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Anime Fußball in Real Life | Gong Bao

5:0 Damn. Looks Bad… When you loose, then he’ll quit soccer! He’s useless in our Soccer League! But… When you loose you’ll do a FORTNITE DANCE But… 5 Enemy Goals left..and we’re done… We gotta be faster The pass distracted me! Our Enemies are… too good It’s… impossible.. Let me have the ball Why do i suddenly have the ball? cover it we got tricked! Not on my watch! The ball is gone? What was that? I get it! She’s using her lack of presence, so the attention is on John & me! This is why we didn’t notice her the whole time! If we go on like this, we’ll win the game! They leave the match? Now you’ll witness my special ability! Too Slow! Huh? what the? A double attack? This is not enough. You won’t get pass me! you underestimate something our Teamwork! This can’t be! You defeated me in my best form I give up Of course i didn’t upload on time again.. but nevermind Teamwork makes the dream work! When you liked t he video, share it with the world! Write down in the comments, which part you liked most And big thanks toi everyone who helped out! I think what we created is awesome! And remember You can build upon your weakness to become strong And this is why you should never give up! no matter what others say Blood Sweat and passion will show them they’re wrong Hope you enjoy the Worldcup games! till next time!


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