5EW Exercises: Rope Climb
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5EW Exercises: Rope Climb

Hi Guys! Today we’re talking about the
Rope Climb which is definitely one of my favorite exercises. It’s a great way for
developing back strength but it’s also really, really good for conditioning. So
the main things to remember; minimal upper recruitment of your traps,
you want to keep your shoulders drawing down, really focus on using those lats.
Some people use their feet like you can definitely do that initially at the
start where you’re trying to get better at the movement but down the track you
actually want to be able to get to the top with great technique and minimal use
of your feet, okay? It’s a nice tight grip on the rope,
shoulders drawing down, using your legs initially if you have to.
Nice strong pulls using those lats and you want to make sure that you minimize any
rope burn on the way down. Okay, so a variation of this, guys, are a
way to regress it a little bit while we’re still trying to build a bit of
strength is to start from the bottom, okay? So with this one, you’re going to
come down into a lying position and we’re going to lift with our arms first, still
pulling your shoulders down, hips come up and then we’re going to come all the way
up to a standing position but we want to still control the
movement on the way down all the way to the floor.
That’s the Rope Climb, Guys!

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