15 crazy facts about the super rich – How Do Rich People Spend Their Billions?
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15 crazy facts about the super rich – How Do Rich People Spend Their Billions?

it’s obvious that whenever we go
shopping or go to the market we usually buy items that are affordable for a
budget right still is not the case for the super-rich even though there’s just
a simple and familiar item they are willing to spend a huge amount of money
to own or enjoy it 60,000 USD for bottle of water 638 USD
for headphone even three million five hundred thousand USD for a dark color
you can feel jealous of the dog or you may drink water with our peeing ziz you
don’t want to waste it out or you have a higher bodyguard to protect your
headphone are you ready to explore the craziest things that rich people throw
money to get them let’s get started number one a dark color that costs 3.2
million dollars it would be normal to purchase a ribbon color for dogs however
it seems to be unusual when the color was purchased for 3.2 million dollars
it’s 18 karat white gold platinum and crocodile skin there are all included in
the color however this is probably the color that keeps your dog constantly
from running out if you don’t want him to be kidnapped number 2 strawberry ice
cream in order to relieve the heat in the summer
what is more suitable than tasting a glass of fruit mixed with ice cream
coming to Arnaud restaurant in New Orleans you can enjoy such a wonderful
ice cream with an exorbitant price 300 USD so why does that strawberry ice
cream cost a fortune like that let’s look back to the history of this ice
cream three years ago at that time our not restaurant in the French Quarter of
New Orleans made many customers excited when offering an expensive dessert the
customers would see a bowl that contains strawberries with cream and mint leaf on
top this bowl costs up to 1.4 million dollars thanks to a unique rose diamond
for pot seven karats once blind too sir on his castle British Kings economic
advisor number three a golden toilet paper roll Australia’s Brant named
toilet paper man has launched a 24 karat gold toilet paper roll with one point 38
million dollars the company also affirmed the safety when customers use a
paper roll but what will you think when your huge amount of money actually goes
into through the toilet number four Diamond chess set for $25,000 a regular
chess is pretty cheap and easy to be replaced nevertheless it isn’t true for
a set with chess pieces made of white and black diamonds there are total 320
carats of diamonds used and it took four thousand five hundred hours to complete
the chess set so the prize $25,000 isn’t very amazing still they are probably
only used for this play because nobody is willing to use a chess board in
competitions number five ruby and diamond fountain
pane that costs five hundred ninety five thousand dollars we can easily buy a pan
in stores however it’s not easy to find a pan
encrusted with 15 carats of diamonds and 150 carats of ruby and the nib made from
platinum and 18 karat white gold which are worth up to five hundred ninety five
thousand dollars in total indeed the problem here is that you don’t really
want to use it for writing as you can accidentally drop or damage that
expensive item when holding it number six
yellows diamond LCD TV for $130,000 you can own a yellow to be overlaid a white
golden encrusted with 20 carats of diamonds actually is an exorbitant
technology item but the image quality seemed to be not as good as it would be
due to the impact of the diamonds verse 7 a cantaloupe that’s worth 500
million VND considered as Kobe beef in the fruit market you burry cantaloupe
it’s well known as the most expensive fruit in the world you burry king is a
rare type of cantaloupe included on the list of plans that need to be preserved
in Japan in Japanese feudal society only Kings are those of high status could
enjoy this nutritious and delicious fruit number aid of 750 ml water bottle
for sixty thousand USD there is nothing better than quenching your thirst with a
glass of cool water right if you think tens of thousands dollars are too
expensive for a bottle of water how about sixty thousand USD about a 1.3
billion VND with 750 meal will you be blown away ah quite die crystal oh I
don’t know how to say it by the way this water bottle is considered to be the
most expensive one in the world it’s just a 750 ml water bottle that can’t
quench your thirst and drain your budget at the same time the water is made from
spring water in Fiji Island in South Pacific or spring water in France and
Iceland glassy or water mixed with five milligrams of gold dust the most special
feature is that the bottle is made from 24 karat of solid gold
designed by Fernando Altamirano from the famous alcohol brand tequila lay based
on a sculpture by Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani number nine the world’s most
expensive tuna fish three part of 1 million USD a Japanese sushi shopkeeper
paid 3.1 million dollars for enjoying tuna at the first New Year’s auction at
Tokyo’s new fish market this is considered a record price his
self-proclaimed king of tuna Kiyoshi Kimura who bought a 278 kilogram great
bluefin tuna an endangered species the Amata 3.1 million was much higher
than the 1.4 million he had given at the auction in 2013
number ten a pudding cake costing as much as a car I’m sure that you won’t
gasp when you know that this beautiful little pudding cake costs more than
eight hundred million VND approximately thirty five thousand USD to make an
unaffordable dessert that not many people can try Baker’s used gold foils
caviar Belgian chocolate and a two-carat diamond if you try it you may not want
to go to the stool why because you regret I suppose number eleven Oh
massage using diamonds one hundred thousand USD combining
leisure time with precious diamonds luxurious massage using diamonds is
famous for the fancy price of seven thousand USD for one time during the
massage 1.5 carat diamonds are crushed into powder and a blind to the skin
until the body is completely covered with diamond dust a magnet is then used
to remove the tiny gems and iron minerals from the skin surface the
treatment benefit is a combination of anti-aging and detoxifying effects
protecting the skin against electromagnetic wave pollution number twelve golden toilets and
bathrooms found form corporation in Hong Kong
build a toilet with 24 carats gold overlaying the toilet in 2001 one of the
toilets are also made of gold the bathroom costs up to 2.5 million dollars
renowned Hong Kong jeweller lumps shy wing introduced a pure gold bathtub in
his swish horn gold calyx hotel the work attracted up to 50 million USD
investment using 2.5 tons of pure girl number 13 fossils an anonymous
super-rich spent more than two point 36 million dollars nearly 54 billion VND
for rare dinosaur fossil just to display at home the fossil was auctioned at a
company in Paris with an almost complete skeleton of predatory dinosaur nearly 9
meters long in 2.7 meters tall assumed to live up to the end of the Jurassic
period 154 million years ago the particular fossil was excavated in
Wyoming USA from 2013 to 2015 with 70% in tight according to ABC news
3:14 Arroyo Pizza prized at 211 thousand five hundred sixty one dollars the PISA
reserved for dubai royalty is considered one of the most exorbitant pizzas in the
world the best ingredients that were carefully selected to make it includes
costly alba white truffle mushrooms black truffle mushrooms from Perigord
Safran Kashmiri mass caviar Alma’s from Iran Japanese messy tech mushrooms along
with 60 gram gold overlaying on the pizza number 15 headphones recently
luxurious gold and diamond plated April headphones have been sold for about 23
thousand USD with C gold-plated iPhones quite often
but the gold-plated iPhone headphones are probably the first time they said
that the special edition airports have white gold
outer shell decorated with one thousand natural diamonds or a feeling
of more high clouds airports are also coupled with a charging base made a
marble instead of traditional case it’s really eye-catching isn’t it do you want
to own these headphones wow it’s so wonderful to have a lot of money right
if you have a large fortune what have you do first would you throw money
through the window like the people in this video we’re never coming to the end
of the video I feel sad because I have to say goodbye to you don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification down to see us tomorrow
good bye and see you in the next video


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