Aprenda a fazer o gol de letra no Dream League Soccer 2019
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Aprenda a fazer o gol de letra no Dream League Soccer 2019

Hi everyone, I’m Willian Silva.
and you’re on my channel. Staff for the galley who loves Dream League Soccer I created a playlist containing
all the video tutorials of the game The playlist will appear up there on the cards. And also remembering that if you
like and like my channel Add me on Facebook and
follow me there on instagram. Today I decided to teach some tricks
and some secrets to make the letter goal. I know many of you have tried
of everything and nothing worked. So I decided to bring this tutorial to you. By my choice I’m going to teach do this
kind of goal in the same real game, to prevent people from speaking
that everything I teach is only used in training, and then they say that Real game never works. But remembering that it would only work
if you train hard and get enough agility. Most of the time you make the
You just do not know how you did it. But come on, remembering that you
40% of the letter kicks. First you must learn to stop his player and pass the ball from side to side only to get a certain agility to get easier on the time you go to make the goal. After a while doing this,
when your player comes running you should get very close to the goalkeeper
to the point that it leaves in his player, then you to your player and
slide the analog and go to the bad leg side of your player and press the button (C) that it
is already going do the letter kick, can happen the letter kick
go off the goal then you can at the moment you take the ball to your foot
bad of your player press the button (c) and quickly go back to the sights
to the other side of the goal Try to turn your player right
or the kick will all go wrong. People today is just that,
I hope it works for you, how it worked for me too. I particularly use well
bit that kind of kick but I’ll use enough to show for you that really works. Remembering that if you liked it
do not forget to leave your like. Now if you liked the channel do not forget
to sign up to follow the new videos. Many thanks to you who watched
Until now, and God forbid.


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