2020 Range Rover Sport P400 i6 mHEV HSE (400 PS) πŸ”‹ Mild-Hybrid Fahrbericht | Review | Test-Drive 🏁

hello and welcome to the your autotester of trust we are in again
our home is the Black Forest and yes for a change it is in december
sunny and I don’t have something with me just one of my favorite models in the
segment and maybe also on the market is such a car I would buy it
if I won the lottery yes but something something new the range
rover sport and you are here in model year 2000 20 and yes for the british
electrification has arrived You can see that from the fact that this car as
p400 a plug-in hybrid drive has gotten everyone’s mouth
also often presented but now completely new is a mild hybrid over that then
no one spoke I’m a fox I want to introduce them to you today and
what is the advantage of this 400 ps engine has six-cylinder plug in
hybrid only had four of which had 48 volts wiring system very light technologies
electronically driven compressor as we know us from audi here
this car with air suspension in relatively classic equipment
at least outside in the new infotainment what are we going to do today i
I will give you this car extensive exterior imagine you have an incredible number
you almost need opportunities there a degree and the configurator at
we can operate range rover we’ll go in we’ll
look at the back seat we will of course drive here in the black forest with this
model that will be vehicle by hh was i will give you this car yes
priced in a competitive environment classification yes everything make that
in my view and hopefully from yours belongs to such a review
if you feel like it stay happy then it starts with me i am
jan hi and 8 before i get it forget he finds us from like that
autotester de on www the autotester de on our social channels
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then you are allowed to us somehow never call it so it starts with me and
have fun with the range rover sport family while i am here in the black forest
December in the sun was relative a few temperatures
totally explain where comes one of mine favorite models on the market where we
in it show sport and how can you ship this luxury in
its competitive environment 1 the range rover sport journey started
Back in 2005 he still had the platform had from the land rover discovery one has
still thought that cars should its what a little sportier younger
so it is positioned in range rover has always been a bit
the cooler brand was during landrover kind of the utility-oriented
Your brand was absolutely yours right to exist yes and then in the
second generation 2013 you have the car then the platform from the large range
rover just missed there were 75 percent of other parts and then one
body made of full aluminum and which was much easier in 2018
it then like that in the arena the automotive market is a facelift
apparently then came with the p400 the plug-in hybrid petrol engine at 51
kilometers of purely electrical range you can charge the socket
and 2009 10 comes our p400 motor as mild hybrid with 400 hp on the market
then with belt starter generator at 48 volt electrical system with electronic
i got a powered compressor jan watched how much of these cars
actually sell in germany because actually this car
you don’t just need to start bachelor degree because it’s pretty
complicated in the configurator on the other hand, you also have many
opportunities but also one pretty powerful bulging thick
I thought of purse goods like a lot of it sold 39,000
pieces from the market launch to the end 2018 and there are quite a few
this car was four meters 88 long next question was what is that actually
competitive environment of course a small range rover sport here
you can say that I have mine a bit the coupé variants
taken from the big luxury suvs gls porsche cayenne
a coupé bmw x6, for example also call audi q 8 and how they all
there are some called some very but here we have the luxury
british answer to this luxury segment that is also a bit sporty
wants to be what we do now is i want you
Discussing the optics was the key optics of our range rover sport the
year 2018 get facelift so can I explain to you what’s new in
facelift never work equipment lines has remained the same
it as the basis sch sch dynamic and autobiography dynamic as I said this
equip the car here it says now in a very classic version
which I find exciting and must first they say there is far and narvik black
as a basis nothing costs the others paint and so they could from 1000
up to 8000 euros you can choose a lot, but what nice
pigs can also spend a lot of money what a little bit negative about you
but definitely interested like one flitzebogen what’s new and if
you already know then should now there is simply what you do first
in the automotive industry at the facelift new lights new cool new ones
lower bumper and new taillights that’s mostly what range rover
did exactly that we have new ones grille here are range rover
on it in big letters and we have there are new lights in matrix
gives them as pixel led and as pixel laser led there are three variants
the first one is believed to cost 1300 euros the second then costs over 2000 euros
and then comes with a blinker the old model had round ones here
elements in here everything is angular and from my point of view fits much better
range the lights have the advantage of matrix shine that you the
You can have oncoming traffic blocked so I steer in the direction of the curve light
directs the light with what is practical yes and make keep very clear big
light carpet and have three times as many led elements offer standard equipment
normal led light so and then we have this down here
bumper area and if you ever the underride guard looks that is not
more pulled up than the previous one but a little more discreet anyway
huge air intakes here in front and up we have the bonnet here
small opening range rover is on it and then it’s still very important at
we have this model and there is of course very rarely not the black
pack then come different elements in the front of the booklet at the bottom
page in black that still does sporty this is definitely the one
classic version yes and to the elements here in silver or chrome
colors how and when you want to fit of course, also perfect land rover rims
in 21 inches also in silver not in black you can see many of the models
with black rims at the black pack here comes this gill black
here it is black and silver what beautiful yes and then what is beautiful
the front bumper at the facelift dies are then painted in the color of the car
who me and also an exhibited sills and the black come too
then I think the mirror in black are here in car color and we have
here with our model in the back none darkened windows whatever you like
I rarely see darkened in this car even have to cut glass
his let’s talk about the roof here
simple roof in the color of the car classic but of course we still have
more options and you get this roof also painted in black and with
comes a panoramic roof and you get a panoramic sunroof depending on how
Big is a lot of money choose panorama sunroof or
panorama roof with this car is correct cool
if you want to have the sporty one you take then simply a black roof
cheapest variant how to make it you take it classic but yes I would
black roof definitely not want to do without up here
roof edge spoiler looks relatively large no one back here
darkened windows what’s new look at this led
back light on here again with the wiping blinker that’s why i have
not made even if it is a a little nervous is new here
it says sport p400 sleeve still stands nothing from youtube on it is
but it was called out instead range rover and this
fastener here is narrower compared to the predecessor
landrover is on it again and now shows the old one think down
here two exhaust pipes and a more subtle one over here
discreet underride protection diffuser what always a silver one here too
element let me know your opinion on optics this is a very classic optics
we have an electrical one here tailgate we get that too
optionally with gesture control there you have to an epileptic seizure with the foot
then simulate it to 780 liters with rear seat set up until 1680
liters with the back seat folded down in the ratio 60 40 divisible is huge we
below also space for a spare wheel the expert then calls it
spare wheel well is a bit of a shame that you can’t get the back seat back here
you can fold it from behind then do it directly on the back seats
is also a handle more what I do look stupid at 88 tall and have mine
in the head of this car you could say yes we struck
have a little bit of care by the way rear camera front camera
under the mirror camera and we have such a small one under the mirror caps
projection screen was such a small one range rover car already on the ground
conjure up what we want to do now says I don’t have that much yet
we go to the back seat and look how much space is there was over
the back seat of our range rover sport because of course you are interested
there is burning space there at all we all know that there is space
still look what we do to us now here this four meter 88 long
stop car in the back is complete interesting because there is one
small lever there you can then fold back seat on both sides in
ratio 60 40 and now one speaks at suvs always yes if they are high
are easy to get started with range rover it is there you have to
give a little effort at all to come up so it’s fine
difficult to get in here but here then you have a lot of space
have no glass roof in it no glass sunroof and unfortunately none
dark sky i find such a car fit dark ones because you look sitting
you can immediately see here in the headrest there is a small display in the back and
then we still have here in the doors headphones inside
then came was to lock children in here while driving headphones on film
in and they’ll leave you whole definitely in peace
but actually i have no idea i have no children so i post
at least to me yes and here you have cup holders
very luxurious here still a small one wraps specialist here with the control of
used to the whole infotainment probably not that simple the picture
but surely children get it very well down
down here nice we have two hdmi then you can plug in what he gets
maybe even a play station connect
yes two usb plugs and another correct 230 volt socket here behind
you can make it warmer, colder finally great meridian sound system
molded seats here with perforated leather in the seat does not give
too much lateral support we have here too still the possibility to read magazines
children still put newspapers but so much back there happens to
admittedly one to you today whole lot but I’ll take a look now
a little bit before and wants to show you what im facelift and with this model now
I am in front in particular let’s talk about the interior talking
about the interior so i am now in here and first you notice
of course old age i have a pretty big car i have a lot
place here in front not only in the back and yes I have a modern car
why digital cockpit jaguar land rover range rover they were pioneers
as for digital cockpits and me have the touch pro in here with 2
10 inch displays up here is responsible for infotainment
below we have everything for them climate control for seat heating and
for the driving modes now I want to give you all of that
explain a bit in detail first we have the seats here wonderful
molded are very conveniently good give lateral support and looks luxurious when
you call it promise and when I put the steering wheel in here
it is not too thick like at bmw but rather a little
thin but nice because we have here elements on it for patting
play around in my opinion too are easy to use while driving
but the most important thing here is next to the operation of the voice control of the
steering wheel heating or the adaptive cruise control yes we do this
play through the system here via the menu can assistance systems are whole
important for and coalition avoidance steers assistant speed limit assistant
attention assistant park notification we send here and
can make on-board computer menu here Incidentally, it goes louder and quieter
knob for me always very very important then we have a normal one
on-board computer display can be found here display layout change that completely
exciting I’m not doing that now we can do head-up display up here
change or adjust vehicle we can adjust here
we have the vehicle information here up front media on because up here
the assistants otherwise left the normal speed the
driver right the speed and then we can also below and that
average consumption the range display here on this button
start stop button is up here is a a bit getting used to and now
I’ll play this with you for a moment system because this is great
intuitive and the latest in what British group has to offer
first here we see already the different possibilities
that we have here where we look at things will be displayed here
small is really nice here too play through like this
and if you take a look then navigation here giant hangover on it
I find it very good very intuitive operated
for example, we have the media here apple cable android author got
with a plug in the usb socket we find here
by the way, the micro sim is nice here the subject is divided into two, which is flexible
makes find because here then we have a cupholder here
the front is optionally cool as far as I know or a very deep one
water below with a 5 volt load capacity then yes and then
we have the phone up there we still have the media i have you
shown the usb commitment and the camera was a nice 360 ​​degrees
camera system if you have the you can see individual cameras
we already have what we have in front avenge under the mirror and we am
behind which one can do everything dialing individually is almost a bit
a lot during the parking process, of course also a practical rim protection because
we stop in every direction we also have park beeper
not so that the car does not come off or Parking will be fine
somewhat difficult automatic park and is still in here i need
I almost never use them here parkpiepser what do I say that is
a great intuitive system here with 4g we can connect media in the back
tax nico data we can here also display on this car
you can see it is becoming more and more important with cars that you save fuel
there is world mode on the way here too the car can then be parked inside
if that is offered then yes we have the four by four modes here
dimensions for the off-road vehicle dynamic mode may also be complete
interesting then you see you have lap times eg power knife
in here yes or different graphics easy and then when we go back
then we also have something here nice namely the four times four mode
just nice that I understood then countries before hill start assist
and drive assist here for the site where you can go through the front
hood can look and the outside of the rims very very practical as you can see
where range rover comes from is an offroad We have brand vehicle dimensions
here that’s really exciting that so it’s a great system in here
now down here air conditioning you can then heat the seat here
to adjust or simply the air conditioning with
such a pressure this is a great system similar
by the way, like what audi does here then we have the air suspension in it
means we can raise the car manually or drive down in the driver’s area
high on the highway down in the city ​​if your polos are high if
not then probably down or in middle position here is a downhill aid
and then we have driving modes in here On the one hand, we see that up there
and on the other we see down there in front even then what differential
Degree is controlled and where the four-wheel drive degree
is and it goes from dynamic that sees to add other graphics to eco
earlier even gravel snow slime track choose sand and
where the brand is from at the latest namely come from the off road area
but I know modern times together interior modern connectivity great
processed a lot of luxury sees what wants one actually more exactly a modern one
motors we have here with others similar to what exactly it does and
we want to do that outside now we are already talking about the drives in
our range rover and check at the same time the capacity of mine
brains because there are quite a few let’s start with the diesel that are
two expansion stages the three-liter six-cylinder diesel with 249 or 306 hp
however, there is also performance an eight-cylinder diesel with 4.4 liters
and 339 hp that was the diesel we are talking about
the gasoline there is a plug in hybrids and hybrids but there are as
entry-level petrol yes a 300 hp strong four-cylinder gasoline what
it is interesting that the entry-level engine and this engine in connection with a
the electric motor is the b 401 plug in hybrid charge the man at the socket
can get 404 hp 51 kilometers electrical range is roughly here
loaded somewhere and we have here yes the p400 with mild hybrid mhf or how
you still call it yes and that has the advantage that it is a
7 starter generator in it had 48 volts On-board power supply is a battery what happens
if I had the brakes on or off the bike the battery supports the
starting off or accelerating that’s it a light system yes and connected
so like this car only 2300 30 kilogram and with its 550 newton meters
the 400 hp engine accelerates in 6.2 seconds to 100 and that’s the nice thing
now has the specified standard consumption of 9.3 liter I needed ten and
this car will reach 225 km / h Now, however, pure environment says money
I am a rapper who takes now v8 petrol then with 525 hp or
says i have more money than you me have more money than all i shit
to you with money he takes the svr variant I’m the one myself
driven 575 hp eight cylinder engine power incredibly fun and you see I have
you all engines by heart from mine Head presents on what I am
I’m a bit proud but still a little bit more proud is that
to actually drive this car there we don’t belong that sure
British are so sure of what they are there do
but what I’m going to do is more let’s go friends we come to mine
Favorite whole is driving here is the key of our range
rover it says land rover more beautiful key lies well in the hand
of course I’m going to turn this car on and give idle in the dynamic
mode here a little gas and then he hears okay there
some 400 ps is not enough go in here we have one
sport class here at the automatic transmission and then you notice
already 550 newton meters hth reacted although this car is 2.3 tons with me
unfortunately 2.4 tons sounds like what is terrifying is that to some extent
sporty package that is despite air suspension making it a good one
steering is the all-wheel drive it is well tuned we have a lot of traction here
this car but for most customers is much more important we have a high
feeling of security we have of course a lot of real sheet metal
tanks around us sit high around the good overview not only about the
black forest but generally on the street and that’s package what many
I like it on the highway 225 km / h and has it all
Assistants who drive autonomously level 2 guarantee what is that
adaptive cruise control is in there lane departure warning signs detection
is dead angle warner in here yes everything you need, what that
live safer and also for beautiful makes you comfortable on the highway here
you notice the suspension in this really very very good in here and
then we’ve got driving modes in here I showed you so we can’t
only switch on sport but also on here comfort you can feel the damping
the characteristic curve becomes a little softer the steering becomes a little more indirect
feeling the throttle response decreases we change the switching times
can still be here on the steering wheel I’m not switching now either
absolutely known for comfortable or So ecological driving back to the
dynamic mode and i say that i am Loved seeing this car here
somewhat athletic must be athletic I really say for the weight of course
But can also drive at the same time comfortable and at the same time in
I’ll be able to learn about the technology here in it
we have this 48 volt electrical system with the belt starter generator the
may worry that if we have this car here now
just start when starting supported and so we can in 6.2
seconds at 100 km / h speed up nice with the 550 newton meter
maximum torque that it is good package and if we brake like now
then the belt starter generator loads or yes the small electric motor the battery
again on a very nice concept we also have what audi
made the asco 7 eg one electronically driven compressor
this system is designed to ensure that we hardly any turbo lag in the cars
have under creates the system here all bravura that is really big yes
and if you look at it here black forest is on the way then it is
of course we don’t have a jeep here wrangler can mercedes g model and
certainly not a defender but this car what can be adjusted here from the
height is very easy so that one says if you come here of course
relatively good through the black forest probably much much further than that
most think and now what I ever do together like a modern car
many assistants we have autovaz comfortably a little sporty
and then I wonder what do you want actually more but I’m known
for being the same all the time I am making mistakes again
because you have a lot to do again much of my conclusion reveal what i
want to do is go back in mine So to my favorite place here in
black forest and draw a conclusion friends com was to my range rover
conclusion of the range rover sport and thus I directly tell you that I do a lot
too much rap music higher but you interests a lot more than mine
taste of music of course why I fan of this car am the optics
is classic is reserved yes and you can see them from hamburg to new york
mumbai basement level wherever the rich ghettos come from
the world is now you can say yes you have such a damage here this car
reserved classic that’s one huge luxury tank over two tons
you have to drive this discussion could of course open but that is
stop with status symbols that must and want to stand out
what the advantage of a big car feels very safe sitting high in it
and you have a driving experience the disadvantage of this is in the city
thus a parking garage in the parking garage but maybe to find a parking space
is a real challenge to car in itself I can tell you yes
optically this subtle optic the I really like mine
at the same time sporty modern accents in modern interiors we have outside
modern lights in the facelift great you can modernize the car
also his bun or his horse then pull this one to three and a half
tons and I have to drive you say i find the mythization here
almost more sensible than the plug in hybrid i because if you don’t have to
the socket can be charged but not on the socket either
charging is an easier technology yes and I’m a big fan of what I have
ten liters is needed in a car what is good is hard and well it is
very soft suspension when dirty days of dirty guys like me
to drive through the black forest with it is very luxurious and very comfortable
we have a real range rover with great off-road properties
always four-wheel drive with always automatic and there is the big question what do you want
with the connectivity and the infotainment actually more in it though
frankly that expects however actually from its range rover sport
true i told you at the beginning to configure this car
you actually need at least one bachelor degree or a lot of patience
and then you think this car pig’s price is not true at all
in the beginning yes it goes already at 68 1600 euro lot that’s good for it
but only a four-cylinder gasoline and I would say
four-cylinder to the heavy car that honestly doesn’t fit as well
then a six-cylinder diesel are already 170 1400 euros yes that is
then quite a good package find this fits very well with that
car with the torque from below and want to value the low maintenance
but here the milk politicization is already at 88,000
400 euros so it is here in the equipment variant hse there
at least 94 1300 euros due with it but not enough with all of them
equipment variants there still in addition, we are me
I configured it with less than 100 20,000 euros and that’s at most what
for someone with a rapper or professional football income for me unfortunately
Not nevertheless i am a fan of the car but will
can never afford to be like that in life yes pamela anderson always made
but I knew I could never meet her yes here you can find us from www
autotester de on www the autotester of otherwise on Instagram facebook
install there is a funny a face filter also has pamela anderson
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like to make me famous makes me your friend my nonsense maybe
beautiful he informed that extensively of
I admit all the auto content by the way jan thank you
to see you very cordially, yes and by the way comments and leave the car
me the opinion about it there to me to the car to the black forest for global warming and
the leaf

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