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Coastal Now – Club Sports Women’s Rugby

Welcome to Women’s Club Rugby.
Oh, it means everything to me. I think it’s one of the best things that I do
here on campus, because it just, it makes me really happy, honestly. (Music) Rugby at this
level is not for the timid. When you say you play rugby everybody thinks it’s
really, really cool just because it’s an intense sport. That intensity can be
appealing for college students. (Music) If I’m having a stressful day or anything, I can
just let it out during rugby. As it is with most of Coastal Carolina
University’s 23 clubs sports, the appeal of Women’s Rugby transcends athletics. We
are a complete family here, like, we do everything outside of even rugby, when
we’re not doing rugby. Most players are drawn to the rugby family from the first
moment. The rugby table, they threw a ball at me and I got really scared, but I
caught it and they’re like, come join rugby and I was like, alright. Hitting the
field only solidifies those bonds. I came to the first practice and then everyone
was so nice and everyone’s like, what’s up, like trying to get to know me. I was like, okay
I’m gonna stick with this, because they’re being really cool. There are no tryouts
for women’s rugby. All are accepted. Go out and see what it’s like, if it’s not
your thing, then it’s not your thing, but for most people it is. Nearly everyone
can find a club sport that fits them at Coastal.

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