Chunky Monkey Cupcakes (Chocolate Walnut Banana) – Food Wishes
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Chunky Monkey Cupcakes (Chocolate Walnut Banana) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with chunky monkey cupcakes that’s right we are frosting some muffins and
calling them cupcakes since as far as I can tell that is the only real
difference between those two things but anyway I will double check that with one
of my attorneys later but in the meantime what I do know for sure is it
banana chocolate and walnut are one of the all-time great combinations which is
why these cupcakes are such a crowd-pleaser so with that let’s go
ahead and get started with the least exciting step and that would be mixing
up our dry ingredients which will contain some all-purpose flour into
which we will mix some baking powder baking soda and some salt and then once
everything’s in there we’ll go ahead take a whisk and give this a mix for
about a minute if which point we’ll simply set this aside and move on to the
star of the show bananas ba na na s bananas and we really do want to use
ripe ones here with that skin starting to turn black and since these are almost
never sold in this condition if you want to make these cupcakes today you’re
gonna want to buy these bananas last week and what we’re gonna do is go ahead
and peel three of them and we will add them to this bowl and toss in a couple
tablespoons of milk along with a touch of real pure vanilla extract and then
all we need to do is take a potato masher and smash these until we have a
fairly smooth and relatively unsightly puree and by the way I add it because I
always have but I’m not exactly sure how much difference that little bit of milk
makes so if you have some added in but I’m not sure I’d run to the store to get
those two tablespoons but anyway we’ll go ahead and mash our bananas until our
bananas are mashed and hopefully looking a little something like this
at which point we’ll set that aside and we will move on to making the actual
batter which is going to start with one stick of room temperature which we will
add a little sprinkling of white sugar and then we will grab a nice big spatula
and mix all this together or as we call it in the business cream our sugar and
butter together and if your butter is nice and soft this will only take you
about two or three minutes but if your butter is still cold and firm this will
take you like 20 minutes so the point is do not use cold firm butter
and what we’ll do once that’s been smashed and smeared into a beautiful
light creamy paste is clean off our spatula and switch to a whisk and then
whisk in two eggs one at a time okay when we’re mixing eggs into a
butter based mixture if we add too much at once it can break
in other words separate to a bunch of particles but if we add one at a time
and make sure it’s incorporated before adding the next we usually won’t have
that problem having said that one of these days I’m going to make this recipe
by just adding every single ingredient into a bowl at once and then just mix
everything in one step to see how much differently it comes out but anyway
we’ll go ahead and whisk in two eggs as shown at which point we can go ahead and
add our banana puree which as you can see is oxidized a little bit and kind of
turned brown but that’s not a problem so everybody relax and then what we’ll
do after giving that a quick whisk is toss in whatever we’re gonna use to make
these monkeys chunky which in my case is gonna be a whole bunch of walnuts and
chocolate and please note I’m using chocolate chunks now chocolate chips
because these are called chunky monkey cupcakes not chippy monkey cupcakes but
of course if you want to use regular chocolate chips or even mini chocolate
chips go ahead I mean you are after all the Ben and Jerry of how this will vary
but personally I really do like the larger pieces of chocolate in this and
that’s it our last step will be to mix in our dry ingredients which we will do
with a spatula and we will only do that until our flour disappears alright the
more you work a batter that contains flour the tougher it can be although
have you said that this is such a moist batter that you’d really really have to
overwork it but in general using best practices we only want to mix things
until they’re mixed otherwise you’re just moving your arm for nothing and
then what we’ll do once our batter is mixed just go ahead and transfer that
into a paper lined muffin tin sorry I mean cupcake tin and my personal
strategy for this is to fill them all up just to the top and then going around
with the extra adding a little bit to the top of each one and of course
because everybody’s bananas are a little bit differently sized you may have a
little more than this or you may have a little less than this but the point is
getting as even as you can so they cook uniformly and that’s it once those have
been filled we’ll give them the old Tabata
at which point they’re ready to transfer into the center of a 350 degree oven for
about 25 minutes or so or until the tops are lightly browned and our batter is
cooked through and normally for something like this we could test with a
toothpick unless what you’re cooking has giant chunks of molten chocolate inside
in which case it is much harder to tell but I could tell these we’re done things
to experience and instincts but if you want to try poking in a few different
spots go ahead and then very important we want to let these cool down
completely before we frost them which is gonna give us plenty of time to make our
dark chocolate ganache which i think is the best and easiest frosting ever and
to make it all we need to do is pour some very hot cream over some chocolate
chips as in cream we heated up until it was almost ready to simmer and what we
do is pour that over and let it sit for a couple minutes at which point we
simply stir it all together and fair warning when we first start whisking it
does not look good in fact it looks bad real bad but then about 45 seconds in
something magical happens as this turns into a beautifully glassy luscious
looking chocolate sauce so even though you’re going to be nervous halfway
through I think you did something wrong you didn’t just keep stirring and it
will eventually turn into this and then at this point all we have to do is let
this cool down until it’s as thick as we want
all right fully cool this has the texture of like a fudge or the inside of
a truffle but generally we want to apply it when it’s much thinner and if it’s
still relatively thin you could just dip in your tops to get a thin coating which
I attempted to show you here but it had thickened up too much so I just switched
to a spoon and started spreading it over like regular frosting and after doing a
couple like that I remembered a spoon is not a great frosting tool because that
bottom is rounded so I did switch to the correct tool which would be some sort of
thin flat spatula or even just a butter knife would work better than the spoon
but anyway one way or another we’re gonna frost those tops and then I
decided to garnish the tops of mine with some candied banana chips since it kind
of looks like a slice of fresh banana but unlike a slice of banana will not
discolor and turn brown and look really really bad after a few hours and yes for
extra credit if you want you could roll those edges in
finely chopped walnuts and that’s it once garnished our chunky monkey
cupcakes are ready to enjoy and by the way it’s generally not a bad idea to
refrigerate these for a little bit so that frosting kind of firms up but I
didn’t do that and went right in for a taste and what’d it taste it was all
right banana bread is one of my favorite things of all time and I love just a
plain one but when you combine an extra rich moist banana bread with tons of
chopped walnuts and chunks of chocolate frosted with our beautiful dark
chocolate ganache we are talking about something very special indeed and yes I
really did make these extremely chunky all right if you want you can be less
generous with the nuts and chocolate but here I really did want them to live up
to their name and of course if you did want something slightly less decadent
you could just skip the chocolate frosting and call them chunky monkey
muffins although good luck getting that banana chip to stick out but either way
with the end of stuffin muffins or crushing cupcakes I really do hope you
give these a try soon so head over to food rush calm for all the ingredient
amounts of Morpho as usual and as always enjoy you you


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