Como Desbloquear a Copa do Mundo no Dream League Soccer 2020
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Como Desbloquear a Copa do Mundo no Dream League Soccer 2020

Another video for the channel, today I will teach you how to release
the world cup in the game, does not have the name of world cup
but it simulates the World Cup very well, more i will talk more
about that in a little while, if you like and like the channel, do not forget
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for anyone who wants to follow me, continuing the video, this world cup has the
international cup name, is a cup that simulates
the world cup very well, let’s talk about what’s new in this
new version of the international cup, now the international cup has 32 teams, these 32 teams are
separated between 8 groups, 4 teams for each group, in previous versions of the game,
the championship had only 16 teams, and the championship started
straight from the round of 16, in this new version there are 32 teams, were added in the game
between 10 to 16 new teams, have many good teams as well
Portugal, France, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, Spain,
Italy, England and many other teams, Brazil is no longer in the game,
Brazil lost its license in the game, so you couldn’t
play against Brazil at DLS 2020, I want to explain to you how
you will be able to participate, first you will have to
win the legendary division, so you release
the international cup, as I said this cup simulates
the world cup very well, you will see this when you play, remembering that it is a
national team championship, that’s why I said it simulates
the world cup very well, God bless life
of each of you, until the next video
and stay with God, I went.


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