Como bater falta no canto do goleiro no Dream League Soccer 2020
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Como bater falta no canto do goleiro no Dream League Soccer 2020

one more video for the channel, today I will teach you how to hit
foul in the corner of the goalkeeper, you will have to train this a lot,
because it’s not as easy as it sounds, before continuing with the video,
I want to talk to you, if you like the channel, do not forget
subscribe to the channel, enable notifications and
leave your like in the video, my intagram will be in
description for you, so who wants to follow me,
just go in the video description, the game in the 2020 version, brought a new way
of hitting fouls, I found it very difficult, but with training
you end up learning, I wish I had
how to move the camera today we can
move game arrow, could have as
jog game camera, if you could move the camera,
it would be easier to know where to aim, this way of charging,
Ronaldinho, Messi have already done, you will kick in
same goalkeeper corner, if the goalkeeper is bad,
easier for you to score that goal in the lower divisions of the game,
it is much easier to make that goal, I will teach you how to
close miss, you will charge her creep, aim inside the beam, don’t aim at the beam
because the ball bends, you have to know with
which player charges the foul, I’m using Alexis Sánchez,
I don’t have a better player than him, he has from 78 to 80 from
kick and cross, so not a player
so good to charge absences, here we can charge with button B, aim at the corner of the beam, don’t aim too far out or
if not the ball goes out, fill the force bar,
press button B, did you see how it went
easy to make that goal, you can use the button
a to do that too, regardless of goal side, the ball always bends, so you discount
that in the distance, the further from the goal,
bigger will be the curve made by the ball, from a longer distance,
you aim at the goalkeeper’s angle, you will have to do
a curve in the kick, the ball has to go at the angle, if not at angle
it won’t be a goal you will fill from 30 to
60% of the force bar, and always aim at the corner of the beam, it doesn’t matter if the goalkeeper is
on left or right, always aim at the corner of the beam, it’s harder to do the
kick with the right force, than hit the
aim at kick time, let’s do it again, long shot aim
near the beam, fill 30 to 60%
strength bar, the charges and kick height,
may vary by player, it’s a very beautiful goal,
it’s a big news of the game, this is a tip for you, I won’t be talking
a lot about it, because I know many
will not succeed, and they will say it’s my fault, will think that doing this is easy, But it’s too hard,
have to train a lot, I hope you enjoy the video, when the video hits 2 thousand I liked it, I will do part 2, knocking over the barrier, from far and near, God bless life
from each of you, until the next video,
God be with me, I went.


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