5 piores coisas do Dream League Soccer 2020
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5 piores coisas do Dream League Soccer 2020

Another video for the channel, today I decided to bring it to you,
the 5 worst things about DLS 2020, the game was updated on January 7th, will soon be available
for you to play, I used VPN and I’m playing
the game for more than 1 month, has a video on the channel where I teach
installing the 2020 version, so whoever wants to play,
just search the Play Store, before continuing with the video, I want to talk to you if
you like and enjoy the channel, don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel, enable notifications,
and like the video, my instagram will be
in the description for you, who wants to follow me
just go to the description, continuing the video, the first thing that
I want to talk to you, is that the game is all online, you couldn’t play
the game without internet, you will only be able to play the
training and friendlies, the rest of the game will need internet, even the career mode of the game that was offline,
now it is online, I believe they made the game like this, because they lost
enough money with hacker, then this change already
it was to be expected, in second place, I put that game now
have the option of diamonds, everything you do in
game you will use diamonds, to change the uniforms,
logo and team coach, you will need to have diamonds, in previous versions of the game
I didn’t need any of that, could you do any
change at any time, didn’t need diamonds, the game must need money,
so they put these diamonds, in third place,
I put the game graphics, the game graphic is changed,
however, it didn’t come with a good change, could have left the faces
in the same way as in 2019, just needed to update the faces
for some more recent ones, in fourth place, I put the fact of the game not
give enough money, you need money,
to go up your stadium, with the stadium you
could go up in division, more even gaining everything possible, you don’t get all the value
to evolve your stadium, so you have to play
the same division again, all this because you have no money
to increase the capacity of your stadium, the bad thing is that even you
saving money on the game, you don’t get the ability
minimum to go up division, so you have to play
all forced again, unless you spend
real money in the game, you can see ads, but even so
it was quite limited, you can only see 1 ad
with every game that passes, in fifth place,
I put the game mark, the game’s timing is very poor, when you are marking your
opponent with a more distant player, and try to switch players to
score with a nearest player, the game is no longer for the player
closest to the opponent, it puts any random player, it messes up your defense
and you end up taking the goal, I believe they did it
to make the game difficult, but it messed up the whole game, the 2018 version of the game
has made the marking worse, this version of 2020 was the worst of all, it became too difficult to defend,
not because you’re bad, but because of the game, there’s no way you can score
a fast forward, you press the C button for the game to choose
a player closer to the opponent, however, the game selects one
player across the field, I hope you enjoyed the video, soon i will bring
part 2 of the video, God bless life
of each of you, until the next video and
stay with God, I went.


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