3 Things 49ers GM John Lynch Needs to Do Free Agency/Draft (2020)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, talking about
the San Francisco 49ers as always. Talking about our general manager John
Lynch and what he needs to do in both free agency/the draft in 2020 and
beyond as well. For the most part as tenure as GM he’s done a really good job
constructing this team. 2017 was a little bit hit and miss. George Kittle, that
was a big hit, but looking at that 2018, 2019 he did a really really good job in
drafting, getting players in free agency. Also you look at his assistants under
him. Martin Mayhew, the former general manager the Detroit Lions. I’m pretty
sure he has a lot of input on what goes on in the draft. Paraag Marathe, I can’t
say his name. Anyways he’s done a really good job at negotiating contracts for the
49ers as team president. They have a very very effective front office looking at
it. Kyle Shanahan’s done a really good coaching this team. It’s looking like
a happy marriage so far and I hope to keep it that way for a long, long time.
Hopefully we don’t have any tensions like the previous regime with Jim
Harbaugh and Trent Baalke because that was not good at all. Anyways going to get
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Faithfuls. Let’s get this started. 49ers John Lynch, what he needs to do
in both free agency and the draft for 2020 and beyond. Number three, not
overspending in free agency. He’s done a mostly good job in free agency,
especially in recent times. You look at 2019 last year. Dee Ford, Kwon Alexander. I
think they were a big reason why we made it to the Super Bowl in the first place,
but looking at it you know his whole tenure as 49ers general manager since
2017, he’s had a little bit of misses. Mostly early on. Malcolm Smith, Pierre
Garçon, they come to my mind right now. They were big misses for us in San
Francisco. Just not trying to overspend in free agency.
A little bit difficult now because they don’t have a lot of cap money as much
but, when you have Kwon alexander and Weston Richburg making paid cuts or
restructuring their contracts, that helps out a lot. So hopefully they don’t rely
too much on free agency. I know you need some veteran leadership, but at the same
time, I prefer to build on the draft and develop players as much as possible. Also
rookie deals, they’re really cheap. Depends on the new CBA Agreement, but for right
now rookie deals they are a good way to build your team really quickly and being
a win now mode for the next three or four years. They’re doing a good job
right now with Nick Bosa and company. All the other players, but they have a
lot of players looking at future contracts with George Kittle, DeForest
Buckner. So you really have to keep your windows of opportunity in terms of the
draft, which I’ll be talking about in a second in terms of that, but look at
free agency. Lynch he’s done a pretty good job in recent times. So hopefully he
keeps that up and whatever cap money they have, they try to allocate it as
much as possible and don’t overspend teams like the Washington Redskins and
what have you. So yep Lynch, good job in free agency and hopefully he keeps it up. Number two just drafting well and not just in the first or second round, the
high draft picks. I’m talking about from rounds 4 through 7 where you find value
in players that weren’t really looked that high coming into the draft. Lynch has
done a fantastic job at that and that’s what makes a mark of a great general
manager. You look at the Seattle Seahawks, I know right? NFC West rival, but
John Schneider, you have to give him a lot of credit for building that
Seattle Seahawks team and what they are right now and what they were when they
were Super Bowl champions with Richard Sherman, Kam chancellor the later rounds.
I think Shaquill Griffin was also a late round pick as well in this current
Seattle Seahawks time. Looking at with Lynch some draft picks that are notable in his
time in San Francisco from rounds four through seven.
George Kittle 2017 with the 5th round pick. You also got DJ Jones in the sixth
or seventh round. I forgot exactly what. Dre Greenlaw in the sixth round. He’s
been able to find value within those late round picks and also undrafted
free agents like Matt Breida, Nick Mullens and Kendrick Bourne. Those guys, they have
been very effective for us in San Francisco. Looking at his draft picks.
Looking at the late rounds, stuff that he’s been able to do. He’s been able to
hit home for that. If he wants to keep a successful 49ers team, he has to keep
doing that. Drafting really well in rounds 1 through 7. Making some effective trade
whether it’s trading up, trading down. Got to be careful we’re taking risk with players
like Reuben Foster. That didn’t really work out, although immensely talented
player. Love to have him on this team, but unfortunately did not work out just
because of the off the field issues that he had with us in San Francisco. So far
in the draft done a really good job for the most part. As I said 2017 was a
little bit of a struggle just because it was his first year as general manager,
but 2018-2019? He’s constructed this team where they are Super Bowl contenders now.
Lynch got to give him a lot of credit for. that. Number one the most important thing
John Lynch has to do as general manager for the free agency and the draft in 2020
and beyond is not get too attached with players. What I mean by this is that if
somebody is declining a little bit, you better cut them quickly or trade them
some way, shape or form. Example of this is definitely Bill Walsh
from San Francisco and the 80s. Bill Belichick right now in salary cap and
free agency era. They’ve been able to cut players. They’ve been able to get rid of
players before it’s too late and John Lynch needs to do that definitely. You
cannot get attacked with players. You cannot be like Jerry Jones and get
attached to like your quarterback, wide receivers or what have you, but
looking at Lynch, I think if you want to be a very effective general manager, you
have to think ten years ahead keep looking at your roster. Keep shuffling
your roster as much as possible because every player, they can’t play forever. I
wish they could, but unfortunate that’s not the case. So Lynch if there’s
any sign of decline of any of the players, you have to cut them or you have
to trade them. I know I want to keep everybody as much as possible, but you
know as I said just now not everybody can play forever. So yep. That’s pretty
much it. I mean for Lynch, he’s done a great job for us in San Francisco. I am
loving what he’s doing right now and he took this team from 2-14, all the
way to a Super Bowl appearance in just a couple of years. He’s been a big
reason for that. Shanahan, coaching the team, he’s been a
big reason as well, but you know going back to the number one spot. You have to
keep shuffling your roster as much as possible and you have to look at the
salary cap era as well. That’s another thing you get to really point out in
terms of this number one list is if it’s a too big of a contract. You can’t sign
them or any way shape or form. Running backs, you have to be careful with. I mean
you look at some of the contracts that some that are regretting right now. Maybe
the Cowboys with Ezekiel Elliott. Todd Gurley with the Rams. You have to be
careful on signing players in certain position as well. So there you have it
right there you guys. Just wanted to talk about this. Free agency and the draft is
coming up and we believe in John Lynch and what he does for us in San Francisco.
Whatever he does, I have to completely support him because he makes a decisions
for the team. I don’t. I’m just a couch GM apparently. Please let me know what
you guys got for John Lynch and the whole offseason programs. I’d like to hear what you
guys have to say in the comments below. If you guys like this, please “Like” and Subscribe.
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I’ll be catching you guys up probably on a Monday. So I’ll see y’all then. Bye guys.
Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your weekend. Go Niners all day. Hot Boyzz!

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