Como licenciar todas as logos no Dream League Soccer 2019
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Como licenciar todas as logos no Dream League Soccer 2019

Another video for the channel, Today I will teach to license all
the logos of Dream League Soccer 2019, remembering that if you
like and enjoy the canal, let me like it in the video sign up for the channel
and turn notifications on, follow me on Instagram,
the link is in the description, I’ll leave 2 links on
description for you, 1 normal and another with
players unlocked, you choose the best
for you and click on it, when you open the link
you will expect to carry, will click there
low on Free Download, will open a page
new to you, before continuing with the video, you will click on any
white part of the page, just to open the ad, click anywhere
which is blank, just opened the ad,
close this ad tab, now you click
I’m not a robot, Solve the CAPTCHA, now you wait
or ad finish, then click
Create Download Link already loaded the other page, Let’s go down there, click in …
Click here to download, it will take a while to download, When you finish downloading
close google chrome, open the Es File Explorer, drag to the side, click android,
then in date, search your
Dream League Soccer, click and hold
on top of the folder, click Rename, add ‘as’ to the name,
click ok. we will return 1 time, click Obb, do the same thing, search the folder of your game, rename the name with ‘as’ now close or minimize
or is File Explorer, now uninstall the
Dream League Soccer 2019, click ok, now i’ll use the cellphone manager
to install the application, It’s File Explorer
You did not succeed, all phones have this
file manager, only activate it, open it, click Download, search the file
which you have downloaded, click on it, Click Install, click in
completed, close this application,
open the Es file Explorer, Click Android,
Then on date, search again
by the game folder, hold on and
click Rename, take out that
we had placed, click ok, come back 1 time,
click obb, and take out the ‘as’
of the game folder, click ok, now you close everything and open
your Dream League Soccer 2019 apparently nothing has changed,
I’ll show you, see the logos
are all the same, that’s the way it is sometimes
takes a while to appear, Let’s skip a game to
you see how you will stay, look up there,
already changed the logo, I will leave here, I’ll show you to
you all logos, see everyone
logos have been changed, rest assured that these logos do not
get out of the game as you play, I played several games
and the logos continued, God bless the
life of each one of you, until the next video
and stay with God, I went.


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