College Football Playoff & Bowl Games Pt 3 (Ep. 769) – Sports Gambling Podcast
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College Football Playoff & Bowl Games Pt 3 (Ep. 769) – Sports Gambling Podcast

Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast.
Sean stack in the money game with my partner and picks Ryan real money. Kramer what’s happening
came dog man with cream dog Christmas. Well you know I don’t know about Mary Kramer
dog Christmas but Mary Mary Kramer this almost happy a happy new year.
And once again I’m noticing right now I’m gonna get a turn then I get a stiff neck right
now. So I got to turn the neck all the way around
to look at. Although technically I just have to look at my computer to look at Shawn to
see Shawn’s beautiful face. He’s way behind me because once again someone puts their personal
travel schedule ahead of the podcast. How was your cry Shawn Christmas was great.
Yeah. Was up in the beautiful Fresno area. Hanging out in a lot came to in Fresno. Top
notch five stars get to hang out with the nieces and then flew back to the east coast
where yeah where I’m broadcasting in my dad’s office here and yep lot of eagles talk a lot
of hype breaking down the Eagles. But enough about our holidays right. Joining us for the
college football playoff preview and part three of the bowls. We haven’t even got like
20 bowl games left and the college football playoffs. So of course in studio as always
to talk college football. Colby Dan a.k.a. the database.
What’s up guys. How does it feel over there. COLBY Oh you’re in the big dogs.
I know I’m feeling better I’m healthier spent Wow went to Kaiser Permanente finally use
that health insurance for the first time in 10 years.
How about that. COLBY I don’t recall you. So you have health insurance and yet you went
what did you say 26 days of the sore throat before going to a doctor. I did. How was the
experience. It was horrible. I should’ve just went to
Mexico. You know much better much better planning because I get the Kaiser and they tell me
it’s gonna be a three hour wait before I see somebody at the urgent care. They recommend
that I sit in this room with like 50 sick people which I don’t do. I stand outside of
that sick room because you know I saw the outbreak right.
But I’m out. I’m outside of also. COLBY You are the guy who has had a sore throat for
26 days so they’re probably thinking the same thing like Who is this guy that’s coughing
everywhere. Wow. We didn’t even have to tell him to quarantine himself. He just went right
outside. Patient Zero database. So look I’m out there I’m watching these people
sitting in there like you know like they’re sitting in the incubator right. And I’m sitting
there on the outside and some guy sees my genius idea and he does the same thing. Mm
hmm. Skye a little overweight oh got his arm in a slink and Slinky. You know what I mean.
And he’s got a big big padding on his elbow. He comes up to me starts talking. I don’t
really want to talk cause I got a sore throat. Of course he asked me how I’m doing. I don’t
answer and he jumps right into telling me about his problem. He says Yeah man I got
bit by my parent about a month ago and oh I don’t think I cleaned it good enough. And
now my whole body is infected. Right. And at this point I sat there and I looked at
everyone I was like Maybe I should get the fuck out of this room.
Urgent care urgent care no go. That’s how outbreak starts. It’s a fair unclean paired.
Well and urgent care. Hold on hold on urgent care waiting rooms
are not exactly a place where you’re looking to make small talk. So there’s also that element
of like well the kind of person who’s willing to make small talk in a medical facility waiting
room with like his arm up like. Look dude you should’ve gone after day six.
That’s your loss. No no no. I went to Mexico because look I
feel like it’s always like that they’re all right. And then once they see me after three
hours it took like 30 seconds so I go Yeah. You probably have strep throat Here’s some
antibiotics. But the way that works in Mexico is you just
go to the pharmacy and buy it. And that’s what I don’t exactly know.
Here you go do you go to CBS mini clinic and yeah. But yeah no problem.
I thought you had problems with CBS and Walgreens. I do it now. That’s a it’s come full story
so full full circle. I was making a last second dash to the Walgreens to to buy all my Christmas
cards and I have a bunch of Christmas cards and they bring them up to the counter and
not really paying attention. And then the guys like clicking through like scanning scanning
and then he’s like Oh hey how’s your day going. And I look up and I it’s what they’ve moved
him off the photo slash package area and he’s down and check it out. So it’s just a solid
two minutes. Just super uncomfortable. Me and one and then Ryan I’ll have you know I
was the bigger man even though one is much bigger not muscle but in gross fatness.
But you just I want this to be a Christmas bonus you give a little Christmas gift.
I like it. I looked at him and I said Merry Christmas. And he laughed.
I love it. I love it you’re still shopping at this place because it’s for me like they
burn me once. I’m not coming back normally. Normally I do I have a blacklist of stores
that are just I’m never going back in. But you also have to be realistic I mean the Walgreens
is super convenient and there’s nowhere else I’m gonna be getting these last second Christmas
cards that I didn’t plan ahead at all to get. So yeah it’s Walgreens is you know they’re
always gonna be there. So. Let’s pull back the curtain a little bit
more you show you like this. You like do you like this masochistic type that you like and
beat up a little bit but it makes you feel big again.
Oh no you can’t shove someone in a locker until someone presents themselves to be shoved
in a locker. But I am surprised knowing Shaun that he’s
back shopping they’re like for me Kaiser Permanente is off my list unless I get bit by a fucking
parrot. But there’s you know the point is that Sean
likes Sean likes having one he likes to relish in it. Know I’ve never I’ve known Sean for
almost 15 years and he’s always had a one in his life for that period of time.
I do I do like I do like mixing it up you’re right. I’ll get to that. I like it. Hey every
good team has a rival and you need it. You need a different rival to get up for these
big games. And also he knows it’s great content for the
show so he probably felt bad that he was going out of town once again during football season
and he’s like I got come up with some content let me go shop buddy.
He totally McChrystal didn’t throw him an extra dollar to do well and that was the other
thing. It seems like one must have learned you’re
a comedian now. He immediately laughed at your job.
All right guys let’s. Before we hop into the bull picks let’s get a little contest to talk
about. We didn’t have the winner because it was still up for grabs for week 16 of the
NFL season. The pretty road football contests presented by bad spurts and shout out to whites.
Hola. Or I don’t know. White Shola. Whatever that name is. They went 13 and 2 so congratulations.
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pick master is in a commanding lead right now 137 D Hoffman fifty five 132 NFL pickles
131 niggles bagels nipping at the heels 128 and Chris Puig 41 28 and a racer 1 2 1 128.
Rounding out the top is M. Freeman 5 on twenty seven and co Juggalo won twenty seven so pick
M. out to a big lead that week seventeen gonna be tough make sure you check out or week seventeen
NFL picks podcast and this is a we’re talking college football here but we’re also running
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pick him through play ball too and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be it’s great. Easy
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already lost my money ball. I spend it on Marshall and seven and a half dollars. Great
spot. Was that but a shout out to be grace right
now in the lead with 11 and then we got four guys tied for second right now at 10 so still
anyone’s game lot of ball games left. And of course the college football playoffs as
well included in there. OK. And let’s do it. Let’s talk about the College Bowl picks against
the spread. We’re going to pick up with the cotton Yeah
Cotton Bowl but before we do get a shout out to our presenting sponsor my bookie got a
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your first deposit let’s do it. Cotton Bowl December 28 9:00 a.m. West Coast
kick. Arlington Texas Memphis squared off against Penn State Penn State right now minus
seven favorite minus to sixty five in the morning like Memphis plus to fifteen total
sit and 60 and a half. Colby what do you do it.
I’m on Penn State here in Memphis. Mike Norville their head coach was going to
say it’s not a big deal. Yeah there isn’t that with the higher of the offseason. Yeah
yeah. Don’t you feel you’re going to fade that hardcore.
And I think Penn State is the better team Memphis and you know they’ve already lost
to one school in Pennsylvania this year and that was a temple the tar kicked out of them
by a physical Temple team. Well that’s good right. They are good. But I but I feel like
Penn State is just much more physical than Memphis is. And then you take away there that
the brains of the offense. Mike Norville that would be my concern. I
also think that they’ve probably not. This is going to be one of those situations where
we’re going to see a. Oh yeah. Penn State’s and a big conference situation here. I think
Memphis will eventually this this game will be like them climbing a mountain and at some
point they’re going to slip and fall they’re going to fall down by 10 maybe 10 17 points
and that’s going to be that could be a blowout alert right here.
Blow out. Well at this game we had a real playoff or Norvell would then stay at men.
This would then be a game. Well you know that’s a good point because I think for our I think
we’re gonna have lots of time to discuss this on our next on the college football national
championship preview when we walk through our actual what the playoff could have been
but that’s something we’ve got to talk about. What do these coaches do when they get hired.
Do they stick around for the playoff run. How about. Well yeah.
Brian Kelly had an undefeated Cincinnati team he dipped out. That’s why he’ll forever be
a piece of shit in my book. It does seem like a bitch move. Like how can
you ever be a coach that preaches like commitment here or are you all in gentlemen.
This is a war. Oh hold on aging closed the deal. I’m gonna get at it. We’re going into
a battle. Well you look to the man to the right woman to the left that is a man you’re
going to be in a foxhole with. OK. Hold on. It’s lot of guaranteed money the buyout get
taken care of. All right. Can’t. Best of luck. I mean you should make it a rule. When we
were in a beautiful poem in Washington and on the campus of Washington state where the
people glorious tour of the facilities tour of the glorious facilities I should say one
of the things Coach Leach has up there is that interest is talking about something commitment
is doing. So how could you ever be a coach if you’re
even this mike Norville character. I guess you got to get started with your recruiting
but stay the coach anyway. Penn State minus Scott Frost did it right.
He stayed at UCI for the final game before that too.
And dare I say this but the only the only angle here that I would be worried about is
the motivation which is the bigs. Penn State stoked to be at the Cotton Bowl probably a
big enough it’s a big enough ballgame where I think it doesn’t matter so I’m not I don’t
want. I don’t throw give it away early but this this was one of the first games that
popped off I spent way too much time talking about this and Sean hasn’t been picked up
yet. Give me give me Penn State all day here.
Yeah I mean there’s it’s pretty easy. I mean Penn State is just much better towel wise.
I do think they’ll be motivated. I do think this Penn State team thinks that they should
have been kind of in the playoff and you know kind of in the mix there and certainly we’re
right on the edge. So I do think they’ll be they’ll be super motivated plus Sanders breaking
out of the NFL possible offensive rookie of the year they’re going to want to honor his
legacy with a great bowl win here at the Cotton Bowl. COLBY You do not to digress much farther
but you make a great point. If there was a legit college football playoff we wouldn’t
have to worry about a player sitting out and be coaches not coaching because I think if
you’re in the playoffs you would would fix. We kind of kill two birds with one stone there.
That’s all right. Iowa State squares off against Notre Dame in what is known as the Camping
World Bowl in Orlando Florida Notre Dame minus three and a half Iowa State plus 145 in the
money line Notre Dame minus 170 total center fifty five. Colby what are you doing in this
camping world bowl. I will. I believe these teams have never played
each other so long. I’m going to ride the Cyclones here to get up Matt Campbell big
time coach underrated. You don’t think Notre Dame is going to be
up for the camping world bowl or beautiful or land.
Exactly. I think I state say going to excited to be there. This program’s headed in the
right direction Campbell staying in Ames. So give me the points and the cyclones catch
in three and a half. I like the spot for them it seems a bit obvious.
Honestly it’s too obvious. It’s almost too. Yeah I don’t see I don’t see why. I don’t
really get why Notre Dame is going to be interested in this game like especially as you point
out Bryant. I don’t know what Brian Kelly’s Bowl record is off the top of my head. I don’t
think it’s good. I don’t know. It’s not my. I mean look I know that my Hokies I know not
Cincinnati that’s true. That’s true and I know he’s been a terrible
in the postseason. If you want to call it that the Invitational and when they played
bam I think he did beat LSU one year. Yeah one of these coaches is scrappy and performs
really well as an underdog. Yeah I’m one of them. Uh is he gonna have his team up to travel
to Orlando to play in the camping world. How about you buddy.
Yeah. I’m going back and forth I think. Yeah I’m actually going to go to Notre Dame. I
of I like Didi contrarian favorite here at minus three and a half. I think they’re gonna
be able to move the ball in then and I do think. Yeah I don’t know. I guess it’s just
a gut gut handicapper shown up here. I do think.
I do think Notre Dame shows up Iowa’s state is just not great against the spread. One
in four yes in their last 5 games so yeah. They’ve they’ve performed certain times but
not as a not as a dog in three and a half point dog and Brian Kelly let’s see he’s 4.
Oh yeah. Looking at like and for last. Last 8 here at Notre Dame in bowl games so
we’ll see. But I do think it’s I don’t know I don’t think they get up for the idea of
the camping world bowl but I do think that they’re playing you know they’re playing.
I would stay which is decent program so it’s a nice pick on us on a Saturday. Yeah yeah
you’re right. It’s a spectacle. I know you’re IRA your guilt is drawing you to Notre Dame.
Yes. I late. Yeah. My Irish roots won’t allow me to. Go against Notre Dame.
Right. What do you do. You’re the old guy on the porch. I know they have academic standards.
No really going to help them by moving over to the first. The first responder bill Ryan
company with his first sound effect didn’t even get database intro for the database sound
effect. Well what you’re pulling back the current
through forum. Yes if you’re on YouTube you won’t hear it but if you’re listening to the
podcast you heard the dead to be sound effect and you heard the NFL music or whatever music
I decide to put under the my book you read because that’s the beauty of post-production.
Well the first responder ball kicks off at nine thirty a.m. December 30th. West Coast
time and in horrifically ugly Dallas Texas Western Michigan squares off against Western
Kentucky in the battle of the West minus three and a half for Western Kentucky minus 160
Michigan Western Michigan plus one thirty five and twenty nine plus fifty four on the
total. What is the first responder ball game. What do you get like a. One of those fire
axes like what do you what do you give a first responder ball game participant.
Well actually funny you ask. You get a parkland duffle bag a football a nine line apparel
patriot athletic wear. Okay very cool.
This is what every kid wants a football. It made the sports illustrated five worst
swag bags for this year’s ball policy. So it was the number one word swag bag. Oh poor
first responder first responders. They need them. They need cool stuff bank
about it. Well I think they figured it was too it was
two schools that are named after states that don’t exist so maybe that was why. Maybe it’s
because serve pro what do they do for a living they call unclog pipe. I mean yeah. What are
they going to give out some sludge to clear your drain anyway. Call me in real quick before
people are freaking out screaming at their earbuds that we’ve skipped the the most important
games the semifinal of the College Football Playoff. We will be talking about that later.
Invitation Yeah invitation. I’ll say that for the end. Yeah. It wishes
the wreckers versus the Broncos. Rapid Fire. I’m on I’m on Western Kentucky
here. Hill toppers I think they’re the better team. I know they have Clay Hilton’s brother
coaching. I know that that’s a thing I should be scared of but Western Michigan and Tim
Lester luck they’ve had a good year considering they’ve had some injuries their most explosive
player is out for the year so I I just think Western Kentucky actually kind of flew under
the radar this year surprised me. I think they’re the better team. Give me the hilltop
minus the three and a half points in Dallas. So if there’s one thing I’ve learned about
all season this year especially motivation is the only thing that matters. And if you
can unlock that you’re gonna be a rich person who has the motivation edge here.
Kobe I got to say Western Kentucky I kind of I kind of agree with horrible last year
and past two years and I kind of agree with you. Although westward to Western Michigan
is kind of on the up and coming like maybe this is a real program kind of thing right.
Yeah but I feel like they go bowling almost every year.
Going to a ball matters for Western Kentucky is where I was getting to was taking the long
route. I was I was cruising down the pole taking back roads instead of doing the four
or five there but I think Western Kentucky backwards. Not only do I think this game matters
more I do think there’ll be more. They’ll be well represented we’re agreeing a lot.
Kentucky not as far from Dallas as the common man would think.
And and last thing I’ll say which we kind of buried the lead. These no one’s excited
about the swag they’re receiving here so I’m also gonna go Chuck give me Western Kentucky
give me the hill toppers I believe is what Yeah.
The Hilltop. Great name great fucking name. What do you think. Can I give you one last
thing. Also the name of my kid’s elementary school the hilltop. Nice. Let’s go.
Well Ducky nice little. Well when the superfans show up at the kid’s elementary school right.
Yeah. I’m assuming there’s a couple of hilltop or
so off the phone Well here’s the thing. This is it is very easy to handicap and that
is the western Michigan Broncos they’ve played in 11 ballgames.
They’ve only won one of that western Michigan does not show up for ballgames. And if that
wasn’t bad enough they’re only one floor and one 8 yes in their last six. That is enough
for me to ride Western Kentucky moving over to the Reebok bowl. It’s actually a red box.
Kobe’s screwed that up. Oh the other Reebok site the planet size.
Right. Isn’t it my planet or something. What’s there with you.
I can tell you rapidfire a up and coming business that’s sure to be around for a long time Redbox.
December 30th 1:00 o’clock West kick. Illinois squares off against Cal and in a horrific
Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara California. Cal is a six and a half point favorite minus
forty five Illinois plus one ninety five. Go the other way. Total sitting in forty three
Cal seemingly a little bit of a home field advantage here. Tell me is that enough to
cover the six and a half. No no it’s not although I will say them hitting
their quarterback back could could really help this offense move the ball but I think
look Lovie has finally got the aligned eye in a ball game they’re getting six and a half
points they haven’t been bowling I feel like since fucking Jeff George was there but no
really they went to the Rose Bowl I know in the early 2000s with Zook but it’s been a
long time they’re playing for a winning record ended up the year start next year keep love
his job safe. Give me the ally and I plus six and a either
of you touch on the fact that one of these schools doesn’t get to go anywhere Yeah but
again and the other gets to leave Illinois and go to the post here that feels good also.
Guess Guess who showed up on number 4 on these sports illustrated best swag list. Oh the
red box ball. They get it in Tendo switch like a watch gaming headphones. Herschel supply
company backpack sunglasses. Wait wait wait. Holy shaming had fun I think. Listen the music
with you can listen to music it’s just a fancy. It means they’re probably high quality now
because gamers or they should get any of the only available for Redbox headphones. So yeah
Redbox interesting business model feels like there’s a limited potential there but maybe
they’ll pivot into something. When’s the last time you want to read books. I never. Call
me I’m not a poor person. Redbox Ellen Illinois. They’re excited to be here. I think the extra
time Lovie Smith motivation angle a lot of reasons why you take Illinois here.
Another thing is Illinois is in the Midwest. They still believe in Red Box 0 last year
half the take this game is split 50/50 on the tickets but 80 percent of the dollars
on Illinois. So yeah I’m right I’m right with Illinois.
I like to catch and 6 at that point so I think the motivation will be there. Not a good sign
for Redbox when they don’t include like a Redbox gift certificate in the swag bag. Even
Redbox knows no one wants to go to Redbox moving over to the music city bowl. Mississippi
State minus 4 against Louisville in Nashville Tennessee 130 kick. December 30th. Mississippi
State. Yeah. Minus 4 on the spread. Minus one tiny on MONEYLINE Louisville a plus 160
dog total sitting at sixty three and a half. Colby what are you doing here.
I am all over Louisville here’s one of my favorite plays I think of the bowl season.
Yeah I wish I was shocked to think they were there were this much of a dog here.
I think it’s just a classic though they’re in the SCC and I will say I guess that they’re
in Nashville so maybe more fans. I mean Louisville is not far from Nashville either though. But
I’m going to say you know geography. Yeah well I just don’t think Louisville’s fanbase
is as passionate. They haven’t you know Mississippi State. You think my husband will say it’s
you re stoked about like they’re gonna travel no matter what I think. Yeah yeah pretty much.
So the FCC is great right cool. Yeah but look. Mississippi State should not be in a bowl.
If there was a 9 conference schedule they would not be both. There haven’t been many
good teams an ad on this fact. Their quarterback is gonna miss the game because he punched
his own teammate over the past week and I believe he broke his hand.
Oh shoot. Yeah see you see if he didn’t break his hand. I’m trying.
I’m trying to remember the story I was on a lot of medication but he definitely is not
playing because he punched his teammate. What do we learn every year about the HCC
come full time. We always the ICC always gets upgraded at
ball time. Well no Miami two conferences. Miami looked like shit.
One of the one of the beat writers for Virginia Tech.
Oh man that was hilarious. Wrote himself a letter on Twitter that said
please don’t pick like please remind yourself to not pick Miami to win the Coastal next
year. No matter what I love myself it’s true that I’ve been talking about a team that just
that was my lock on the college bowl preview part 2 because of motivation you again motivation
real motivation coming back to Mississippi State Louisville. I think I expect to see
the big ten and the SCC as usual ascend during people’s opinions of them will ascend during
bowl season because we’ll see them continually out outpace the spread and here I think to
your all your points. Louis Mississippi State shouldn’t be laying
for a point there shouldn’t they shouldn’t be in a ballgame it’s kind of a tale of two
programs here. I feel like Louisville is taken off it’s about
to get much better and the scouts had a certainly on the Rangers heading down with Joe Moorhead
so I think there’s oh there’s this perpetual problem of being the worst team in the SCC
West doesn’t mean you’re a good team. You don’t I mean Arkansas. Well I’m sorry being
the second worst. I think there’s two off in this all but there in SCC school. It’s
like we have that Dak Prescott rain Dakota Prescott hasn’t been there for some time now
and that was the last time they made any noise. So let’s go and look at Mississippi State’s
offense. Only one hundred seventy six passing yards a game 226 in the rushing yard. But
Louisville’s offense is better thirty two point six seven points per game buried in
twenty seven point five eight. I think it’s crazy that they’re the dog here. I think the
wrong team’s favorite Louisville plus for all day moving over to the Orange Bowl. You
V A squares off against Florida in Miami of Florida five o’clock check on the 30th. Florida
a huge favorite of minus 14 minus six hunters Virginia plus four fifty fifty four is the
total. Oh what are you doing here. I’m all over the wall. Who’s in Bronco Mendenhall.
I. I’m still not a believer in Florida. Florida was one of the like. I understand that. I
think they’re overrated. But but they had three by weeks to FC s s e c s e c 14 points
is too much it’s too much. Virginia played South Carolina in a ballgame last year being
28. Nothing. I’m not gonna say Virginia’s gonna win this game but 14 points is too much.
I’ve just added this to my reminders to pull a SCC crowd chant as a drop that we need for
the show going forward. It’s really one of the more annoying things about the SCC right
ultra competitive college football landscape yet they all root for one another.
The worst of all for one of the worst was March Madness last year. Kentucky’s playing
like a 15 seed 15. He was playing close and Kentucky like goes on like a 10 0 run and
the crowd starts chanting SCC Oh Doyle dude you’re playing a 15 seed you’re supposed to
win this game you’re a maniac. Me and Colby both got in some good handshaking
just yesterday so hopefully someone can pull a good a good gif of us going like this. Yeah.
Listen yeah. You V.A. has a special place in my heart in terms of hatred. I still stand
by like I said I have yet to experience a time where Virginia Tech and UVA are truly
rivals because we just beat the shit out of them every year except for this year. Thank
you. Kramer FML tore all of that being said one of these teams has a great coach who will
absolutely show up in this spot as a dog and one of these teams sucks and they somehow
win over their win total. Or they push the wind horribly. I think the
9 and 3 right. Yeah I think they pushed they pushed but they’re
just perpetually a team that doesn’t get you excited they win with talent they don’t win
with coaching and they don’t win with with with skill which at this point you’re gonna
need to do something unless unless the U.S.A. team completely just falls off the ledge because
they they were the ones that drew the short straw straw and had to go get their ass beat
by Clemson. That is bullshit this game is being played
in Florida. Yeah. I mean that’s the only thing when you look
at these things again though is that a good thing or a bad thing for Florida. I just feel
like they will like here’s what I will be 80 percent. I want the database to open up
and do some research on teams ATX records when they’re not traveling from Florida Atlantic
showed up. Know they should get you home but another
thing is like we were talking Cal. Cal’s on the West Coast count. Cal fans are gonna go
down and drive an hour and a half to. It’s the Santa Clara you know Florida you
think Florida will be stoked to be there. It’s the Orange Bowl.
This is a big deal right. I think it’s a big big.
They’ll get up local up for it but I still think Virginia is good enough that they’re
going to keep this within 14 points. Yeah the numbers in Virginia is going to be exciting
for the game as well. I mean it is the Orange Bowl. It’s kind of
a primetime game it’s going to be 8:00 on the East Coast.
This is the biggest I think this is the biggest thing for the football team in 20 years. Yeah
yeah. That’s the barber’s near Yeah it’s huge. All right guys before we break down the rest
of these bowl games and to be clear if we go long it’s it’s clearly your guys as well.
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Flash s. Moving on to the belt for New Year’s Eve 9:00
a.m. kick Kentucky squaring off against the lowly Virginia Tech team.
The whole idea is to half favorites minus 140 Kentucky plus 120 going the other way.
Total sit in forty six and a half. Ryan which way is that Cramer FML two are going to play
out here is it then showing up in dramatic fashion for a pointless game like the belt
pole what happens here. You know it’s hard for me to factor that in
to the handicap here because I think that I think you first have to look at Kentucky
and identify is Kentucky. Kentucky is one of the few SCC teams that could still be stoked
for a bowl appearance regardless of what that bowl appearance is even if they’re playing
at a high noon kick on New Year’s Eve kind of a benefit. These kids want to go out and
party. Nice to get the game out of the way early.
Right. Here’s the problem. Here’s my problem with Virginia Tech. I don’t think the rest
of the. I don’t think the Virginia Tech is on board with Justin Flint being an asset.
I think he’s turned the corner in terms of his his likeability at the program I think
everyone’s pretty stoked about what he did to fill in for Bud Foster right hiring within
the former players. Guess who’s in the house now. DARRYL TAPP what happens immediately.
They bring in a four star from Texas. Yeah. At the defensive line position. They’re bringing
in legit defensive line talent that Virginia Tech’s never seen because they don’t typically
recruit they recruit guys like Darryl TAPP We’re scrappy and they get to the NFL because
they work hard not because they’re 6 foot 4 250 pounds. So something is happening here
and I got to be honest. Between the Mike Young and not reacting and firing Justin pointed
just to pay him twenty five million dollars. I think the program is bought in on this Virginia
Tech team and I think it’s disrespectful to only be letting two and a half in the backyard
of the SCC beautiful Charlotte North Carolina. Give me the keys. I got my new Virginia Tech’s
got this for quick Christmas night. I’ll be nice. I’m I’m gonna co-sign this mainly look
originally I was gonna pick Kentucky in this game but I forgot it. I forgot it’s Bud Foster’s
last game. Oh. Oh. But Foster’s said my last night last game
and then another thing to pay attention to is Kentucky is still starting Lynn bout their
third string quarterback converted wide receiver. He cannot throw the ball. So Bud Foster is
gonna stack the line. They’re gonna blitz this guy and give me give me Virginia Tech
all day on this one I like this play. Yeah I mean I’ve kind of liked Kentucky in
a couple of spots here so far this season but unfortunately after rivals Virginia Tech
I do think Kerry laid out a pretty good case as far as the motivation and that seems to
be what matters in college football. Well.
Well real quick last thing I’ll point out is if you if you’re one who follows like senior
days at Virginia Tech had a comically let five guys five seniors on this team. So that’s
another area right if you’re gonna be checked out sometimes those senior late leading teams.
Yeah and they it’s a it’s a mediocre mediocre bowl appearance maybe you check out. I think
in this case a lot of young guys. Yeah. We don’t we don’t normally record on Tuesday
mornings quote or what is today. Why. Why is the Gardner here. Who knows what’s going
on outside. Let’s move on to the Sun Bowl. The Sun Bowl.
Simmer 30 first nears Eve eleven a.m. kick in El Paso Texas Arizona State squares off
against FSU Florida State plus 160 on the money line LSU minus 190 Tolson a fifty four
and a half. Colby what are you doing here. You know strictly there there’s like 20 players
sitting out of this game because they’re going pro.
You know carmakers is sitting out Arizona State is running back wide receiver derbies
are sitting out for state corner just announced he’s not going to play so I mean there’s a
lot of players sitting out but I will say Arizona State has Jane Daniels he’s a he’s
a remarkable freshman that will be I think in the NFL in a few years and they have Herm
Edwards you play to win the game you go for the states still coach lists what’s Norvell
can’t coach until after after this game. So give me the sun devils minus the four and
a half for states shouldn’t even have been in a bowl this year.
I was going to say what’s the real quick I think I missed on this for the last game though
part of the boat ball part of the swag bag is a shopping trip to a Belk department store
Oh who’s getting excited about this what are they doing. Stop it. Listen are you both listening.
Is the audience listening us right. Florida State you hit the over on listens.
Florida State is garbage. This is the Tony the Tiger son born. Tony the Tiger is all
about effort. Right. All about slamming those sugary cornflakes in your mouth.
Another thing is El Paso is really close to war. Yes. Well those first day guys are going
to go down there get some prostitutes some blow some ecstasy you know maybe some fitness
right. It is a border town. Arizona State is much more accustomed to being
on the border. Florida is just water. The Florida State could. They’re surrounded by
cows and then water. So it’s a little safer. They’re going to be excited by this.
This is what you mentioned. You mentioned Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger and also as
Herm Edwards and I think if Frosted Flakes ever loses their spokesman Tony the Tiger
Herm Edwards would be an amazing replacement because he’s great.
Well how can you go against Herm Edwards in a bowl game. Then they’ll get up for this
game. Give me I you again. Yes. Lot of like crazy people sitting now but get in my head
I’m just going to take the guy with some big game experience like one boy Herm keeping
it on New Year’s Eve. Liberty Ball twelve forty five kid Kansas State squares off against
Navy Navy Lane two and a half the midshipmen minus 135 in the MONEYLINE case you plus 115
total sitting in fifty two and a half. Colby what are you doing here.
Brian the Wildcats Kansas state you get a month to prepare for the triple option I know
Navy’s played great this year but Kansas State underrated great first year Chris climb and
former North Dakota State head coach really exceeded my expectations under the first year
so giving them a month to prepare for the triple option I’m all about this man cave
state with the points I would just take the money lent on this case date money.
I’m going to steal this from the cover three podcasts Kobe What’s that. Military Schools.
Twelve and five against the spread this decade in bowling balls. Yeah I’m taking Navy. I
love America Kobe. Well a lot of times though they’ll love America. They’re playing you
tap love America. How about you Sean. You love America here minus.
I love America. I also love winning and I’m going to combine my two loves by selecting
Dave minus two and a half. You know army had what three decades to prepare
for the triple option didn’t stop them from getting their their shit pushed in and the
Military Bowl there or whatever you call it the Army Navy game navy is just navy is just
good men like they I don’t know. I think they’re tough to match up against. Even if you know
you know the triple options coming I just don’t know if Kansas State has the type of
players that can slow it down. I don’t think it’s not always a prep time thing. I think
it helps but I think you have to have the guys that can really defend. I don’t I don’t
think Kansas State does. Well I would also ask the one way that we’ve
seen this from history right the way that the way to take down our Navy is it’s from
a sneak attack through the air and I don’t think Kansas is going to be capable of pulling
that off against this Navy team. Skyler Tyson don’t sleep on. I was making a tasteless Pearl
Harbor joke. We went over there will be no Pearl Harbour at the Liberty.
Beautiful Arizona bowl in happening in Tucson Arizona Wyoming.
Some point favorite against Georgia State minus 260 on the MONEYLINE from Wyoming Georgia
State plus to ten total Senate forty nine. Colby what are you doing here.
I’m all over Georgia State here and I can tell you this is one of my favorite plays
really. Mainly because Wyoming starting quarterback Shawn Chambers out for the year so happened
I think when late October early November and then their backup decided to transfer.
In the past two weeks. Oh no. So now you’re on a third string quarterback so good.
You let me tell you something Shawn Chambers was their best passing quarterback and he
wasn’t a very good passer. Georgia State first time.
I mean look at this team is terrible last year Dan Ellington senior quarterback. I like
what Elliott’s doing at Georgia State. I mean I like what Bullseye what a Wyoming two but
seven points in Tucson. Give me that Georgia State Panthers to get this done I mean why
are they dogs. I mean I actually thought Wyoming was the
better team. If they had chambers even wider. Yeah. Why are they a touchdown. Dog yes. And
most importantly this is not a podcast that is going to make a living taking teams in
cowboys. So let’s say let’s not overthink it. Give us that and we love at Georgia State.
That was the head coach from March Madness right that we all. Yes yes. So let’s go with
Georgia State. He’s at Tulane now. Yeah I’m right. I’m right. Georgia State as
well. Got to feed the Cowboys especially when Jack is exposed as the fraud.
He is. Zeke’s Kyra. I mean you know this is the ironically Jason
Garrett will be coaching the Cowboys next year the Wyoming cowboys give me Georgia state
I like Wyoming passing it by Colby nailed it. Like now when the third string quarterback.
Utah squares off against Texas in the Alamo Bowl. Oh man. It’s going to be tough to fade
Texas in the Alamo Bowl for 30 kick in San Antonio. The youth seven point favorites minus
270 on the money lost Texas plus to twenty total sin fifty five. Colby what are you doing
here. I know Kyle Whittingham has an unbelievable
Bowl record but the fact that this game is being played about an hour south of Austin
Texas I’m all over Texas here. This is a tough one man. I’m all over Texas.
Doesn’t Texas just perpetually disappoint though when I feel like that Utah is kind
of already blew their season. I mean they had their chance isn’t this the
redemption like the Get Back angle isn’t this where you like a well coached team.
I don’t like a more than seven points to bounce back. I don’t like Utah outside of Salt Lake
City. I never liked the more than seven points favorite.
You’ve been holding strong with that one. Yeah. Now here’s where I struggle. I just
I really have a hard time taking Texas. I’m kind of with you but I’m going to stick to
my drug. This year my drug was Utah I thought they would make a chance they make a run at
the playoff. They fell short because of their inability to play away from home. I’m going
to go back to that drug because I just don’t see Texas. Sure I get it. There’s gonna be
lots of Texas fans here. There’s gonna be lots of Texas fans no matter
where they play especially that. That’s why I know.
Yeah and there’s there’s a lot of Texas fans and there’s a lot of Texas fans that are really
pissed at the program and want them to completely blow things up. And if you ever if you ever
bet against two against Texas it’s pretty awesome because you just fire up Twitter and
as they’re losing and not covering and just looking horrible you could just see all the
Texas fans coming out of the woodwork bitching and moaning. They’ve had a ton of money. They
really have no excuses. Utah again I think the high elevation practices give them a little
bit of conditioning because you’ve been off for a month.
I think the high elevation you know you’re practicing in high elevation can be a little
bit of a conditioning edge here. I like Kobe’s angle of Texas in Texas but
I think Utah actually is the play here minus seven. Very good team kind of fucked it up
against Oregon but in that they were very strong this season.
Moving on to the New Year’s Day bowls the Citrus Bowl 10:00 a.m. West Coast check Michigan
squares off against Alabama Bama minus seven point fare minus two sixty five on the MONEYLINE
Michigan plus 215 total sitting at 58 Colby what are you doing here.
I’m taking the Wolverines plus seven. All the money gone on Bama Bama is with the backup
quarterback. Also the motivation factor last time Mama didn’t make the playoffs. Oklahoma
whip their ass I think was the Sugar Sugar Bowl I think of memory serves me correct.
Same situation here. Michigan. Michigan’s got everything they want. Get up for this
could be a huge statement for recruiting for hardball. I expect Michigan to come out and
compete in this game and if not win it outright. Give me the seven points.
It’s now the VR B.O. Vacation Rental By Owner How citrus Move Over Move Over Air B and B
the RBA already knocking on your door already the best swag bag I’ve seen. Just because
they get a four hundred our Best Buy gift card. Wow. You can at least use that or something
useful. Yeah. I mean this is the classic like nobody has.
Who has it better than us. No buddy. Right. Yeah. This is the classic Jim Harbaugh does
something good when it doesn’t matter. Yeah and while Alabama is Alabama. If there’s
gonna be a squad that’s not motivated to show up it’s this Alabama. What worries me is it
is a big it’s a big match up Michigan. But we went to Alabama in the Citrus Bowl that
just doesn’t sound right. I’m sure their fans are very upset. We’re
going to hear a lot of as soon as you see. But let’s go with Michigan points. I’m taking
the cat. Wait a second. I told myself I wouldn’t take the khaki pants.
Hey you know what. Fuck Jim Harbaugh.
I don’t I’m not getting involved in this game. You’re right. Michigan’s the. Let’s go to
Michigan plus 7. I’m doing it again. I’m also I’m also right in Michigan plus 7.
I know I do think there is some motivation for saving the reality show. Jeff Harbaugh
in a locker here but I I. Alabama’s defense has quietly been kind of
rough lately. I mean what did they let up to Auburn. I don’t know. And you throw on
the backup quarterback angle and they’re expecting the cover seven points. Michigan. Michigan’s
gonna like lose by six points. So you’re giving Michigan plus seven. They’re going to figure
out a way to be in this game for a long time and then cover but not win the game. I kind
of see that scenario playing out Minnesota the Gophers trying to make a run at the College
Football Playoff came up short Auburn seven and a half point favorite in the Outback Bowl
in Tampa Florida. Auburn minus 270 on the money line in Minnesota plus to twenty total
sitting at 53. Call me what are you doing. I’m right in Auburn here. Look Wisconsin went
Minnesota had their chance to go to the Big Ten Championship. Johnson came into Minneapolis
and ran down their throats. Well guess what Auburn can do. They can run down your throat
because Auburn can’t really throw the ball. But then they’re very similar to Wisconsin
from an offensive standpoint but they also have maybe the best defensive line in football.
So I expect him to get after the Minnesota offense shut down the Minnesota running game
and I just think this is a bad spot for Minnesota. Give me the Auburn Tigers minus 7 happening
Auburn bulls. Meanwhile the Outback Bowl only one hundred
and twenty five dollars Amazon gift card. But you do get it Outback Steakhouse gift
card. So if you’re those bloomin onion John Madden is gonna be buying a lot of these on
the secondary market get a boomerang burger. All right. So we we discuss this all the time
travel matters. This one’s in Tampa. So we. We kind of have to take a quick deep dive
into which team which team is going to be a little bit more excited. This trip would
be amongst the strip club the capital of the world outside of Vegas.
Well I don’t think there’s much strip club attending going on as they rode the boat down
from Minnesota. You know what I think. You know who does go
to strip club Barber SCC school so you row in the boat I am rowing the boat.
How many points these dudes are definitely going to be hung over New Year’s Day in Tampa
Florida. That’s a good angle. What else are they doing. Good.
This is this is a I mean this Minnesota team was really good. Yeah they got pushed around
by Wisconsin but I mean they were kind of playing out of their minds there for a little
while. I think the time off gets them a chance to regroup. They’re gonna get fired up for
this game. I mean the Outback Bowl Minnesota’s jazz to be at the Outback Bowl. Midwest loves
outback. They’re going to be playing hard for outback. It’s also it’s seven and a half
points I mean Minnesota is a team that’s just covered spreads this year six two and one
atheist in their last nine. I mean Auburn’s been going against the spread as well. I just
think the motivations there and I think they come back and kind of I think they’re really
motivated and it does seem like not many of the public according the spread consensus
over an odd shark only 34 percent of the people are taking Minnesota at 7. Yeah it’s a seven
and a half. I love it. Seven thirty split. Do you see. You remember
when Auburn did to produce last year in the ballgame. Yeah I know I know. Brutal brutal.
You’re right. This could be one of those moments but I’m I think I’ve picked against every
FCC school so far on this show and I might continue to do so. So excellent. Except Rose
or Willow. Yeah well. I’m on Robert all right. And now we’re on to talking about Prop swap
Dad. Come. New sponsor to the podcast. But we’ve talked
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know you could be you’re getting a better price than you probably would be if you’re
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Use a promo code. He drops off that come void where prohibited. Of course right no.
No. Oh thank you. Wisconsin minus two and a half minus 140 on the MONEYLINE Oregon plus
one twenty five fifty one and a half is the total Oregon a team I thought was gonna get
in the College Football Playoff came up just short unfortunately that Auburn lost week
one really came back to haunt them and of course the collapse against Arizona State
I’m gonna ride Oregon here again getting two and a half points be it this should be an
exciting game but yeah I’ll go Oregon two and a half I think they got their confidence
back beat in Utah and I think this is a good game but I think they’re used to playing in
the Rose Bowl very comfortable there so yeah give me Oregon plus two and a half I was shocked
at this line something this game smells to me because I don’t know how Wisconsin’s favorite
mm you know I mean Wisconsin lost at Illinois lost at Ohio State when they hit when they
don’t play in Camp Randall they’re not that you’re not that good.
Now the downside of this is that Mario Cristobal is organs head coach and he can find ways
to lose game with any fucking team. But I well he’s not a good coach. He’s not
spoken about his inability to coach in the game. I’ve watched them being on the West
Coast you end up catching more Pac twelve games because of timing good recruiter and
coach keys the classic example of puts great talent on the field but once they get on the
field he’s not maximizing efficiency at all. If anything he’s in the same camp is Andy
Reid when it comes to his ability to manage a clock for example. Yeah we’ve seen it a
couple games made probably cost him watching with the Stanford Yeah last year. So to your
point why is Wisconsin favored coaching coaching. But I just think I mean that what was Oregon’s
is so much more talented. Could be. And we are entering Pac 12 territory.
But I’ve picked way too many Pac 12 teams and I think in general the Pac 12 not not
a conference I love to back in this season and I think here’s a situation where we’re
now another month removed from the recruits getting on campus right for a coach like Chris
of all the further away we are from that person getting on talent the less likely I have confidence
that they’re going to have an edge over the teams they’re playing. Meanwhile we look at
Wisconsin. I hear you everything you say about them sucking on the road. They are a superior
team from a preparation standpoint when they have this much time to prepare. So it can
be Wisconsin minus two. Doesn’t it scare them. Can’t throw the ball the give me whiskey.
I’m you’re going to. This is good. I’m favoring I made a decision.
Big Ten HCC this year I’m backing away because they show up they think shows the ICC look
great Look great yesterday. I’m telling you if we’re just talking Miami no Pitt also needed
a fourth quarter. That was a little surprise yeah that was surprising. All right let’s
go big ten Wisconsin minus two a snapshot. Yes. Let’s talk about the sugar bowl. Baylor
squared off against Georgia Georgia’s six point favorite five forty five kick. New Year’s
Day Georgia minus two twenty five on the money line Baylor plus one eighty five total sitting
at forty one and a half. Colby start things off. What do you do.
Games like this like this was like seven seven and a half. I loved Baylor at six. I’m still
going to take Baylor. I don’t feel great about this game. But I mean I know Swift is going
pro. I wonder this is Georgia motivated to be in this spot. Now they are in New Orleans
which you would think that I would I would guess that most of the Bulldogs fans would
come down to New Orleans get fucked up for New Year’s. However I still got to ride with
the six points Georgia. It has not been that impressive to me this year. I do think Georgia
is going to win this game. I just don’t I just don’t think. I think the Lions a little
too big yes. You know like a lot Georgia has been a consistent
let down team when they’re when they’re in a spot where they’re getting a big number.
Granted this number was a lot to use here on the other side of seven. Yeah I would also.
Caution you where where where does Baylor play. Waco Waco. So they’re on the other side
of the state. Yeah. All right. Yeah I don’t know. I mean I. Matt Rule is
the dog is generally a spot you want to be in. Yeah.
So I’m going to even though it’s now 6:00 I’m going to take the dog Yeah I mean I’ve
been all over you know Baylor this season. I mean a man they really had a chance you
know to really get into the college football. I was I was trying to I was just double checking
their starting quarterback here. But yeah. Charlie Brewer is expected to play. So I like
that. But yeah I mean this team is just getting Matt roll is a great coach. I’d be really
scared if he ends up on the Giants or anywhere in the NFC he’s like on the Cowboys but I
don’t think either of those franchises they’re smart enough to take a class act like Matt
Rule The guy just wins games. He gets players up for these games and at plus six I think
this is a good spot for them. And again Matt Rule as a dog it just is that simple. Birmingham
ball January 2nd noon kick Boston College Cincinnati in Birmingham Alabama Cincinnati
minus seven favorite minus to seventy five in Long Island B.C. plus to twenty five total
sitting at fifty five. Colby what are you doing.
I hate this game. Give me Cincinnati minus seven.
I don’t know what did you seven points with Cincinnati ever.
He doesn’t have their coach losing about Dalziel. Is that a good thing or a bad thing.
Well adagio was like a college football version of Jason.
Based on his person said everyone hated him based on his personnel though because the
daily deal was not playing right now. I don’t know what the hell to think of this game.
Cincinnati Cincinnati’s the better team. They should not be playing a 66 Boston College
team. This is this is the bowl committee people being horrible at assigning ballgames. How
is a 10 win team playing a 6 and 6 Boston College.
Sure they’re trying to get fans that will actually go to Birmingham Alabama for a ballgame.
I’m taking Cincinnati minus seven. I don’t feel good about this.
I don’t advise my clients to be I’m being contrarian. Give me Boston College Boston
College. Yeah I mean I don’t I don’t I don’t follow
either team in town but yeah. Cincinnati minus seven. They’ve just lost
a bunch of games. It’s just that simple. She since said he might have seven. I mean you
think you think Boston College is going to have fans that come down here. I don’t see
either fanbase showing up maybe Cincinnati but again the Birmingham bowl.
I think Boston College has a strangely large alumni base in Alabama. I wouldn’t be surprised
if Boston College has more fans there than Cinci although Cincinnati to Birmingham might
be an upgrade. Maybe they’ll be headed that way.
It’s early spring break y’all. All right yeah. Ha lateral move. Horrible
game. Keeping it going on the second Tennessee squares off against Indiana and the tax Slayer
ball. Goodbye taxes. Tennessee minus one and a half error minus one. Thirty five Indiana
plus 115 total sin of one and a half. Kramer what are you doing here.
Why are we doing this. Why are we having these games between New Year’s and the following
week filled with shit. Yes. Couldn’t we just do like a gigantic playoff. Why. What is the
point of waiting. Why does tennis. Why did Tennessee do this year that allows them to
get an extra week of practice from some of these teams that actually deserve it. If you’re
gonna do it. Baking a bowl is gonna be a reward. And the
main point of that reward for the program is an extra month of practice. Why are you
giving 25 percent more to reward to a team like Tennessee which god awful.
Yeah 5 7 and 5 and all their wins came because the SCC e is horrible.
I am just fed the S.E.C. or wholesale. Give me the big ten team me in the.
Plus the points seem heavy considering I’m big on Tennessee here. Heavy and I think Tennessee
is trending in the right direction. Indiana just lost their offensive coordinator is the
Fresno State’s new head coach. This would be the angle where SCC the urge
to shoot a game is in Florida. No Indiana fans are going to this game. All
of Knoxville will go to this game. I expect to see to win this game and I suspect this
is this is Locke material here. Oh real OK. Yeah. Tennessee started out horrible and where
we’re kind of an embarrassment but they have turned things around and second half of the
season so yeah. I’m also with the Tennessee minus one.
If you want to have photo if you want to have fun on the 2nd There’s two games have the
contract make it contrary and parlay of Indiana with Boston College both on the money line.
Listen Tennessee still hasn’t been a good team this year. Precisely. Indiana good team.
Well Coach No there’s not a good team. Well Coach January 3rd the Idaho Potato Ohio
minus 8 against Nevada in Boise Idaho Nevada plus 250 on the MONEYLINE Ohio minus 3 10
TANF is the total. Tell me what are we doing. Look I love my
guy Frank sledge and Nathan Rourke at Ohio but it’s too big of a number.
Nevada is not like Reno and Boise not a far trip Smurf turf.
Just give me the eight points on this. You know like it’s just too many points it should
be like a three point spread. I feel like Ohio might be the better team. But hey I don’t
even think I agree with that because I think the mountain mountain west is kind of underrated.
Give me a Nevada plus the eight point. It’s only a six hour drive. Now granted here’s
the part that’s tough. It’s cold as shit. Yeah but again Ohio laying the point I don’t
love that situation which you might want to pay attention to though because Nevada does
run the air raid. Mike Leach a offense in some cold weather
Ohio. Much more of kind of a shotgun reach a lot of run heavy. I’m with you though. Twenty
point about. Yeah yeah it does. It’s no frills. Feels a bit high. Plus 8.
Yeah I mean where is Ohio really going to blow. Nevada I think Nevada will be up for
this game. I think they have strong motivation here. You get eight points it seems like a
lot. I thought that was your agent you were gonna
leave mid episode. Oh another guy is gonna get that opportunity.
Yeah. I just got a shout out to the kids. I know you’re you’re doing everything can
out there. I’m sorry. I got a better deal. I’m going to be heading over to the ringer
podcast. Fuck you guys. Oh no no no. If you’re of the kids leave they
want to leave. They got to sit out a year. Coaches. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Wouldn’t that
be going well. Speaking of us we get to January 3rd. I will
be down in San Diego headlining the Bay Bridge Brewing Company in Chula Vista California
and on the 4th is in San Diego as well at twigs Coffee Company so January 3rd and 4th
I’ll be down in San Diego headlining some comedy shows tonight January 4th. The Armed
Forces ball although I don’t know why. Why don’t they just default Navy into here. Eight
thirty eight eight thirty a.m. West Coast kick two lane squaring off against Southern
Mississippi two lane a seven point favorite minus two sixty five in the MONEYLINE Southern
Miss plus to fifteen total sit and fifty six and a half Kramer what are you doing.
I’m wondering why we’re talking about a game on a Saturday. But I was actually more thinking
about it. Well Sean’s Sean’s missing more quality podcast time out of town for the NFL
playoffs. Jesus Christ. Priority No. I’ll be I’ll be here for the. I’ll be all
right. I’ll be there for the Sunday pregame show.
Not the Saturday games I see picking and choosing when the podcast is important to you Sean.
Yeah. Tulane. Southern Miss. What are you to do here. This is just a historic battle
amongst jogger nights. Who are you wouldn’t believe this. The Armed
Forces Bowl this year sponsored by Lockheed Martin there. They’re giving out a special
edition coin. These bowl games and they’re fucking coins. Also a neck pillow which I
did receive a neck pillow for for Christmas. I’m quite excited about it so I could see
these players being very excited for a neck pillow. I don’t know if they have that problem
yet there maybe too young said a lot of words to say.
I have no actual take on this game other than give me Southern Miss Rye bread for our winter.
It’s like a dick pick somebody right now. Look I’m going to back this one too.
I mean wow. And so my logic makes sense. I’m a Willy Fritz guy and now he’s got a slam
and hot wife but the green wave like they’re coming in Frisco Texas. There’s no wave there.
No uh two is gonna get the win. Give me two late. Twenty four so the missed twenty one.
Give me the seven points in Southern Miss two lane points for game thirty three point
three. So the is twenty seven point seven five rushing yards. This is where two lane
has a huge advantage to forty nine point eight or yards per game compared to Southern Mississippi’s
one twenty two point four to lane is going to run it down their throat and run up the
score I got to lane in a blowout minus seven easily.
Next up lending tree. All right before we get to the college football playoffs but the
Lemon Tree bowl January 6 430 kick everyone is going to be talking about it.
Miami of Ohio squared off against Louisiana Lafayette in Mobile Alabama.
Why are these games in Alabama. I don’t understand how it’s bowl Country Baby
Louisiana Lafayette minus 14 a favorite minus to 70 on the MONEYLINE Miami of Ohio plus
420 total sitting at fifty five and a half. What are you doing.
I just. Can we play these games in some cold climates. I just feel like that’s just ridiculous.
Look I like Louisiana Lafayette and Levi Jones are not Levi Jones Levi Lewis but Miami High
have 14 points. Give me the Red Hawks and 14 points all day.
I have zero faith in Louisiana Lafayette being this big of a favorite. So I’ll take I’ll
take the 14 in the Red Hawks. You don’t like the Raging Cajuns. I love the
Reds because last night you actually went there last I checked. We Tigers huh. We don’t
we are tigers. Hi guys. So I’m going to take the Raging Cajuns nuff said minus 14 minus
get em. Give it give it please have this be your luck it’s not gonna be my wife. I’m annoyed
we’re still talking about games let’s go. So I know what you think until we yell the
with the raging Cajuns. Yeah yeah I mean you know it’s just an awesome name. Kim Yong Kim
who is the Lafayette minus 14 there. And you know. Yeah Raging Cajuns all day baby. All
right. We will be talking about the College Football Playoff in just a second but before
we do time to talk about Truman or Bush courtesy a man escaped that car.
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Look good SGP your balls will thank you. Free shipping and 20 percent off 20 years to kick
it over this. Was he in jail. Was that what you had to be
in jail. Maybe. Think maybe the fake teeth were a hindrance
to those regulations to him. Well she said he said just 20 percent dry
spell when it comes to receiving oral. So maybe you know maybe he was just anal only.
I don’t know what they do in their relationship at that point. Twenty years a long long time.
Speaking of speaking of anal it’s the College Football Playoff. Peach Bowl. I’ll send those
peach emotes is on you’re talking about butts one o’clock kick on December 28. Oklahoma
Boomer Sooners fourteen point dogs against LSU LSU minus five fifty five on the modified
Oklahoma plus four or five total sitting in a whopping seventy six coldly what are we
doing here. I mean everyone’s love loving LSU Joe Barrow Eddie we’re on the NGO bandwagon
early and often put 14 points is a lot of points.
I mean look I love my ticket on the stick I do yoga. But you’re giving the best offensive
mind in college football a month to prepare against the guy who’s not really known for
his X’s and O’s and the floor of the LSU team has been their defense.
I’m all over Oklahoma and 14 points and I dare I say sprinkle some on the MONEYLINE
Sooners because did you know a number one seed has never won of six years of our Invitational
bullshit the top seed has never won the national championship Colby.
Yes you’re absolutely correct here 14 points is extremely disrespectful too. I mean look
do I have LSU plus 450 in my pocket. Am I thinking about heading the prop so I’m maybe
selling it. Sure. Maybe hedging is kind of purposes but I’m thinking about it. Do I also
have Ohio State plus 450. Your bet your ass I do. I’m going to sell that. I’m thinking
about it. But 14 for LSU LSU is winning this game LSU beat Texas by only seven points.
LSU is winning this game LSU to cover 14. I just don’t see it especially because we’ve
seen Oklahoma it. We’ve seen Kliff Kingsbury specifically Lincoln Riley. Sorry Lincoln
Riley specifically. I was thinking about the back door so I thought Kyla Murray clipped
Oklahoma. They know how to get in the back door and if this team if I don’t hear anything
with her I think is that dangerous. No they’re not winning game. Here’s the problem with
this. They have a quarterback that just he’s not good enough to win this game. I think
he’s a chip on his shoulder and he’s good enough. Not only is he good enough to cover
this game he’s played in this building. This is S.E.C. country. He’s played this team.
There’s familiarity there 14 points way too much. And yeah this is a mini hedge against
my LSU to win the national team and sprinkle Oklahoma among those.
Sprinkle some on the money line for the ones that bad yeah but I think this is a this is
just gonna be a close game. Fourteen point seems way too crazy especially if you look
at the LSU defense they’re averaging letting up twenty one point one five points per game
and that’s and you look at Oklahoma’s offense averaging forty three point two points per
game on offense like whether it comes in garbage time or when the game is still up for grabs.
I just don’t see this LSU team really getting away from Oklahoma I mean Oklahoma has had
moments. They’re a bit schizophrenic as a team overall where they’ve looked really good.
But for one they flipped with a month of preparation. Yeah but if they have it looked horrible.
If they have that quarter where they give up they just look like they can’t stop any
one or they give up 21 22. Let’s see I actually. Yeah. Their defense had the best defense I’ve
seen them half don’t we. Yeah I guess for me 76 a big number here to
me but I totally. Yeah. I think what’s going to happen is at
some point Ellis or Oklahoma is going to have a couple of drives back to back where they
looked really good and are able to move the ball against the cells you often. So I think
there’s going to I think Oklahoma’s gonna put up 30 points and I just I’m not going
to. Again the totals does seem to Kramer out. I’m on board with you.
We haven’t seen LSU come from behind yet this year. If Oklahoma starts out hot it’s gonna
be interesting to see what burro can do. Agreed they’re agreed they’re all right.
Fiesta Bowl last game simmer twenty eight o’clock kick this Saturday tomorrow Glendale
Arizona. Ohio State two point dog polls 1 0 5 plus and minus 125. All the money line
totals sitting at sixty three and a half. No one’s respecting this Clemson team even
though I know. I’m kind of making fun of Dabo and that is the the narrative he’s been to
this Clemson team. Got to win thirty five games no one believes
in this no one believes in us I actually believe in this Clemson team because they really seem
like they’re buying in you know Ohio state there’s a lot of big injuries on their side
of the ball I like Clemson at minus 2 this Clemson team since they kind of got like disrespected
in their minds by not being included in that first you know four teams won the college
football player put out their ranking he has got them motivated in playing super hard and
yeah Clemson minus two. I’m all over it. So call me what are you doing. Well I’m going
to step on Kobe for a second because who exactly have they played. Yeah during that stretch
where they’ve been motivated and dominant Wake Forest team is loaded buddy Oh wait maybe
one of the better teams they played well they’ve just been stepping on hands and now they face
an actual football team there is the angle I mean the one thing Dabo that is saying that’s
accurate is they won the national championship last year the meditation Invitational they
won they were the best team last year you would agree with that.
Yes I would like to see the real playoff. I agree but they were the best team so they
won last year they returned they returned not all the team but now you’re telling me
that this team went undefeated and they’re the third best team in the country that’s
the one angle where I think like Yeah if I was dabbling I don’t a lot from last year
true what they were the number one team at the end of last season they haven’t been beat
by anyone and now there you see is probably the seventh or eighth best kind of three.
Yeah I agree but that’s the one angle Dabo has got a objective point it’s hard to argue
with and unfortunately Vegas blew all that up by making them the favorite and I think
I said this a number of weeks back I’m just not getting in the way of this Ohio State
juggernaut while Dabo and Clemson are quite good fields in the squad I just I like the
fact that they’ve been tested so give me Ohio state plus the point I think it’s a little
while Clemson is great and they should have a chip. I’m a little surprised Ohio State’s
the dog. Me too me too and I’m all over Ohio State
here I think Ohio State Defense Trevor Lawrence actually I know this is it tough to tell but
show my opinion had a head of a little bit of a down year smell it himself Yeah trying
to do too much. So I think Ohio State is gonna put some pressure on him make me he’ll probably
make some bad decisions and Ohio State level offense should be able. Let me ask you this
since I hold LSU and Ohio State National Championship tickets do I help you with a Clemson future
or do I just hedge. Or do I just hedge by taking clumps. I’m bit
torn here but anyway I’m taking Ohio State in this single you don’t hedge. I don’t hedge
you’re right. That’s proposes well or unless you see some
great value and you head over the props of that car use a promo code SGP to get 100 percent
deposit bonus. I mean I can’t believe you guys are backing a guy in Justin field. His
knee is not fully healed entering the festival. If a player is admitting he’s 80 to 85 percent
that means he’s really like 40 percent. I think that’s going to be. You’re not worried
about the. State quarterback right. They’re only a year removed from the smoke
and mirror system of Urban Meyer. So who knows what’s true and what’s false right. Sure he’s
wearing a brace. Great. We’re just over reporting this game.
Agreed. All right. Yeah but let’s embrace it. He says
it’s related enough enough shooting around. Let’s get to it like dog and tease presented
by my pookie Daddy. Promo Code SGP where you can play win and most importantly get paid.
Colby kick things off. Lose your lock my lock is going to be Oklahoma
fourteen point oh look at you. The easiest one on their luck. I wanted to Georgia State
plus 7 but I mean okay. How about that for my. For my money my dog. Give me a Georgia
state plus to 10 they’re gonna win outright. Okay. And uh for teasing sake here let’s go.
Uh give me Louisville plus eleven. Give me where we are.
Here give me Texas plus. What is that. Thirteen. Thirteen. Give me organ plus eight and a half.
Dare I say you need to be a real maniac just a tease ballgames in general with the variance
of these scores. Shawn. Yeah. You mean Penn State minus the seven. I think
they rule. I think they roll against Memphis. Yeah I like that. I think the coach situation
is a real thing. Mississippi state is absolute trash. Give me Louisville plus 160 for my
dog and for my team’s. Drum roll please.
Give me I really want to fade Tennessee but Kobe Kobe’s kind of talked me off the ledge
there. But let’s let’s start with let’s tease Oklahoma up to 20 because that’s just a ridiculous
number. Let’s go Ohio State to eight because I don’t think Clemson is gonna blow them out
if they win that game. I also want to give you some college football
playoff love there and for the last leg of my tees Texas trash give me Utah minus one.
Whoo. Yeah. All right. What am I going to do. Do I ride the. All
right. So for my lock give me Utah minus seven for my dog give me give me a give me paler
and I mean come on this failure team they’re special.
I still think they got a little bit of juice in them. They kind of fell apart there against
Oklahoma. I was kind of I don’t know. They were the perfect matchup for this Baylor team.
But I love Matt rules so you give me Baylor plus twenty five for my teams. Yeah Oklahoma
up to 20. That’s insane. Cincinnati down to minus one. I don’t get why my team in that
game but it’s pretty easy a spot there and then for the final leg of the Ts give me Cincinnati.
No I already did Cincinnati down to 1. It’s like Oh yeah. Oregon up to eight and
a half they keep it at the very least they’re within a touchdown there.
It’s a good play. FC Yes FCX national championship it’s it’s had a pick. JM You North Dakota
State Frisco Texas. I’m on North Dakota State bonus pick. What do you got there.
Kramer give me a I got I had a lot of nice nights and James Madison James Madison.
What do you what do you think of their shot. Bison strong give me North Dakota. There we
go man. It’s just that easy. And of course guys work
cranking out this contest over the Christmas holiday. Show us some love rate review and
subscribe. Of course on iTunes there is a five star rating but more importantly the
reviews the reviews are what keep this content train rolling again. Check everything out
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for the sports gambling podcast. I’m Shawn stack and the money great and he
is Ryan just a special get well to LeBron James and his groin. From the sports gambling
blog. Kramer let it ride.


  • Cpt Insano

    If it was any other team besides Bama or clemson I would be like they haven't been tested but Dabo has been there done that. And OSU was around a touchdown favorit in 2016…. because Clemson didn't play anybody like last year and the year before that . Honesty they might have won those games because they are so fresh. Clemson and OSU might be the only ones that have won playoffs games but that was with Urban. Also Clemson not playing anybody makes it hard to game plan against them. Just my opinion I'm not an expert.

  • Muhammad Jomha

    How do you not know how Wisconsin is favoured Colby. Better team from a much better conference, the Pac 12 and Big 10 are the polar opposites in terms of bowl performance. And as you pointed Oregon is poorly coached. Oregon is not way more talented…Wisconsin all day

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