Duncan Casey: “It is all about the spirit ”

(Speaking in French to the press was)
Definitely the most stressful (part of the day) Definitely there is work for my brain. I don’t know about that. I think everyone would prefer that the wins
were a bit more straightforward than against Vannes and here today. So, I don’t know if I’m good luck or bad
luck. We just did not start with enough intensity
and energy. Against team like Montauban, it is very very
difficult to keep them under control, if you don’t start with the level of intensity
they bring. They have been on top of the table for nearly
the whole season. The have big aspiration like us to play in
the Top 14 next year. They are a very good unit. They work very well together. And you have to start well. We did start well in the second half. And it just shows how much the first 5 or
10 minutes of each half can have an influence on the game. If you were watching the game in the first
half, we were 18-6 down, you probably would have thought that we were out of the game at that point. Because Montauban were on top so much. But after 50 minutes, we were back in the
game. And we were in control at that point. It was all about the spirit. Like I said already, plenty of time, it is
all about the spirit. Very good. I love playing in France. We don’t get that kind of atmosphere back
home every week. Even in a smaller stadium like Vannes, two
weeks ago, they made so much noise. It really gives you a lift, I think. Especially coming from a different country,
the atmosphere gets you going. And even more today. Supporters are excellent. They make noise all the time. It’s different to back home. They are very very passionate all the time. I really enjoy it.

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