He’s sensitive now. / – What? Shoot. Gunhoo, shoot. (Come on!) You don’t want me to talk? (A resentful gaze) Shoot. He doesn’t want to be rushed. Shoot. (Stop it!) What? Are you allergic to the word “shoot”? Gunhoo. He’s out of it. Something is off. (Looking lonely) He needs to be alone. (What is soccer?) Gunhoo, I wanted you to develop a sense of challenge. I guess you’re not ready for it yet. Let’s try this out some other time later. Since we decided to do this, you should score a goal. In one, two. Up we go. (His dad comes up with a way to cheer up sad Gunhoo.) Look. – Stretch out your legs. / – Is it a rolling shot? Ready, ready, go! (He stretches his leg at the right time.) Goal! (His dad and Gunhoo scored together.) – His dad assisted. / – Goal! I did it. I did it! When you grow up a bit more, let’s give it another try, okay? (Gunhoo grew up a bit today.) We look forward to your awesome goals in the future! (During his acceptance speech) (at the Entertainment Awards…) (Naeun and Gunhoo will have another sibling.) On the 13th, Naeun and Gunhoo’s younger sibling was born. We’re blessed with our third child. My family will be staying in Switzerland for a while for the birth of our new baby. So we decided to take a break from the show after the baby is born. Naeun, do you know what I prepared? Ta-da. Look. What did this sweet dad, Jooho prepare for them? Look. Guess what I prepared for you guys. As Naeun and Gunhoo will be away for a while, he prepared memory photos of their one year and five months on the show. Gosh, I remember the episodes with these photos. I remember all the episodes for each photo. Wow, guess what this is. – They are photos of Gunhoo and me. / – That’s right. (A trip down memory lane with Gunhoo and Naeun) – I’m in the photos too. / – Dad. You too. That’s from the first episode we filmed together. – I made a lot of memories that day. / – Right. – Do you remember this day? / – Yes, I do. What did we do on our first day? The spinning thing. Right. We got on the Ferris wheel. – Right? / – Yes. – And I got on the horse. / – Right. – She remembers it all. / – You remember that? (August 19, 2018, their first episode) (It’s Poo Poo.) She’s so cute. (What’s your brother’s name?) (It’s My Brother.) That was when I became Mr. Silly. Gosh, she’s beautiful. (One year and five months ago,) (the loveliest girl, Naeun joined our show.) (A genius child who speaks four different languages) (Her language proficiency impressed everyone.) She’s a language genius. (She was mature enough to look after Gunhoo.) (To Gunhoo, Naeun was an angelic sister.) She’s an angel. (To Jooho, she was the loveliest daughter.) (She was always bright.) – Everyone went crazy. / – Dad. (Dad, are you still scared?) I’m less scared now. A tiny bit less. (Naeun shared her love and touched people’s hearts.) She’s always been precious. Right. I had a hard time on our first day together. – This one. / – Gunhoo is so cute. Do you think he’s cute? That’s when he got mad for the first time. Right! (It’s a symbolic day for me.) – Try to copy him, Naeun. / – Let me see. “No!” Right. You remember that. Right. So she remembers that. He yelled and screamed, right? (His series of angry moments) (is the first thing people remember.) (This innocent baby, Gunhoo was mad for the first time) (when his ice cream was taken from him.) (Hey. You.) (Three different levels of rage) (When someone says no to his offer,) (Gunhoo starts getting mad.) (What do you think you’re doing?) (And the legendary moment of his rage) He started to express his feelings. (Exploding with fury) Look at his hand. (When the song stops playing…) (No!) What is it? (This isn’t right!) (I can’t focus.) (I can’t!) Look at this one. Look at his mouth. He’s so mad. Right. Just like that. – This scene is famous too. / – That’s right. It takes three seconds for them to make up. This scene is so famous. (Gunhoo became a big boy who can apologize right away.) He’s adorable. (These angry memories ended on a good note.) He said, “I can’t!” (Is it funny?) Look at this one! This was the first time I lost my bag. – I cried then. / – Right. (They rushed to get off the train on their Busan trip.) – She left her bag on the train. / – My bag! – Oh, no. / – My bag. (It was when he lost Naeun’s bag.) (This scene broke the viewers’ hearts.) My heart broke too that day. – My heart was shattered too. / – Oh, no. (It’s making me sad too.) – Look. Gunhoo, pick your favorite. / – This. (Let me see.) – I like this one. / – That? You had so much fun at the kids cafe that day. He made history at that kids cafe. (After the time when he crawled on fours…) He used to crawl on all fours. (After he started walking for the first time…) – Good job. / – Yes. (Gunhoo showed an incredible speed.) – He was so fast. / – Gunhoo. – The strength comes from his ankles. / – Gunhoo. (After entering the kids cafe…) (He upgraded into an energizer.) (He runs wherever and whenever.) As long as he has his radish ankles, – he can go everywhere. / – That’s right. That’s right. (It’s a secret that) (he couldn’t overcome the cypress playroom.) (And there’s one more!) We have to mention this one. (Another charm of mine is…) It’s his hairstyle. (Another charm of mine is my hairstyle.) Look at his natural curls. (When he puts up his hair,) (it looks like an apple.) (I’m sorry that I’m too pretty.) (And here’s another one.) (It made the viewers’ hearts skip a beat.) Yes, this. The pigtails. (Park Gunhoo: Pigtails of Ulsan) (Chuckling) – Look at the blush of his cheeks. / – Right. There’s the messy hairstyle. He looks great with his hair up. I know, right? (Now he looks boyish too.) Now he looks like an older boy. There’s one more. Naeun, you bought sikhye and food for the uncles. Do you remember that? (What do you need?) Seriously. Naeun brought them food. My goodness. (This is carrot.) – I wanted to be a cameraman / – I am full. for the first time ever. (Naeun is a good daughter who takes care of her dad.) – She is a good daughter / – It stings a little. who takes care of her dad well. (When her dad is in pain…) (I am crying.) Anyone would love her. (Should I make an ice pack?) (You got hurt again.) (It’s because I like you.) (Thank you, Dad.) (Dad, look at me. I love you.) My goodness. (Dad, look at me. I love you.) I love you. (Naeun is the best daughter.) I wonder where she learns to speak so sweetly. Naeun and Gunhoo, we made so many memories. These puppies sat inside the tent with Gunhoo. That’s right. They protected Gunhoo. Look at this photo! It was in Switzerland. You played with Uncle Kwanghee in Switzerland. – They have memories with Kwanghee. / – These are from the All-star Game. – I love all of them. / – Really? – I love all of them. / – Naeun, do you remember this? When you became 100cm tall, I got praised. – That’s right. / – Do you remember? – Naeun became 100cm tall. / – I like all of them. – Look at this one. / – It’s the day – I made thorough preparations. / – This one and… He was sloppy and scares easily. (He was easily scared and sloppy.) But he always saved Gunhoo and Naeun like Superman. (Help me, Superman!) (Here comes Dad!) I will touch the waves. (Gunhoo and Naeun’s hero) Like a younger sibling and a friend, Jooho sweetly embraced his children with love. (Jooho was the sweetest dad in the world.) She is happy. It’s pretty, right? Firstly, I visited many places with my children. The happy moments I had with the children and their growth were caught on the camera. It was really nice. – All right. / – ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ What is going on? – ♪ Happy birthday, dear Dad ♪ / – My goodness. – What is that? / – I’m tearing up. – It’s your birthday. / – Is it my birthday today? I won’t be here on your birthday. Are you serious? – Is that why? / – They are celebrating it early. (They prepared a surprise birthday present.) (Happy birthday) (Dear Dad) They are so cute. (Dad, we love you.) Thank you for everything. – We will see you again. / – Okay. We will meet you again.


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