David Beckham on His Commitment to Youth Soccer in the U.S.
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David Beckham on His Commitment to Youth Soccer in the U.S.

We’re back with David Beckham. And so you’re now– so you’re retired from soccer. But you decided you
love soccer so much that you want to own a team. So now you own your
own soccer team. I do. Was that a dream? It’s a real dream. You know, obviously when
I was playing the game, I never even dreamt
for a minute that I’d become an owner of a team. I always wanted to have
a legacy in the game. It’s important to me,
and also to my family, for my kids to walk
into that stadium that we’ve built in 20 years
time and say, Daddy built this. That’s something that I
wanted to really have. And it was just
about giving back. And yesterday when I was in
the stadium for our first game, it just really felt
that this was the moment that I’d always wanted. I had young kids coming up
to me– boys, girls saying, the reason why we play this game
is because you came to America. And that’s what I always
wanted from coming to America. Obviously I wanted
to win championships. But more importantly I
wanted to provide something that most places that
I’ve played in has– a real kind of legacy and a
real opportunity for children to play this great game. Yeah. Well, good for you. I’m so happy. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. I mean, it’s one
thing to play a sport that you love and
are passionate about and that you’re brilliant at. And then when you
retire, there’s all these business
opportunities. But to actually stay
within something that you love and achieve
that and grow it like that. I have a question. I’m going to look at
your feet right now, and I’m going to
ask you a question. I know what you’re going to say. Well, I just learned
about this this morning, that you have a theory
that your feet have grown a full entire shoe size. Well, it’s better my feet than
my nose or my ears probably. But yeah, my feet
are still growing. They really are. Since when? Well, when I used
to play, which was– I stopped playing
seven years ago. I used to have size 9 and 3/4. That was the size
of my boots that I used to wear in the games. Now, I’m a US 11. I just can’t understand it. Are you retaining water? Possibly. Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe that’s the reason. All right, well,
I got you a gift because I heard about this,
and you’re a stylish guy. And so I got you something
that when your feet grow– look. That’s not a natural
thing, surely. Yeah. No, that’s natural. That’s a good gift. Thank you for that. No matter what happens, you
can wear these cool shoes. Yeah, thanks. All right. More with David after this.


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