Can you ADD Laces to Football Boots? ⚽ Soccer Experiments!
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Can you ADD Laces to Football Boots? ⚽ Soccer Experiments!

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi guys Ian from the Football Boots team and today you may have seen the videos in the past where we tried to work out if you could wear boots without the laces in, but what about trying to put laces into boots, that don’t have laces!! Some of you have wanted to see the Predators, the laceless Predators all the X’s or the Glitch or the Nemeziz but actually putting laces into them instead of taking them out! So that’s what we’re going to do in this video today I’m going to try and put some laces into some boots and also going to talk about why you should do it and why you shouldn’t do it and some alternatives as well. So let’s get into it. adidas make a laced and laceless version of all of their high end boots these are the Predators and they start off with the Purecontrol those are the first boots that didn’t have laces you might remember the commercial and the advertising that had Mesut Ozil with those green Purecontrol Ace 16 that came out obviously we’re on to the Predators or back to the Predators now these are the Predator 19+ these are the Predator 19.1 but you can also get the X’s the Nemeziz and even the Copa 19 in a laced and a laceless version. Now why do you need to have laces or what’s the advantage of having laces? What you’ll find is actually a lot of players really prefer the laced version it just means you get better lock down in your foot better responsiveness and what that really means is that when you move your foot it translates into movement of the boots straight away. Now some people if they try wearing a laceless boot you get what you call heel slippage and that just means that your foot comes up and it slips in this area here you can get blisters but it also means that it kind of feels like you’re playing football in a pair of slippers! You really need some really good well fitting boots to be able to get away with having laceless boots so you always have to kind of go for that slightly tighter fit. If you’ve got laced boots then you can pull the laces nice and tight and you can adjust the fit through there and it’s just not these boots there’s loads of different lacing systems nowadays that are being used so the ones I’ve got here right now we’re looking at the Phantom Venom’s and these are one of the latest boots that came out and they’ve got this little small lace cover just here and then the laces come up the top so you can still customize the fit but you gain a little bit of a benefit of lace cover and getting that kind of cleaner area which is what it’s all about in those other ones now that other Phantoms the ones that came up before the Phantom Vision they’ve got even bigger area some people don’t even think these have laces because it’s covered with this Ghost Laces kind of cover and underneath the Ghost Laces are hidden underneath. You’ve still got that lacing so that’s an advantage. Nike don’t do laceless boots this is as close as you can get is having these ones where they’ve managed to kind of use elements of the lace lessness but still maintain the laces underneath which some people find it better because you can adjust better because you’ve got a lot of adidas players like Messi. He got his Pure Agility’s it was the Messi Pureagility and then they went to the Nemeziz but Messi has never been a fan of wearing the laceless ones he’s always gone with the ones that he can customize the fit of he doesn’t want to go laceless and that’s just his preference but a lot of plays you got like Firminio know he has been wearing laceless boots and then he switched to the laced Nemeziz. The only person who’s actually wearing the laceless Copa is Paulo Dybala, you’ve got a lot of players really goalkeepers have gone into the laced Copa 19 they really like the leather boots but they won’t wear the laceless ones it’s all about that responsiveness and the heel slippage and the way the lock down in your foot and it translates into kind of energy and sprinting and running but also into making cuts and turns and you want to have that reaction in the boot and so that’s a reason to put laces in. There are some other alternatives and some other ways that you can go about improving the fit of your laceless boots before you start putting laces back into them and one pair of boots that you got here’s the Glitch these are laceless and obviously you got this inner shoe that works out really nice and that can fit quite tightly around your foot and that’s what it’s all about is having this tight fit and some people have asked can you put laces laces into these and I think that’s going to step foot too far we’ll probably try looking at maybe putting some laces into the Predators but I think with the Glitch you have to go through the Glitch skin and then you have to go into this as well and the thing is to better thread the laces through properly then the two would have to be paired together because you were going to separate them once the laces are in so my thought is that the Glitch is probably not the best boot to try adding laces to and it just is what it is now you can see the heat of my hands has changed the color of these Glitch hopefully you’ve seen the video where we dunk these in some hot water I’ll put it on there now for you to see which are pretty cool because they can do some nice things yeah I like the Glitch but I don’t think the Glitches the ideal boot for us to put laces into. I think today we’ll look at the Predators because we can try and put the laces into the Predators and make an equivalent of the Predator 19.1 with that customization can almost see where we could put the laces into these it’s this kind of area that goes around there and it’s very similar to the area around through there as well so I think that gives you a clue as to where about I’m going to try and put the laces into a pair of Predators is I think I’ll go through that same area but the question is do I go with this which is a can of butane gas you may have seen some of our hot knife videos before. I’m not going to get that on… So question is, do I go with this which is some butane gas cartridge makes a little mini kind of flamethrower and I can heat up like a knife or a very sharp thin metal instrument and then I can try and pierce the upper and put that through so that’s one consideration? The other option is here and so you can just see here I’ve got myself an assortment of different size drill bits so depending on how big I want a lace hole to be I can go different sizes could even maybe start off with like the thinnest one and go for like a guide hole and so then I could then put those in there this is just for example really but obviously so you put that into there take that tying it up. Then we can drill the hole into the boots and then we want it to go I don’t know whether maybe we might kind of melt the upper of the boot too much with the hot gun that could be good for like sealing where it goes so the other option is just to take a pair of scissors got the old scissors here so I could take a pair of scissors and we could just try and like push it through like puncture it but I’m worried that one it could slip too it might be a bit dangerous and three it’s not going to give me like the best shape hole so I’m really leaning towards the drill or the hot kind of needle to pierce it the other thing to think about this just say like yes we can try this but what could you do without having to go to this length? Is there alternatives to give you a better fit if you’ve got heel slippage with these what can you do to make them better? So I’ve got three options for the things that you can do to make them better. Pink option and orange option although those two are actually the same and I’ve got this now. These are interesting these have been marketed by Jesse Lingard actually at one point these are the Storelli Sports Speed Grip and I’ve got this. You guys probably all have this in your gear bag for football all right… So let’s start off with this one it’s the simplest so I’m looking at taking, taking a boot now you see a lot of rugby players doing this some footballers maybe when their boots are broken but you take the tape and then literally if you’ve got it on your foot you put the tape around the boot and you wrap it around and under yeah and then all the way around and then you wrap it down and it just can give you that really tight fit over the foot and it compresses and keep the boot on. See it doesn’t look particularly attractive but it is going to be functional and do what you want it to do so that’s one option. I kind of give it like a rating out of 10 I probably give it like a 4 out of 10 it probably works but I don’t think it’s the best idea you can have to retape them every week it’s going to look terrible you’ve got a really nice pair of boots like this you’re not going to want to wrap them around with tape but it is an option so the second option I’ll look at is something that a lot of players actually do and that is to wear special socks underneath your actual socks so these are on the pair of Tape Design socks and these are pair of much more recognizable Trusox so the Trusox with those kind of anti slip pads on here inside the foot as well and then when you put them inside the boot it stops your foot moving around so much these kind of come up to here on the heel bit so a lot of you wearing laceless boots it can make it a lot harder to get the boots on but if you do get them on then they are going to not slide around so much so that’s a real benefit these ones are ones I actually prefer the Tape Design ones it’s just a little bit softer on the feet the other kind of Trusox can go a bit crusty a bit hard over time these are the Tape Design ones I think Neymar wears these actually you notice a lot of payers have these underneath their official socks and we’ve got videos about how to wear your socks like a pro and wear Trusocks and stuff so check those out on the channel. We’ll put them in the playlist now if you want to see those but let me move on to the third option and the third option is this Storelli Sports Speed Grip insole and what it is is it you take out the insole that’s already inside your boot and you slide this one in instead and it’s going to give you extra kind of fit around the heel the material this is made out of it’s designed to not slip and slide around so much you can in fact combine this and a pair of Trusox if you want. Good luck trying to get your boot off again maybe would be the thing to say, but that’s like an option and that should really cut down on slippage and then so there’s a little bit of sticky tape there bit of sticky tape there and use that and it sticks the speedgrip to the inside of the boot, you cut them down to size to whatever size foot you are and you can wear those as well Jesse Lingard has been seen marketing those at one point I don’t think I’ve necessarily seen any players wearing these in a Premier League match or anything if you guys have? Them there’s now a fourth option that has just kind of come to me with these laces hanging around is you could actually make your own lacing system and add extra lacing around the outside of the boot and I’ll try that on feet in a minute so you can add the lacing around there and then that could give you the equivalent of the tape without that sticky residue and all that extra stuff and then you’re just relacing it underneath the boot a lot of times like in the old days when the laces were a lot longer some of the older boots players would actually do that they’ll go really long and then they’d lace them up underneath the boot just to give you that extra wrap around the foot. Nowadays laces are shorter so they don’t do that but you can definitely get a pair of longer laces well a pair of laces are such and wrap them around the bottom and that would give you that compression as well so that’s something else to consider as well as actually adding laces to the boots. I think I’m probably going to start off with the drill and try putting the drill in here so the first thing I need to do is I can look on here and I can work out I can work out where about so I’m going to put the laces and the question is is do I lace them exactly the same as adidas has here so I can I get away with doing one hole here and another one close and literally with put exactly the same lacing system into a pair of lacesless boots let’s give it a go and see what happens. Now before you guys feel like I’ve lost my mind and I’m adding laces to our 280 pound 500 dollar pair of boots or whatever I’m actually going to add the laces today to these. So hopefully you guys can spot the difference I’ll put up a few different clips but these are the DB ZZ 19+ these are the 19.3 laceless so I don’t think there’s any difference really and we adding laces to these in fact I think it would be more of a benefit to add laces to these then to these guys if you got suggestions with other little custom videos things you’re interested in finding out then please let me know in the comments below because we’ll try and do it in another video but today it’s all about can you add laces to a laceless boot and I’m about to go do that so I’m going to go mark up this boot now. [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] All right it’s time to add some laces my question now is what color should we go for? I quite like the white I think that pops out very nice don’t mind that it’ll be a red tie in there green maybe a bit strong guys vote in the poll card now. What color I should go for green actually quite like that as well blue don’t know kind of matches here doesn’t it a nice match what I’d like to see the laces on here or hot pink I think I’ll go to this red. Okay [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right, moment of truth so I’ve now got the laceless 19.3 and our new laced 19.3 I tell you what I’m really happy with how those laces have gone in I think they look good. Now we need to try them on see how they feel when you put them on so we’ll put on the regular ones first [Music] pretty snug pretty good such a good fit they feel really good on feet we really still do like these 19.3 such good value for money but can we get a better fit now with laces [Music] You can see its way harder to be getting on it’s just too tight through the lacing area under the laces bit I mean that’s already showing you these are going to give me a bit of a tight fit on me let’s see how that goes [Music] oh yes so much tighter in the middle [Music] It’s locked tight [Music] one thing I’d say with the laces is it’s a lot tighter through this mid-foot area but it’s still got this area here that doesn’t feel quite quite right just because it doesn’t have that it’s just not quite as tight and that might be down to the 19.3 rather than the laces that we met it but there we go guys let me know what you think in the comments below what do you think of the way these turned out thanks very much for watching Go Enjoy Your Football!


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