Crashing a Beluga Whale Party | Best Job Ever
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Crashing a Beluga Whale Party | Best Job Ever

NANSEN: I’m here on
Somerset Island, Nunavit. Located about 500 miles
above the Arctic Circle, and this is my office!
I love this place. It’s a harsh land but
it’s a great land. It’s not always easy, if you
can brave the snow, the ice
and the cold temperatures, well you’re going to
get amazing rewards. I’m here to photo identify
Beluga whales. They actually congregate
right behind me here. Approximately 2,000 Beluga
whales come here every summer to molt their skin, socialize,
raise their young, and it’s
just a big Beluga party. And hopefully with my photo
identification we can identify
the whales that return to Somerset Island every year,
and their patterns in and out
of the bay. This is important because the
Northwest Passage is opening up, and there will be more ship
traffic, and special places like
this won’t be here forever. So, it’s important we
study these whales and
make sure they’re safe. Captioned by
Cotter Captioning Services.

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