David Beckham: Prince Harry Is ‘Growing Into A Great Father’ | TODAY
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David Beckham: Prince Harry Is ‘Growing Into A Great Father’ | TODAY


  • Cookies n Cream

    Prince Harry is a passionate,warm & generous human being.He's a true humanitarian. I admire how he protects his family. He's a great father & husband.

  • JC House of Bourbon

    It's wonderful how Harry is giving up his "brand" for Meghan and child. What? Meghan still wants the "brand" not the work? oh….

  • hi

    Megan you mixed mutt with no real identity . You ruined the Royal Family you nasty vile thing. You are a two time divorcee who slept with many many men to get acting roles in hollywood. Don't let her constant fake smile fool you. She only married this funny looking fake ginger boy prince for his Royal status. She will always be the Duchess of my backside.

  • Kevin Escobar

    Huge David Beckham fan!:) everyone in LA knows Football bigger then Baseball now, we never talk about it compared to el traffico or MLS

  • F Feller

    Harry may be a great father and husband. Nevertheless, he is an atrocious grandson, son, nephew, brother and cousin. Karma will get Harry and Meghan, when Archie grows up and is estranged from all his relations. The Markle celebrities will be dead and gone, when Archie will need family support.

  • Pat d

    "Wow, this is what are dad built". H & M have the same sentiment. However, most Brits don't appreciate Royal hierarchy inequities: H & M worked as hard as W & K. However, W receives a Duchy. H receives an allowance. However, this is 2020, "Spares" no longer have to depend on first borns for livelihood. H & M can be fin'l independent, instead.

  • Idalina Oliveira

    David beckmann, one of the greatest soccer player watch you plenty of times
    I heard you coming back
    David thank you for sticking up and standing up for Harry
    Harry is one of the best
    A true husband, doesn't cheat on his wife, a great father
    Harry is just a genuine and a compassionate man
    So glad David that he took his family out of the UK country
    The country it's full of masks and lies. And behind those masks and lies is called the royal family and the Royal reporters
    Harry and Meghan are internationally loved
    Something that the royal family is jealous of
    Live laugh love Harry and Meghan cuz you two are the best royal couple
    You two are impeccable exquisite and phenomenal
    Your beauty lies inside out
    Your compassionate
    You're not fake your real
    And helping others in need is what you do best
    Harry and Meghan forever

    Beckham's and mountbatten-windsor
    Best parents
    I want to thank Caitlin Weaver from The New York Times
    A journalist and one of the best reporters from New York USA
    Thank you for reporting the truth finally the world watch your report

    Caitlin your reporter is phenomenal
    Thank you for letting the world know that Kate and William buy Instagram followers
    Known as Bolts

  • Rita Usua

    Long live Harry, Maghan and Archie. Reasonable Men and Women all over the testify your kind heart and off course with an intelligent wife, hard working woman beside you what else will a man want. May God bless you and May all who speak the truth and stand by Harry and Maghan remains bless.

  • Karen Hicks

    Your such a good friend to Harry iam proud of you and your family your a fantastic person and father too love you and your wife too thank goodness Harry and Megan has a great couple to support them lam so proud of you all good luck to you all love your support for people David your an amazing person thank goodness the world has you and wife love your family morales

  • Khemt291223

    I didnt like David when he began to be shown with Utd. At his beginnings.
    I used to say, he wants to show off and as hes the Spice Girl Fiancé !
    But few months before 2002 WC, I read a sports magazine about him and I realized that hes in fact a great guy !Devoted to his family, simple !He's a great dad and one can see he educated his kids well !
    Harry will be a great dad !Emotional and friendly Harry will be the New King of hearts !
    I was emotional the way he mentioned Kobe

  • elia de niro

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  • Gio N

    While his wife schemes and bullies a 93 year old women. She gave her a 61 million dollar wedding, more than anyone and still she feels like she's entitled to more. My country canada is booting them out, they can pay their own way, isnt that what they wanted? To be independent? Almost 3million dollars we spent for these greedy fools because our PM went to the same elite schools together. We have homelessness and sickness here how dare they feel entitled to a foreign country's tax dollars. They act like spoiled babies asking everyone for money. Those petulant children even have a go fund me page. Man, the audacity of these fools. I would be humiliated if i were harry. Pay your own way, give canadians our money back and while your on it, grow some balls.

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