Another video for the channel, I’ll show you today.
a part of a gameplay, I’ll show this level
that the game has arrived, this level is the most
difficult game, that’s why I solved
bring to you, I could only play the game.
at this level only once, then the game is back
to be easy again, so I decided to show you how
would be the game in a more difficult mode, this game is the end of the event, I thought it would make it easy
I even won from other teams, observe this marking, they are always in
top up missing, I touch the ball to try to open
their defense, but I can not, there’s always someone
following my players, they are fast,
are playing the ball fast, you see that almost made the goal, if I do not get the ball back
they had made the goal, these very good ball touches, sorry happened
only 1 time it, it made the game more difficult, but I still
almost did not reach the goal, look at the ball touches of this team, kicked heel,
luck that my goalkeeper has scored, this happened at an event, I found it strange
difficulty being very high, Look how the ball touches this team, kicked in the goal and my goalkeeper caught, the opposing team attacked a lot,
my team attacked little, I was with Bayern Munich,
I used the original skills, see that they see up,
almost make a goal in the game, the team is very strong, I ended up missing a
pass and taking goal, the marking was very strong,
here was the extension, after taking the goal I did not
I managed to pass the opposing defense, I faced Barcelona and Real Madrid, no team had so much
difficulty in this, if the difficulty of the game was
always this way would be very different, so I decided to show
for you this, something happened
that the game stayed like this, after that match the
game returned to normal, God bless the
life of each one of you, until the next video
and stay with God, I went.

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