David Beckham Hints at Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Joining His Soccer Team
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David Beckham Hints at Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Joining His Soccer Team

-David Beckham right here! [ Cheers and applause ] The new owner —
The new owner and president of soccer operations
of the Inter Miami CF. This is a major deal.
-Yeah. You know, I’m very proud of
being an owner of my own team. You know,
I’m from the East End of London, so to say that I’ve had
the career that I’ve had, obviously playing for some
of the teams I’ve played for and now being an owner of a team
here in the U.S., it’s really exciting.
-It’s really cool. -Yeah.
-Did you ever think as a player that you would ever be an owner?
-No, never. You know,
I loved playing the game. But to be honest,
I never really wanted to go into being a manager
or really a coach. So obviously, to have the
opportunity to be an owner, especially
in a city like Miami — You know,
Miami’s an incredible city. -Oh, it’s so much fun.
[ Cheers ] -I mean, they’re always
having fun in Miami. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Apparently. -Yeah, oh, everywhere.
Even if you go to Starbucks at 6:00 in the morning, there’s
a conga line going in there. [ Laughter ] It’s so fun.
There’s rumors out there that you were trying to get
Messi and Ronaldo to come play for —
-Yeah. -Is that true?
-Well, you know what? We’ve — We’ve got great
opportunities down in Miami, and we’ve been contacted
by a lot of different players with possibly
coming to join the team. You know, as any owner, you
really want the best players. And if we have the opportunity
to bring in players like Cristiano or Lio Messi — You know,
I’ve got such admiration for both of them as athletes. If we could bring
those players in, then great. But at the moment, you know, we
have a great roster of players, young players, a couple of
experienced players, as well. But a lot of young players
that are just ready to play. And one of the things I always
learned from Sir Alex Ferguson, who I used to play for
at Manchester United, he’d turn around to me,
and he said, “Whoever you bring in, you know, they have to be
the right fit for the club.” It’s not about bringing
the biggest name or the biggest personality
or biggest player. It’s all about the player
that will fit in best with the players, and,
you know, that’s what we’ll do. But like I said, you know,
as an owner, if you want to bring
these players in, then we have
a great opportunity. -Now, do you have a —
Is there a stadium yet? -We have a stadium. We have a training facility
down in Ft. Lauderdale. So, that’s exciting. You know, we only broke ground
on the stadium, our facility, 10 months ago. So there’s a lot been done
in 10 months, which is incredible,
because it took seven years to get to this point.
-Seven years? -I announced it —
Seven years ago, I retired. And then, two days after that,
I flew to Miami, announced that we were
doing the team in Miami, and I thought, “Two years, we’ll be up and running.
I’ll have a team.” Fast-forward seven years,
we’re there. -Yeah, like eight LEGOs,
done, completely. [ Laughter ]
You’re like, “All right.” Your wife’s like,
“Get something going, honey. Uh, let’s go.”
Yeah. And your first match
is this weekend? -First match is this weekend
in L.A. against LAFC. -Oh, I know LAFC.
-Yeah. -You know why? One of the owners
of that is Will Ferrell. -Yeah, Will.
Will’s a great guy. I love watching him
in the stands because he’s obviously very funny,
but he’s so animated with, you know, the support
that he gives to his team. And I love — I love that. And, hopefully, I’ll be
bumping into him this weekend because there will be
a bit of banter, I’m sure. -Oh, my gosh.
That would be fantastic. Well, I want to say good luck,
and come back. -Thank you.
-And, yeah. Maybe I’ll go to Miami.
I’ll check out a match. -You should, you should.
-That’d be fantastic. -You’re more than welcome.
-Thank you, brother. [ Cheers and applause ]
-David Beckham.


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