2017 Aussie News – Behind the News
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2017 Aussie News – Behind the News

MATT: Welcome to 2017 – the year bucket-loads
of Australian politicians discovered they weren’t
actually Australian, or weren’t JUST Australian,
or something like that. So far, nine MPs have had to go,
and there could be more. The rest have just had to fill out
a questionnaire on their background, so it’ll soon be sorted
once and for all. Probably. The other big topic in Parliament
this year was same-sex marriage. After a heap of debate, the government put the idea
of legalising same-sex marriage to the Australian population
in a survey. For the national result,
yes responses – 7,817,247. 61.6% of the more than
12 million Australians who took part voted yes. (CHEERING) It’s also been a year
of pretty crazy weather. It started with serious bushfires
in New South Wales. Then Cyclone Debbie
hit northern Queensland, affecting thousands. Technology provided
a few ups and downs. People flocked to
the World Solar Challenge. We’ve all put a lot of hard work
into this car. We got a fancy new $10 note to keep our other fancy new note –
the $5 note – company. (CHEERING)
Hooray! And we said goodbye
to Australia’s car industry as the final Holden factory
closed its doors in Elizabeth. There were
some important anniversaries, including 50 years
since the 1967 referendum, which saw the majority
of Australians vote to change our country’s laws to count Indigenous Australians
as full citizens. And in February,
we reflected on the 75 years since Darwin was bombed by Japan
during the Second World War – the biggest ever attack
on Australian soil. It’s been a pretty great year
for Aussie sport. The AFL Women’s league kicked off, and was a huge success. The men’s comp was amazing, especially if, like me,
you’re a Tigers fan. The Richmond Tigers won
their first premiership since 1980 in spectacular fashion. Go, Tiges! It wasn’t all about AFL, though. Melbourne Storm won
the NRL Premiership, the Socceroos qualified for
their fourth straight World Cup, and number-one NBA draft pick,
Ben Simmons, took the league by storm. The Ashes started out pretty well
for us Aussies too, but it’s a bit too early
to weigh in on that. We’ll let you know next year. Unless we lose. Then we’ll pretend it never happened.

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