2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Review
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2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Review

if you’re looking for good all-around
family car you can’t do much better than the
hyundai santa fe sport and I mean it cars.com just and our top pick for small
families it seats five if you need to see more
than that you need the regular santafe with three rows and we need that our
topic for large families and our overall winner for family car of the year but
for the sport and 2015 not much has changed it’s still a great
car has one nifty new feature we’re going to show you and everything else
that won is over the base car comes with a four cylinder engine with just under
200 horsepower and it’s fine perfectly acceptable but the turbo 2.0 liter
four-cylinder we have here put that over 260 horsepower and it’s a blast to drive
power comes on instantaneously from stop and you go flying up highway on ramps
passing power is always there too and even if you use the eco function which
saves a little fuel economy there’s still plenty of passing power
and that’s not always the case unlike a lot of hyundai’s we test the
steering and the hyundai santa fe sport is actually quite good now it has a button to control settings
for steering with comfort normal and sport but I tried them all and really
can’t tell the difference so I’m just going to take it for what it is i recently tested nissans all-new mirana
which has a base v6 which competes against the turbo sport we have here and
the rado used to be a sporty SUV instead the new one they aim for comfort
so it’s not quite as fun to drive as a sport we have here but it is more
comfortable and a little quieter if there’s one downside to the santa fe
sport it’s definitely it’s mileage you get the all wheel drive turbo like we
have here gets 18 miles per gallon city 24 miles per gallon highway 21 miles per
gallon combined against competitors in his class to get 12 MPG better combined
which actually is pretty significant so let’s say hey Dave I don’t need a
turbo I want the better mileage I’ll get a base four-cylinder well unfortunately
the base four-cylinder only gets one to two miles better than the turbo engine
does it against other base four cylinders it’s significantly worse what I like
about the interior is this mix of above-average styling and materials and
really easy to use technology now the materials on the doors and –
might be hard to the touch but the patterns on them look really good and
even simple things like window switches are actually quite unique then there’s a straightforward
multimedia system which is exactly what you want as a driver you don’t want it to be too complicated
as great clarity as you can see here the functions are exactly where we expect
them to be and has nice big buttons for everything else one of the reasons you pick a santa fe
sport over compact SUV like a honda crv as well it’s a bigger vehicle a lot more
interior room he compared to its own class like the
Nissan Murano subaru outback the spec sheets all pretty much the same there’s
not much difference you want the real field you want to sit
in the back seat for example you can see have plenty of knee room and Headroom now the driver’s seat exactly what I had
it when driving and the other great thing is there’s plenty of space between
you and the passenger so if you have little kids well we’ll
probably find a way to hit each other anyway but there’s plenty of room there
and another great feature for little kids is the air vents are in the pillars
of the doors which is unusual usually they’re down here in the center console
so those kids will actually feel the air coming out of them one new feature on the santa fe a and it’s only optional on this top trim
level is a smart liftgate you can hear right now as you approach let’s say you have a ton of groceries in
your hands or something it senses you’re coming it senses the key fob in your
pocket and opens automatically so you can get everything in without going in
your pocket or your purse for it has a system like this – but it requires you
to move your foot underneath the sensor
this one just knows you’re coming once you’re in the cargo area you’ve got
thirty five . four cubic feet of storage about the same as the outback but
definitely less than the murano however there is a ton of underfloor
storage and these bins are really quite big there’s another one right here and there
is a spare tire it’s underneath the santa fe sport
starts around 25 thousand dollars and if you want a loaded version like the one
we have here with the turbo engine all-wheel drive and that ultimate
package smart look nice move well that’s well over thirty
five thousand dollars but there are a lot of prices in between for a lot of
different shoppers and a lot of different budgets and that’s one of the
reasons we like it so much if it wasn’t for the mileage probably the perfect family car


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